Taking a step back.

I have no motivation to stream.

There I said it.

I feel like I am a failure (Though I know I am not, I just have a little fella who is taking up my time!) I would like to do so many good things but as far as a schedule I don’t think it is possible for me to have a schedule at this time.

What I would like to do is stream without pressures anymore.

I feel like I am putting too much on my plate and I dont like it.

My focus now is weight loss. I need to lose weight before we have our next child and want to be a healthy weight. I have been KILLING the workouts right now and doing decently on foods also. I want to keep this up. When I work out it can be between 40 mins to 80 a day and then by the end I want to just relax. I have started crafting my patio lanterns again to help keep myself occupied and not snacking as well too.. I want to live freely and do whatever whenever.

– Am I quitting streaming? Never.
The people I have met streaming are far more valuable then leaving it.

– When will I be back?
Hopefully the fall.

– When will I stream?
Check twitter or discord. I will still be active I just wont be following a schedule anymore. And active could be one stream a week. Multiple streams per week. No streams per week. It really depends.

I would like to play around with evenings streams and figure out a schedule for us. I also would like to play around with a podcast. blog writing on stream as well as other things. I need to take time to figure out a schedule that works and can be sustainable. Especially with Space going back to work in the fall while still having time for ourselves. Not to mention in the spring we hope to be moving back home to Halifax and buying a house again.

I need to also get back to being a regular viewer for you guys who have stuck with me. I need to get back to figuring out where I want my streams and the society to go. I want to plan out a re-vamp and new feeling. I feel like my streams are stale and I just dont enjoy them with the pressure I have created for myself. I need to get back to basics.

I hope you understand where I am coming from..

See you soon, and take care of each other!
This is not a good bye, It’s a “I need to figure out my shit even if that means being lazy and not lazy at the same time”


– Stacey xo

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