April Overview/May Goals

As I write this I’m in the car. Obviously by now you see this is going to be late but that is okay! Today Mark’s the 1st day that I have been outside of my house for more than a walk. This Corona virus really is messed up. But there is no choice in regards to someone’s health or protecting my family too. My hope is that while my boyfriend brings the baby for a doctor’s appointment that I can get this typed up on my early mother’s day tablet gift to put it on before the stream this afternoon! (We did not get it done on Monday so Tuesday it is! hahaha)

April was good as far as streaming goes. I am close to my target of 40 hours streaming for the month, although my average for viewers is down a bit but that is okay. The fact I am kind of on a schedule even if it isn’t very specific time wise is good. I stream mon/tues/thurs/fri and it seems to be going well. My average time to start is the afternoon when I get the baby fed and my boyfriend does the mid afternoon/supper feeding. My goal for each stream is about 2 hours at a time. Totally achievable goals however if I was a single mom or if he was working and not home on parental I would have such a hard time to find a balance I don’t know how I would make streaming possible! Once he starts sleeping more through the night or earlier for longer I will probably end up switching streams to early evenings or just a bit later when he sleeps. Though I am loving the schedule with mid week Wednesday off and weekends off. I feel like I can tackle a lot of housework and set myself up for the week! I can tackle everything in one day, or I can do a few things each of the off stream days. It really depends on how I want to get things done!

May is a month that I am really going to try to step up my content creation. I am introducing today (Mondays) just chatting for a bit at the start of streams. Watch some YouTube videos and chat about the weekend with viewer’s. I never really have done just chatting due to not really going about it right or being scared but we are today! Also for May, 2 Friday’s I have planned for clip reviews. This won’t happen every month but it will be just to organize some clips and prep for (Hopefully) YouTube debut in June. I have NEVER made YouTube videos before or edited anything. This is a new experience but I want to bring more content out there whether it be montages or even reading and explaining my blog posts in a video with little editing and things. Obviously I want to do a bit of editing but for reading the blogs I think as close to raw footage as possible.  It all takes time but I’m hoping that it will translate into numbers growing on stream! I feel like I have a lot to offer but it is just doing it and starting that can be confusing or frustrating! Before I never really thought about pursuing YouTube as a way of growth but now I feel like I need to really get into pushing myself and doing a few things a bit more. I have plenty of time and a few folks who can also help if I need it. A friend suggested a free software for editing videos so I’m hoping to really tweek things and understand it. I didn’t want to just sink a lot of money into a software if I wasn’t able to really continue and it would become a waste of money! This way if I like it I could even pay for the full version or advanced one I guess would be better to explain? I also know for sure if I do keep this going I do not want to have a subscription for software.. That just seems stupid!

And lastly, my weight. That is something that I will also be trying to work on. Weight has always been a struggle for me but since having my son I feel way more motivated. Do I want to be someone who struggles to keep up with their kid(s) or someone who can keep up. I am currently waiting on my newest journal to come so I can keep track of calories. I use a Fitbit more for fitness but for calories I find it mindless to try and enter them in. I find writing down what I eat a lot easier and it really sinks in too. I haven’t really set goals I terms of losing weight but will be setting up goals in developing a habit! I am my own worst critic and when I have a bad day I immediately feel like a failure. I need to change this mindset because bad days calorie wise or even lack of exercise is not a reason to ignore progress however or fast or slow! I am also like this with streaming, If I have a lower then average viewer day I tend to be a lot harder on myself then a higher then normal day. I need to stop letting myself get myself down (If that even makes sense) and maybe start celebrating the accomplishments that I do have whether they are big or small. They are all valuable in their own way too! It can be so easy to just throw away a day when it could be seen as a learning experience.

Anyways, here’s your update! Whether you wanted it or not! Here is hoping this is over 1000 words (My blog length goal!) I’ll update you on that at the end! Let’s kick ass in May!


ps: It was 673 words when transferred from tablet to PC, time to proof-read and add to it!

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