Finding streams you like

Finding streams that you like or can relate to are no joke. And can be extremely time consuming and tricky to navigate if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. Here is somethings that I have done before while finding streams.

On twitch they have a some algorithm what will recommend channels. Normally this is based on the games that you play or similar streamers that you already watch. I guess this can be see as a good way to find people though I cant say I really use this a lot. You can also use the category of games you like, Ie: I like to play dead by daylight. If Im looking for new streamers to watch I go to the game category and decide what range of streamer I’m looking for. Do I want to watch someone who is a high level streamer with a few thousand people if they are entertaining or would I like to find a mid level content creator where I can kind of make an impression and become more involved in a community instead of just being a number. Or lastly do I want to find a streamer about the same size as me and make an effort to see if we click as friends and how I can learn from their content or vice versa.

Another way is using and looking for hashtags. Though on twitter using hashtags is more or less you seeking out tags and finding streams that you like. Im not entirely sure how effective they are with people finding YOUR streams but still valuable. If I see someone using a tag that I do for again, I’ll use the example of Dead by Daylight, I ask who they play as the most or what not. See if you vibe with them there and if you do then you can start to open the lines of communication via twitter, discords and things. Again, This should go without mentioning.. This does not mean that you go into their chat and you self promote all the time. If they are interested in who you are or what not follow their socials if you like their content and they may even ask you what you stream as well too!

Sticking around for hosts and raids can be a great way to find streams as well too. Normally streamers host like minded streamers. Typically similar size, Or a medium size streamer will be hosted by a smaller streamer. I myself, am a smaller level streamer however I will host sometimes a medium streamer or two of mine due to to the fact that with my community I let them know I am done for the day however I will be hanging out here. That being said, don’t host or raid people (As the streamer) in hopes to get some type of traction and connection immediately. Look at raiding and hosting people as a way to just share your community with their community not a way to profit from them. Normally I try to host/raid people who I follow, and people who are on the team I stream for. Especially if after my streams I will be hanging around that particular stream after my own. Then I have a few medium streamers that I try to raid/host every so often as well too.

Checking out discord servers promotional channels is a great way to find streamers that have similar interests as well too. And before I begin I will say this, Don’t be THAT GUY/GAL who joins a server of a streamer you enjoy ONLY to try and spam your channel in their promotional channel. People notice this and it looks tacky as hell. I know Ive seen in servers partners, YES PARTNERS, go to different servers and spam their link in there. Also, Don’t go in there to spam your own discord server link. Spamming a server link in a server looks sneaky and is not a good look for anyone. Though again I cant really say how much or often people check these links but I would assume that some people do. Regardless of whether the server is for a partner or an affiliate the best way to grab peoples attention in the server is to actually have conversations with people. For example: I have a server that I try to grow, as a tool for other streamers to use to meet others and what not. I know that for a while it became a link dump server. I added a bot and a particular activity level in order to prevent this. People need to put in effort to help keep the server active if they wanted to use the sever to promote. Normally this helped weed out the people who didn’t want anything to do with the folks in there but wanted free things for themselves.

There is always other platforms ie: YouTube. Sometimes I could be looking for funny montages on YouTube of games that I play when I notice they have a scene where it says all live on twitch, Or they have a twitch or stream link underneath and I try to do that as well too! As another avenue to finding someone new to watch. Though not everyone on YouTube does streaming and vice versa its still a great way to see some new people who you may be interested in.

As you can see, there really is a lot of ways to find streams that you are interested in. And if one way doesn’t find you what you are looking for, Just try it again in a few weeks. Streamers come and go and if you are looking for something in particular you are bound to have the right stream pop up! Some people I have looked for used to play games that I really enjoy and not they don’t even play the game anymore! Whether you are looking for a great stream for entertainment value, Or someone who has unbelievable skills at a game. There really is all sorts of ways to find that hidden gem in the streaming world if you only look a little bit harder!

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