Summer Update 2021/September Update!

If you are a regular follower of the blog, you will know that there was no July update. Why might you ask? Because we were basically dealing with a nightmare and blogging the experience as it was happening was not something I was honestly looking forward to doing. I will try to keep this short and sweet and give the timeline of what happened. And now that things are settled it seems like the right time to really tell all of you how the summer has been going even with the hiccups!

On July 4th we went to my Uncles house where we stayed til the 10th. This was instead of staying in a hotel. With a toddler, a cat and a dog this seemed to be the easiest way. Not only that but being the only family to love in Quebec with my uncle and a short drive away it only seemed fair to spend some quality time with him and his husband before we headed back home to Nova Scotia.

July 5th was when our things were to be packed. That went great also. It took maybe 4 or so hours and the house was packed. Now, only after our effects were boxes and taped did we find out that we may not have a load day the following day. My boyfriend was then expected to go to our home, well old home, and wait to see if anyone shows up. This was Tuesday. Wednesday we still hear nothing so he stayed at my Uncles with me and we waited to hear. Finally the Thursday, July 8th was when we given a “load” date which was only when our boxes were packed up into a storage place to wait for an actual load to bring it to Nova Scotia. At this point we had seen online that the moves federally have been a nightmare. For more people than not.

We still arrived in Nova Scotia on July 10th. Thankfully my dad had his truck broken. So he was able to drop off different things like pots and pans and a few camping chairs, some utensils and dishware, food and an air mattress and sheets too. Since we were required to isolate for 2 weeks upon arrival based on Nova Scotia’s covid phases and protocols. We essentially were camping in our home. And for the record, yes we could have stayed in a hotel, however just purchasing a home we felt it was best if we were to stay there, have paint dropped off social distanced of course, and we just paint paint paint. Which we did. We got probably 85% of our painting done which was great.

Fast forward 2 weeks this brings us to about the 24th. And look here. We do not have any of our things STILL. We still have no idea what we are even doing but at least isolation is done and that is a huge help because we are able to get things like grocery’s that we need and do not have to rely on people as much. At one point we also had to purchase a double high mattress because the one my dad lent us was nearly 20 years old with a slow leak. He left the air compressor but my pregnant butt was getting stiff from waking up on the floor in the middle of the night.

Fast forward to this camping lifestyle in our own home. We did not end up getting our things til 29 days later. I believe Tuesday August 3rd was when our unload day was. Mind you we basically had to fight the previous week to even find out when and where our things were. And we never were told “It was arriving” It was more or less a maybe it might show up. Only the day of when my BF went to work (Life didn’t stop just because our things were not here) did he get a phone call saying “By the way your things will be at your home in 20 minutes) I then had to run around prepping everything for my son and the dog and cat in their respected rooms so that we were able to actually have the house able to have things put in.

After that the rest was basically history. We just were happy that our things had finally arrived and we could sleep in our own beds and our son had his crib also too. The unboxing was happening and returning to life in our new home. It was a surprise all of our things were even there due to the weird circumstances surrounding the move. The whole thing COULD have been avoided if only the movers that we had and federal company whom my spouse works for had said we will push your move for a few weeks because at this point they were already backlogged in moves with people already waiting. However they just kept piling on and piling on moved with no truck drivers or loaders available to take furniture and boxes for families.

As I write this for the update in September, things are slowly coming together. Streams are back in action. Painting needs to be done but there is heat waves and not worth the heat to struggle and paint. We should finish before September I hope! I also need to paint details on my Son’s wall for his “Space” theme bedroom. And on top of it eventually paint the new babies bedroom also too. I think we will be doing a woodland/forest theme as well. And we purchased our flooring which my dad will eventually help us update because the shag carpet has got to go. And yes, I have done before and during photos so once they are done I will update those on here also in updates the differences!

Have you moved before?

Did everything run smoothly?

Or was there some hiccups as well for you?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear them!


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