Different streaming platforms

The following is based on my own views for each platform. Now I don’t have a lot of stats and things however I have read a bit about each and you can easily find the viewer/streamer/stats to these platforms by simply googling them. I’m also going to do my best to not be bias since I am a huge support of twitch due to the fact its my first/only platform where I started to create content.

This seems to be the most talked about platform when it comes to streaming compared to Twitch. Not entirely sure why but it seems to be the closest rival (thus far) in regards to Twitch. Some benefits of the platform is that there is a smaller number of people streaming there, Though saturation is high the chance of being discovered could also be higher in that aspect. Mixer is a platform owned by Microsoft as well too. The problem that I see with mixer is that people just aren’t watching streams there. Not to mention as well, sure you may find growth in the beginning but there will eventually be a ceiling so to speak because the viewers just aren’t there like they may be on Twitch. Though I will also mention that mixer seems to have things happening as far as their Terms of Service. Each maturity level has a pretty laid out expectation. Which is something that Twitch does not necessarily have. And they have also been adapting their own versions of Twitch’s systems to attract more people to the platform. Not to mention them grabbing the largest streamer Ninja as well as Shroud in the recent months as well. Major marketing moves on their part for pulling them away from Twitch.

As far as streaming goes and again, In my opinion twitch seems to be the leading platform as far as gaming/entertainment streams go. That being said they have to really focus on being more transparent and strict with their ToS. There have been many many controversies as far as bigger (Money bringing) Partners doing not to kind things on streams and having no repercussions to their actions while the little folks have been. If they were to adapt more of Mixers ToS it might be a bit better for them. That being said Twitch also knows they are leading on this space and I feel like they can basically do what they want currently. Not to mention in recent years the line between Partner and Affiliate is getting a bit more blurred as to which is better and if you want to just get the check mark beside your name or not. Twitch being one if not the top platform also means there are hundreds of thousands of people you are competing with to make it big on the scene. Its not enough anymore to hit the going live button and be successful. You have to be innovative and bring viewers in from different platforms in order to make yourself stand out.

To be completely honest. I don’t know a single person who streams on this platform besides Pewdiepie. I don’t know the perks or anything about the platform but I think for someone like myself to be pretty diverse in what platforms are a benefit and which aren’t that this is not a good indicator that its a great site to go to.

If you have been living under a rock for the past like 8 months you wouldn’t know by now that YouTube has gained some major competition from Twitch. Courage JD and Valkyrae have also moved platforms. For me personally I wont be going to YouTube to watch a stream. I have said it before in previous blogs that I go to YouTube for videos and edited content. That being said, I think YouTube snagging up streamers like this is a major play on their side as far as bringing them into contention with Twitch/Mixer. Not to mention they both have large enough communities that they are probably doing okay with the move, Maybe seen a bit of a drop but overall doing well!

Facebook has also pulled in a few people in the process. Pulling streamers like Darkness420 from Twitch and Disguised Toast I do believe. The one major drawback that I would for me personally makes me not want to get involved in Facebook gaming as a streamer or as a viewer is the fact that when you comment in the comment section you have your real name there. There is no username. Overall I think they would have to change this to have an avatar/username or your choice to even be anonymous for the rest of the viewers and then maybe the appeal will come back. It really just depends though they have been around long enough that I think the viewers COULD be there but Im sure many people like myself are just using Facebook to keep up with their families and friends and not looking for streams though.

Misc. Caffeine etc.
Honestly. These are mini sites that I’m not even entirely sure are still around. I know people who went to caffeine when I was first starting to stream 3 years ago and that’s about it. I would suggest if you want to jump on a new platform or smaller one do a lot of research though so that way you know what you are getting yourself into. There is no point in starting on a platform if it is going no where and after you go to another platform and you have to start over again.

Regardless of which platform there is a lot to think about when choosing one. Not to mention a lot of people decide after starting in a platform that they want to switch. Remember switching platforms doesn’t mean success and there is a big change that a lot of viewers wont follow either. You still have to put the same amount of effort in. And don’t forget as well, Seeing all of these larger streamers move, They are moving because they are getting paid a salary. Instead of having subs and donos being relied on they will have a guaranteed paycheck. When choosing or switching platforms, Don’t take that decision lightly!


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