Weight Loss Wednesday #3 – I’m Struggling

This post will be a bit different. I am writing this a few days ahead of the date and like the title says, I’m struggling.

I am not going to make excuses for why I am struggling however I am.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the weight loss was nearly non-existent between the previous blog post and this one and that is okay. Losing weight is not just an easy slope that you ride down and it magically comes off. I would be really interested in looking for someone who has this happen so easily though as I would much appreciated some tips and tricks in the process!

Weight: 240.4lbs (UP 3.4 LBS)
Waist: 47.0 Inches ( No Change)
Hips: 54.0 Inches (Up .5 Inch)
Bust – Over – 46.0 Inches (Up .5 Inch)
– Under – 41.0 Inches (Down .5 Inch)
Thighs – Left – 30.0 Inches (Down .5 Inch)
– Right – 31.0 Inches (Up .5 Inch)
Arms – Left – 14.0 Inches (Down .5 Inch)
– Right – 14.5 Inches (Up .5 Inch)

I think a big problem with me before when I was doing all the calender’s was that I was trying to track too many things in too many places. The fact is, I have lost weight before. Was it easy? No. Was I keeping it simple? Yes. All I did was I did the treadmill an hour a day (This was when I was still living at home) And then I was majorly monitoring my calories at 1200-1500 per day NO OVER EATING! I was working so much I literately was eating and sleeping and working out and working. That was it. My boyfriend was away for work so I filled in the time as best as I could so that I was not bored or sitting around waiting for him. I was keeping busy for time to pass super fast.

What I am keeping track of is calories and working out. That is what I did before and I will be simplifying what I do now. I also will be noting days that I do smoke weed since we all know that that is a major reason why I munch so late at night. I want to work out at least 5 days per week and I would like to have only 1 day that can be closer to 1750 calories per day. Essentially that will be my cheat day. I also would like to use post-it notes and plan meals per day as well too since I know I am normally really how I feel that day and it can be detrimental for my keeping under calories.

I will no longer be smoking weed Monday-Friday. Only on weekends IF THAT. No more scheduled days. No more planning ahead. Monday/Wednesday/Friday I TYPICALLY do not smoke anyways because I stream. When I stream and smoke weed (Though the occasional time may happen) I find myself lazy and dis-interested. I need to smarten up because as time passed the closer we will be to having or trying for a second child and I do not want to be this weight again!

I know, No difference or nearly none. Plus a bit of a weight gain. And by a bit I mean basically back to what I was when we started.

I will say this.
My BF and I have purchased a vape pen. And no, It;s not for weed. It’s something to take the edge off. Am I trading one lesser weed for another vice? Sure. But I will succeed. I just made it harder for myself by completely throwing away any progress. My goal now by the end of February is to be under 230lbs. I know, It is a stretch and I need to work hard. But I believe that I am going to be able to do this.

Enough about this sad sack stuff though.

Time to get to work!

What do you find motivating when you are stuck or need a reminder you can do something difficult?

Let me know in the comments below!


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