May Update 2021

Here we go again, Another update! I cannot believe we are here and there is SO MUCH news coming up for May that I can hardly contain myself to be able to hold the secrets a bit longer.

Number one, It is OFFICIAL! WE ARE MOVING BACK HOME! We received the official email and have started the house hunting. I don’t want to go into too much details as this will be a blog post that is upcoming in the future about how crazy the housing market and slanted it will be as well and not to mention stressful losing bids on houses that are listed within your price range and then you are losing bids to offers that are between 50-100k over asking. Actually insane. But there will be more details and how unfair that is later this month!

I still an buzzing with excitement that in the next 2ish or so months we will be headed back home with a new home. The only bummer is that currently Covid cases are exploding in Nova Scotia due to the fact that they had visitors from Ontario (Where cases are still in the thousands even with extreme lockdown measures) and they did not self isolate and were with folks from Nova Scotia. This causes a huge community spread to have cases go up when they had gone weeks or months without any single cases also too. I am hoping that we can purchase the home before hand and have my parents stock it up with some food, and if not that they will probably have to drop some off on the doorstep for us and wait til we are done to visit. Though at that point I will be so happy that we are back in my home province a 2 week wait seems to be great. I also hope that during this time I can find paint colors and have my sister pick up some cans of paint so we can spend the time painting our home and getting it just right since we will have time to kill while being isolated inside. Regardless I am still looking forward to being able to adjust and relax and be around my family again.

The big news that is coming up would be announced in about 2 weeks as well. That will be awesome when the time comes and I cannot wait to share with you as well too. It legit is killing me not to say anything however I wanted to wait til the time is right to share it and it is creeping up slowly but surely too!

Another thing that I have been excited about is slowly gutting the basement and throwing things away. I have been chipping away at de-cluttering and getting rid of things we no longer use however I will be majorly scheduling days this week and hopefully be able to get a lot of the basement done this month so that it can be prepped for moving. I want to really do this for May so that we can relax and take it easy for the time between that and moving. Thankfully we won’t be packing anything or unpacking but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make everything okay and ensure that things arent in their right place before the move. As hard as it can be for me to get rid of objects and things we no longer need I don’t want to bring everything we no longer use to the new house. I want it to be kind of a fresh start so that we can have a lot of space. Not to mention now that we have a child and hopefully more in the future the amount of things we will have for them will probably grow and grow and grow. And I do not want to see all of the things we have continue to grow and grow and grow along the way. I think it will also help us to feel a lot better when we move to not have a lot of weight around as well that we have to get rid of.

Another thing that I have to do is really schedule myself. I think for April and with the upcoming move I wanted to do more. Stream more, write more, and that was a lot of added pressure to myself which I slacked and didn’t do as much as I wanted to which then made me feel upset with myself. For the month of May and going forward I am going to try to stick to just my normal streaming days, which is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as well too. I don’t want to try to focus on adding extra streams and schedule them in. If they happen they happen. But I want to make sure I don’t miss days I typically stream on though. I also need to really schedule in days where I write and focus on finishing my book that is nearly done as well as doing some artwork and what not as well too. I think that will be great and hopefully planing will do a lot for keeping me on track with my goals.

If you have stuck with me this long through this update THANK YOU! It is people like you that make me want to continue to blog and update you all with life and all the tips and tricks that I see happening though. There is so much going to be coming and going in the next few months honestly these blogs might be making me have a sliver or normalcy since it keeps me sane and able to write out my thoughts too. There will be a lot of blogs upcoming as I prep for the move and hopefully I can write enough to pump them out a few extra times per week instead of just 2x too.

What is your update for May?
How was April and how was any goals you may have had?
Did you achieve them of fall short like myself?

Let me know in the comments below! I cannot wait to hear all about it.

– Stacey

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