6 Things I do for Self Care

Things that people do for self care can really differ from person to person or even from country to country! I think it all depends on what makes a person and more specifically, YOU happy! There is no right or wrong way to do self care that is for sure. I think the ones I typically do are pretty basic but they help me when I have had a stressful day and just want to unwind or reflect.

Art is something that I need to do more of which is really hard sometimes. I like doing anything from painting, to sewing and many other ways in between too. I liek art because I can choose the medium that I want to do. Whether it be painting or drawing or coloring or anything else you can think of too. I need to do more but sometimes it can be so hard to focus on it and really stick to it. Not to mention the amount of sketch books or canvas or odds and ends I have is just insane when you think about it. I even have supplies to make candles which I am probably going to re-explore once we move into a bigger home again too! The beauty about art too is that just about anyone can do it! Regardless of your age or skill level you can give it a try too!

Baths are kind of my way to relax at the end of a day. Only thing is when pregnant it is extremely hard to do when I take baths with the water that is so blistering hot. I need to tone that down a bit. I love baths to read a book in, Sometimes I just sink down and lay with the warm water around. I have even been known to be so relaxed that I have fallen asleep in the tub too!

Binging shows on Netflix is totally a way of self care for me. Whether I am watching the latest comedy series that just got dumped on there or binging the latest crime show to the fullest too. Sometimes sitting down with a bowl of snacks and just trying to dig deep into the world of entertainment and real life mysteries is a great way to just let loose and not think about the world you currently live in too!

Writing in note books is something that I might be the only or one of the only people who do this. I am low key obsessed with notebooks and lists and things. This is so bad that if I screw up a notebook I will re-do it. Remember me mentioning it in the weight loss blogs? yeah it goers for nearly everything from a budget book, to do lists, and whatever else there is too! Sometimes for me a way to show self care or relax is to lay out my planner and schedule and plan the next few weeks ahead. I don’t know why it makes me feel at ease but it totally does when I know what to expect and don’t need to over think or panic if I am running low on a deadline or something. Especially when I try to do multiple things, like blog writing, streams and how long to do them, appointments, scheduling tweets or pins for pinterest too. Having everything laid out and able to check things off is so satisfying!

Gaming is something I have recently started to do when I am not live. I more specifically started to game a bit more off stream when my son was born. Sometimes the feeling of being live can take away a lot of things so by gaming when he naps after of course, he is more regular in his patterns, or when he goes to sleep at night and I’m working on things to do in game like challenges or something too. Ive been trying to take my gaming more seriously and I think by doing this trying to focus on being an average player in my game of choice, Dead by Daylight.

And lastly, I know this may come as a shock to some, But sometimes the best self care for ANYONE is simply doing absolutely nothing at all! There are times when I want to plan self care or I want to do things when I put my son to sleep and at the end of the day I can have every single thing laid out but I end up doing squat. Sometimes we need to turn our brain on auto-pilot and just do whatever it is we feel like we should be doing at the time even if that means cuddled under a blanket and falling asleep on the couch to your favorite show you tried watching the last 3 times but you got interrupted somehow or some way.

As you can see these may seem pretty simple for me. Occasionally I try to workout too as a means of self care but I try to not look at it like that as I am typically not enjoying myself even if I feel better when I am done! Self care is hard to define for one person since it can be so drastically different to the next. But whatever you choose to be your self care enjoy it! Don’t do something you truly do not like or it will not be self care and can slowly (or rapidly) turn into a chore! I know sometimes when I enjoy something I can subconsciously end up over doing it and it gets to the point I no longer do this activity anymore. Don’t be like me!

What are some things that you do for self care?
Have you learned new things since being confined in your home that you now consider to be helpful in relaxing?

Let me know in the comments below!

– Stacey

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