My Personal Stream/Life Goals For 2020

Whoa! Whose this writing a blog, being informative and putting more time in to something that I don’t have time to do. If you are already here you basically know who I am. If not I would suggest clicking the “Who Am I” tab near the top for the quick facts! For the record, We will do our best to keep things PG13 in the sense that there will not be any swear words to discover in these writings, However there will be strong opinions and stances on topics mostly related to gaming however with life ever impacting things there will also be topics slide in there too!

Setting goals on whatever subject can legit be a tough thing to do. Whether they are about streaming, gaming, life, weight loss or any other type of goals. Firstly, a person has to think about which type of goals do they want, You have 2 choices (At least I’m my opinion, Keep it simple!) Short term and long term goals. There are also medium term goals but I normally focus on short and long for myself. Medium can be harder to really establish since they still have to be achievable while still being motivating as well too.

For myself, I will be setting short term goals and long term ones for the year 2020. My short term ones will be changing and evaluated every month. I keep track of stats for streaming and see how I am doing. Example: How is my viewers, Do I have growth? How is my social presence? After the month I check where I am at and see what I need to do. Ask myself questions like, If I didn’t reach a goal why didn’t I reach it? Was I slacking on twitter? Did I slack on hours for streaming so I wasn’t available for people to watch the stream? Those are how I set short term goals. I make sure that they are attainable. I also make sure that at the end of the month I’m not going to be let down. Say you are at 500 followers on twitch or twitter, Setting a goal short term of wanting to hit 1000 or 1500 in a month is SUPER unrealistic. And normally not attainable. That would be more like a 6 month goal (Medium term) or even better a 12 month goal (Long term). When these types of unreachable goals are unmet at the end of the month it makes it harder to continue and is a good reason to give up. Especially if you sometimes find it easy to be hard on yourself and can lose motivation really easily (Like myself!).

Long term ones are a bit harder. You have to almost predict your future and see how you do in a sense. Ask yourself, Where do I see myself at this very moment a year from now? For me, It is a bit tricky for sure considering in March we will be having our first baby. Long term is more like a feeling for me. Which contradicts my whole previous written stance on goals. My goal long terms it so continue to retain social media presence and a “Semi” Regular stream schedule. Which we all know will be impossible or at least next to that, BUT for me it will be more like, Stream 50 hours a month. Whenever and whatever. I will probably be doing more laid back things, Like a simulator game or even reacting to videos in “Just Chatting”. It will be more laid back and probably times when a webcam will not be used due to the fact that breast feeding (However long I decide to do it) while on cam is just not for me. (And if people do it then so be it! I just am not going to be that person!).

Here is the point form of goals I will be setting for myself on all platforms I wish to focus on:

Short term goals, To be checked at the end of every month.
1 post of discord link a day
1 Question/Poll a day
1 Photo a day of anything
1 Going live tweet (If going live on that day)
25+ Followers per month

2 Clips a week (Mon/Fri)
3 Going live posts (Sun/Tue/Wed)
1 Blog Screen shot (Thurs)
1 Random video post (Sat)

25+ Followers per month
50-80 hours streamed per month (Closer to 50 hours after baby is born)
1 giveaway of a steam key per month (Minimum)

Long term goals:
4750 followers by December 31st 2020
35k tweets by December 31st 2020

25k Followers by December 31st 2020
1200 Posts/Clips etc by December 31st 2020

3500 Followers by December 31st 2020
10-20 Average viewers by December 31st 2020 (As baby grows)

With that being said, These are my goals. I will be trying to re-check as it goes since obviously having a baby is a HUGE change in anyone’s life. Long term goals may change slightly just depends on how they go and what not.

Another change that will be happening is a minor schedule change, From Sunday-Wednesday. And one stream of 10am-4pm as well too. 6 hours a day and 4 days a week. I think the transition will be great in terms of trying to take more of a backseat/support role as well for when the baby is born.

Whether you want to to make short term, long term, random goals. Goals are great in helping a person stay on track. I cant wait to hear what YOUR goals are and what they are about and how you are going to reach them too! Remember it is also important to note that there will be months that aren’t as productive as other months, and some months your stats may soar where others months they may flop. THAT IS OKAY! Don’t panic and keep on track! May 2020 be a year to accomplish different things and reach new heights!


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