July Update 2021

This post might seem rushed and that would be because there is a strong chance that it will be. This is going to happen right towards when we are about to be moving! I am going to separate this into as best as I can to update you all for this as well as some big things coming for the blog to hopefully jeep the momentum going!

Streams have been on the back burner right now. I haven’t streamed for nearly 2 weeks and wont be back til the beginning of August. To be completely blunt. I just have not wanted to stream. I wanted to be able to do absolute nothing at the end of the day. Especially with the fact that there has been heat waves here in Quebec and at the end of a hot day I either want to have a cold bath or legit just melt into the couch and do nothing but watch Netflix or whatever else. A part of me is low key upset by this because I think streams were going so well. They were really getting my average up. But here we are and I’m taking an extended break. I know people will care once I return but I wont be where I was as people will have moved on. Which to say the least is hard. Though I know for me if I was to keep putting streams first I would be stretching myself far too thin and probably cause myself even more stress.

Next is blogs. I am SO HAPPY to announce that this summer I will be putting out blogs 4x per week! Every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! This is my way to hopefully grow my following a bit and putting out the most content for 2 months than I ever have before. It will help me get a catch up on blogs that I want to write to catch up when my next baby is born. For me, I will just be writing the updates and filling in blanks and things for special blogs however most have been per-written so I can just schedule so that way it automatically updates. This is something I am excited to see as happen and I will report back in September eventually about what progress if any has happened during the increased blogging!

Now on to moving. As I write for this it is on about the 28th of June. A week out before packers arrive which is kind of stressing me out but not really. I still have a bit to do but it mostly is trying to figure out if everything can fit in the car and then if everything we will remember as well. The beauty of it all is that we wont be packing anything or loading it so myself and the baby and cat and dog just have to be out of the way while the boyfriend is dealing with things in the home. I just am, going to be relieved that we will be in our own home again. Things so simple as having my night table beside my side of the bed. Or having the mirror up on our vanity is going to be huge. Things like being able to paint our walls the colors we want, having a rec room and more space, a kitchen that is not super small, these are so many things that I am looking forward to doing.

Also at the time of writing this, I do have an appointment for the ultrasound on July 2nd. Early in the morning. I will update for 20 weeks what the gender is of the baby because like with my son we are unable to hold in the secret for long and will for sure be finding out early! We are relieved that we are able to get the gender scan and autonomy scan done before we move since isolation will be for 2 weeks and it might take a while to have it done with appointments and things. Hopefully everything growth wise is also fine! As of writing this movements are picking up for sure which is crazy. And if the movements are right my boyfriend can also feel them too. Which he could not for a while with our son.

Looking forward to July. I dont think there will be a lot of progression in terms of content. Just scheduling things and planning. I would like to get a few new things for stream when we come back in August. I also would like to try to get some emotes done to refresh the stream that way too. Nothing to major but just some things that I would like to do to kind of make it a bit refreshed especially in a new house with a new background and what not also.

Even though I know this is and will be stressful at times. I try not to let that get to me and think of the excitement that is coming. I will be about 10 minutes from my parents house which is great and my brother and sister will be near as well. I haven’t even seen my brother in 9 years due to our lives being busy and moving and what not. So to be able to do the whole holiday things again will be nothing short of incredible and I cannot wait for it all to happen. I just need to focus on sleeping and how important it is to me being nearly 19 weeks pregnant, I need to really not let myself get sleep deprived. I cannot wait to also share the renovations and upgrades that we do to the house as it progresses along! It will be amazing for sure!

Do you have any tips for moving to different province? or state that you would like to share?
What are some things to be careful when moving?

Let me know in the comments below, This is such an exciting time I want to share it with all of you too!

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