January Overview/February Goals

I may have been too ambitious about my January goals. Part of setting goals would be to re-evaluate them after a period of time and making them work for you! This is my January at a glance to do just that!

1st, Holy shit we actually did legit a blog post every Monday and Thursday with the exception of I think doing one or two later in the day than I would have liked or the next day we really kept track on schedule. Also shout out to the people who have been reading these and helping with blog topics as well as sharing them across discords, streams and twitter when the blogs have been posted! Your support in these is HUGE!

2nd, I MAY have been extremely critical in my social medias and how I want to put out content. I was super strict on what I wanted to do, Like on twitter for example I had a post a day regarding my Discord link, A random photo, Going live tweet, Etc. This was WAY to specific and obviously a lot harder for me to keep track on as well. For this month I’m going to set a goal of only how many tweets. ie: Every day I would like to put out about 100 tweets per day. Including anything and everything from my personal links and just talking about different subjects with people. Trying to be active and 100 tweets is really not impossible especially once the baby is born as well too. Its a simplistic goal and not super complicated where I have to keep track of just what my number of tweets are at the beginning of the day and then at the end of the day and the difference as well too. Instagram I also had set my standards too high with a schedule. Trying to put clips on certain days, Random videos other days. For February we are being it back to simplistic with just a post a day. Doesn’t matter the type just as long as I’m active as well as trying to comment and interact with other profiles as well too. Which is something that I don’t normally do on Instagram.

This month was also super challenging to plan due to the fact that in a week or two the baby could legit come at any time. Ive kept the schedule to be pretty basic. Planning the giveaways (Which will be explained later in the blog also!) and then a regular schedule with the exception of having modified schedules due to appointments or things happening. March will probably be just a schedule of giveaways as my goals for the next few months are to help grow the discord server larger to help everyone out as well as my social media presence as well too.

February Giveaways Will Be:

– In Channel giveaway will be held on February 26th (Wednesday). This will be used with In Channel Currency called “Secrets”. You can earn this by lurking the stream and chatting. Lurking obviously does not give you as many points as chatting however there is a lot of secrets given out during a stream so it really isn’t hard to gather enough for some tickets! One raffle ticket is 10,000 Secrets and there is no maximum for how many tickets a person can get. This months prize: 2 Point Hospital Steam Key: Value $40.00 CAD Approx.

– Our monthly Gleam Giveaway will be starting on Monday February 3rd and running til Valentines day (Friday February 14th). This will be run through my twitter and will require different actions to be completed for entries. Prizes are 3 steam keys split between 3 people. Total value of all steam keys is approx $110.00 CAD

– Monthly New Members in Discord Giveaway will run from Saturday, February 1st til Saturday, February 29th. This will be for New Members and will be tracked though a list in the text channel for Giveaways. If a new member wins and is no longer in the server for the month they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen by random number. You MUST be in the server for the time of the draw. New Discord Members Giveaway will be a random Steam key: Value Approx $10-$25.00 CAD

– Current Discord Members giveaway will happen through gleam. The link will ONLY be available in Discord so that folks are there can participate there. It will require a few actions but the prize will be a steam key for Graveyard Keeper. Value $22.69 CAD

As I mentioned above, The goal is to keep giveaways regular and hopefully my interactions. The hope is when baby “V” is born and streams are more irregular that hopefully the viewer base can be retained for some amount of time by keeping myself a bit relevant though. I wouldn’t trade having our first child but to say that streaming taking a plunge isn’t a worry would be a lie. That’s why I’m trying to think of different options in order to keep my name out there and not just drift back. I would suck to have to go back to how streaming was when I first started. But if that happens we will deal with it and move forward from it! And, At the very least I will try to keep up on the giveaways as well too. I think its only right for me to repay the favor for the continued support people have give as well too.

Don’t forget also, If there is a particular topic that you would like to see talked about even about personal issues and things and it doesn’t have to be necessarily about streaming feel free to comment and mention it! I’m sure there will be a few personal blogs sprinkled in from here and there depending on the topics. However currently we have nearly 10+ blog posts that I will be doing my best to write and schedule to be published in case the baby is born early! My goal is to hopefully not miss a day a scheduled blog is supposed to come out! But we all know how things happen 🙂


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