I’m officially 30 years old

First, My apologizes for making this WAY later into Thursday then I would normally have done it. I promise Monday’s blog will be right on time in the morning! This also will be a bit more personal in the sense that it doesn’t really have the subject of “Streaming” that I’m sure people are growing use to seeing by now. I’m currently putting some more blue dye in my hair so figures that this would be a perfect time for me to really hammer this out as I wait for it to set in.

I cannot believe I am 30 years old. I feel like for some reason I am still 25 though, Why that age I have no idea! Its hard to believe that another year has passed. This year is going to be a whole bunch of 1st for me. They are scary 1sts, exciting ones not to mention straight up WHACKED and hard for me to even wrap my head around but here goes.

1st Major Event
The birth of our First son. I cannot believe this has passed so quickly. I feel like it was only yesterday that I found out early one morning and was sharing the news with my boyfriend that we were in fact going to be parents. The fact that we have been chosen by such a little boy and every moment we have hearing his heart beat or seeing him on the ultrasound is just amazing. It really is a moment that is extremely hard to explain because its actually happening. Though there have been moments where I seen like I am an alien from outer space with a living being inside of me waiting to rip out and escape. It really is amazing. And the fact that my BF can now feel him kick with his hands when we lay in bed is an even better feeling. I get to share sensations that I have been feeling with him so he knows what it feels like as well too. Im also a little mad at myself for not getting everything ready when I should have and not feel some what scrambled at trying to get things settled. Basement sorted so that Im able to have the spare bed in his room brought downstairs. The furniture also needs to be assembled and decorated too. There is so much to do but spending as much time as I did in the basement today really seemed to help ease that a little bit! I’m determined to have the basement sorted this weekend if its the last thing I do! (also another reason why this Blog is happening so damn late too!)

10 Years Together
           It is also completely mad to think that my boyfriend has legit put up with me for the past 10 years this upcoming December. Sure it’s actually a year away but it is so insane to think about. We have traveled to Quebec and Nova Scotia together. Invited our cat and now dog into the family. We have moved from one province to another. Dealt with tremendous times apart due to his traveling with his job. There seriously has been so much. Sure, We aren’t the under 25 year olds having a baby and raising a family but I feel lucky that we also waited so long. Before I would get upset that we are older having kids. Fact is, My parents were our age when they had myself and my brother and sister. I don’t feel like we missed anything as a couple. I feel like we have experienced the house parties, the bar scene, the dancing til out legs were rubber that starting a family together just seems like the right thing to do now. It is extremely hard to believe that in about 8 or so weeks we will have our baby here. Our 1st son. And in another year we will hopefully be home owners again and able to buy our forever home to grow our family some more as well too!

I mean after all, How could I NOT touch base on this. I am beyond ecstatic that I started to do this even if it did start as a joke. Especially today when justice was served to someone in particular but that’s a subject Id rather not get into here. The amount of people I have met through streaming and gaming in general is quite insane. Some people I know we may have never crossed paths with had it not been for gaming. Streaming and gaming in my opinion is a way to being sometimes the most unlikely of people together over a common goal. And normally that goal is to have fun! My time on twitch is so small compared to some of the veterans who have been around but I look forward to the challenge of balancing a baby and stream and networking will come. Not to mention trying to keep myself relevant and able to get some growth from this as well too! I have learned so much about this platform and career/hobby pastime and I know that there is still a whole lot more to learn as well too. there are a lot of viewers and friends who I have never even met and I would consider them family here. Not to mention the amazing stream team that I am a part of and hope to keep seeing what we can all do this year! Especially after the huge charity stream as well this past December for Toys for Tots! I cannot WAIT to see how the 2020 year unfolds and wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you as well too!

And Lastly but certainly not least, ME!
This may be the most challenging part especially with the birth of our first child. I need to take more “ME” time. I need to do more self care. It is so easy to fall into the routine to be lazy and forget about things. Push social media aside and simply disconnect. I need to do my best to take that time to have a bath or relax. Read a book or just watch a TV show too. I need to not be lazy and do my makeup even if I’m not leaving the house because I know that makes me feel better or look over old photos too! All of these things are huge and I really want to focus on them! Not to mention working out again when I’m able to and ready to with my body after this little fellow is born! So easily we want to help others (Most of us) and so easily we put ourselves last. Mind you my son will be first I also should be a priority as well too. I shouldn’t forget that I do matter too!

Hopefully this wasn’t too sappy for all of you, And see you again on Monday with some Stream NO’S, Chosen by YOU!


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