Weight Loss Goals, Gone Public!

My name is Stacey, And I’m Overweight. I have been overweight for most if not all of my life starting from teen years and over. I have lost weight as many people have in the past only to gain it back and then some. It is a constant battle with food and myself and the exercise I know is also required. They say you really are your own worse enemy and with weight loss it couldn’t be more true. This is probably one of the most personal blogs that I will be writing but you know what? I need to be held accountable. Sometimes its not enough for me to say I want to do something and just use my own will power as motivation. I need someone or some people to keep me in line! And this is kind of my way of publicly asking for that. I know for my health I need to lose weight. Not to mention, since having my son, I really would like to be a parent who can run around for hours and hours with their kids and not be winded after a few minutes. I want to be healthy and happy with how I look physically. I have an awesome personality (I think haha!) but it can be shadowed by how down on myself I can be. My goal ultimately is to lose 100lbs however trying to say I want to lose 100lbs can see daunting and out of reach, 100lbs total however between 8-10 pounds per month I would be ecstatic!

I smoke weed and when I do that I munch out WAY TOO MUCH. I order junk on Amazon. I eat it all in a few days which is horrible, then I get depressed for eating it. And I get super slacked on exercise. I have to write things down or I over eat. A problem for me is that I overeat for not only sad or depressed times, But also for when I’m happy too. I once was given a quote and it stuck with me, it is: “We are not dogs, We do NOT need to be rewarded with treats every time we have a small success” I also struggle because I can do extremely well all day and then if I smoke a joint or something I completely throw away the day. I waste what good calorie counting I may have had or exercise/workout that I have done. Another struggle I have is I let bad days built up. If I have a bad day, I let it become 2, 3, 4 days instead of correcting the behavior afterwards. Which also is super bad. The world doesn’t end after one bad calorie counting/no exercise day, Why do I let it effect me so much? Hopefully by writing this I am becoming more aware of things and also acknowledging how to change this behavior.

Tying into the last paragraph I also can struggle with goals. I can set them super unrealistic and get discouraged so easily. My goals this time are this:
– Keep track of calories, even on bad days. Don’t let things carry over to multiple days. Bad days are important to reflect on how you are doing. When you have a bunch of good days, It can be nice to go back, and see how you overcame some of your struggles.
– Don’t restart your calorie counting book! For anyone who doesn’t know. I have a book. I keep track of calories I eat, water, exercise and self care, etc. When I do bad for a few days. I restart. I throw away the scribbler, I re-write all my days like a journal. Don’t let yourself get that way! You can do it! Keep the same one til all of the pages are filled.
– Keep track of exercise on the calendar that you made too! You have a good schedule for the elliptical and you want to get it done daily. You do have some slack days but don’t have them all in a row! And if possible try to do a rest day on a 40 minute day, Not the 80 minutes!
– Think of goals (not food related) For your rewards! Every time you lose 10lbs you want to give a little something back. Don’t get it before you are ready as you might binge back some weight. You already have the first 30lbs or 40lbs already done for rewards so keep thinking of other ones!

Setting myself up for success can be challenging. Some little tricks and tips I have done already are these:
– On my fridge I wrote a few questions to myself like ” Are you hungry or bored?, Are you just thirsty?, Wait 30 minutes before candy!” That way It is kind of like a check if I really need that kind of junk!
– On my pantry I also put something similar to this as well.
– Plan days in advance! For example, Tonight is Thursday, I already planned out the calories for today, So tonight when I have free time, Ill plan my calories til Monday and Monday do the same thing. and so on, Plan a few days in advance so you can look forward to treats and have them planned in your calories instead of winging it!
– Don’t be so hard on yourself if you have a bad day! Reflect and move on to the next one! (This is super challenging for me!)
– Keep your before pictures so that way you are reminded of the successes you do have! This also goes for measurements too! Sometimes you don’t lose weight in pounds but you to lose inches! Anything that can help as a reward or progress should be noted! FOR SURE!

As you can see, I think I have the knowledge to losing weight it’s just actually doing it. Not to mention, that I have done it before! Another few quotes that I see frequently is “If losing weight was easy, No one would be overweight” And ” No matter how slow you go you are still lapping everyone on the couch! Lets make 2020 a year of success and weight loss, even if we have had some curve balls thrown at us in the world!


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