Why I Can’t Pick a Niche

When it comes to anything related to content creation whether it be something to do with streaming, blogging, YouTube videos, and whatever else, the number one thing you always hear people talk about is picking a niche. Apparently it is a lot easier to grow when you zero in on an audience and who you would like to cater to. Having too broad of a topic for your content can make it hard for the right people to find you.

There is many many many types of niches that you can pick just on blogging alone. Since this is where I am writing we will talk about it in regards to blogging however picking a niche is also important for streaming. Currently for streaming I try to play Dead by Daylight, Rainbow Six Siege and also sometimes I will do art on stream too. As for blogging I was more or less started this about streaming (I know crazy right) and for the longest time I was finding that I had basically no visitors to the blog. I thought because I was a streamer that I had to write about streaming. I was wrong.

A niche can be super important because you want to almost specialize with a particular group of people. As I mentioned, I was into streaming and I was posting two blogs per week about streaming to little to no visitors or readers. I wasted my time. However maybe that was because most streamers who want advice they look at streams or they will look at YouTube for the tips and tricks and blogging really just isn’t the way it goes. There is many people who I see online and follow on twitter who also have various types of niches. A few folks I follow have blogs that are based around parenting and different things they have learned along the way. Some also talk about struggles they may have if their child has certain conditions that they are unfamiliar with and their journey to knowing more about them. A few people I follow have loosely based lifestyle blogs and they typically try to talk about multiple things from fashion, to foods, or even things they might do for self care. Stuff like that. Then you have some that are self help blogs and try to be educational about various issues such as teaching how to use different platforms better, being a better blogger, and things of that nature.

As I mentioned, I used to write about streaming. Now I would say if I HAD to choose a niche I would be placing myself into maybe the category of Lifestyle? though I would also say that I tend to write about what being a first time parent is like, personal struggles, updates each month that can help update folks who may not have been around in a while. Also I tend to write about silly things that have popped up in my head whether going on in the world or controversial or just randomly happening also too. I don’t know if I could specifically write about just one topic such as only writing about parenting. Or only writing about something else. I found that with only sticking to streaming, about 6 months down the road I was either thinking of ways to recycle things or I was running out of things to do and I was feeling myself getting lazy.

The best thing I think I did if I was to pinpoint anything about this blog though, was to let go of my original niche and start over a little bit. I feel like I have had so much growth when it came to blogging after letting go of streaming and trying to focus more about my life and putting more emotions into how I write. Still to this day one of the most successful blogs I had written was one about how I struggle with weight loss. That was something that really was helpful for me and I feel like a lot of people maybe could understand where I was going through and because I was real and posted that I seen a lot of growth for this. To the point, that I still see folks who enjoy reading it and like it here and there even though it was published in November!

I guess, what I’m saying is if you are starting out. Trying to narrow down some sort of goal audience would probably be better in the long run. Remember though, It is totally okay to pick a niche and decide to change it if you aren’t seeing the results that you might see either. I know for me, If I had thought about it I wish I would have stopped writing about streaming a few months sooner than I did because I might have stayed more consistent and could have used those extra few months to pivot myself to where I am now. Don’t forget also, picking a niche that is too specific can be hurtful in the long run if no one really shows an interest in that subject, same as the flip side of picking something that is far too broad. If I picked blogging about say sea lions, there might not be a whole lot of people who would be interested in it. Same as if I picked something such as Outer space which has many many avenues to write about people might find my subject too broad and not really interested because there is nothing specific or unique about it.

At the end of the day I would say that I am a lifestyle blogger. I have a few topics such as parenting, mental health and growth, motivation and goals, and funny humor, even content creation as a parent too, but I don’t think I could just pick one of those, I like to keep things new and fresh. And sticking with streaming almost made it so that I did not want to write at all because I found it to be very boring and not fun anymore.

Was it hard picking your niche as a content creator?
Has it always been the same or changed?

Let me know in the comments below about your journey!


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