Cleaning Goals For 2022

It may or may not come as no surprise that I am not the best at cleaning. And what I mean by this is my home is for sure a lived in home. I can however organize and prep things so it looks fantastic. I even can clean super spick and span when I put my mind to it. However I sometimes get good momentum and than slack off majorly. Not this year. This year I am going to be trying to step up my cleaning game. After all, I am not a mom of 2 boys who no doubt will be making messes for the next 18+ years until they go off to college or they begin to limit their mess to their own bedrooms! Here are my cleaning goals for having a tip top shape home in 2022!

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First, the major goal for me is to try and keep a semi-weekly schedule to be able to have the main level in good shape. I want to really hammer down and try my best to be able to keep the house tidy. This includes the living room, kitchen, the dining table cleared off regularly, as well as trying to keep the floors cleaned, moped, bathroom in good shape also too. Bedrooms are not overly bad to begin with but I would like to get the bedrooms in a great place in the beginning of the year through January with organizing so that way the upkeep is a lot better. I want to make kind of a schedule of things I should clean mainly weekly. Things like laundry 2x per week. bed sheets every other week, microwave every week or every other week. Things like that which we frequently use to make sure they are clean and prepped so that the little hands around wont be trying to pick things up and eat them which is totally what toddlers and babies do!

Next, I would like a deep cleaning list. This would be things that NO ONE likes to clean and you do it maybe once or twice a year but it still needs to be done. Things like clean the window ledges, clean out the cupboards, deep clean the oven or stove too. Things that typically you don’t do that often but you do it when you see things are messy. I want to really keep track of things so that way I know what is done and what needs to be done. As I sit here and thing of things I know it will be hard so I will probably use Pinterest to check out different lists and hopefully create one for myself. I am confident I can make something for myself and I can stick to it.

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I also think it can be a great way for me to slightly get more activity and what not since I am hoping to lose 40lbs in the year 2022. If I look at the list and do something instead of binge eating or snacking on something I really shouldn’t be doing I think it could help me in that goal also. I am very much someone that eats because they are bored and have nothing better to do. I know that is a horrible habit to get into and breaking it is even harder however by filling my down time with things I think it can help me. Some days when my first son is napping and I have gotten my second settled I can put him in the bassinet or I can even wear him with the carrier we have and tackle some of the list.

I would Ideally like to schedule cleaning days specifically however I wont be doing that so much. I will be scheduling things i would like to do in the day, but there will be no specific time frame to do things. Sometimes my sons don’t nap, sometimes one is awake, For me to try to schedule something while they are both preoccupied while I clean is not really do-able. Maybe laundry I can wing it and flip it when I need to but in terms of cleaning there is only so many times per day I can really do that. If all else fails I will do the bulk of it at night when I know that my first will be for sure sleeping though!

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I know that I have the skill set to be a great cleaner and organizer in my home it is just putting my mind to it. I really need to embrace the stay at home mom role and make sure things are tidy. Which I know is impossible with 2 kids but I really would like to try my best to keep a home that is basically spotless. Or in the very least not what it is now. I also feel like the hardest challenge for this, for me anyways, would be to start. I feel like if I start to get things in a great place I would be able to motivate myself to keep up on my list naturally trying to keep the same level the whole time. Most times the challenge that I have with cleaning is I let it get bad and I don’t have motivation to keep it going. Or just starting it in general.

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In terms of tracking this I will also be writing it down on a pad of paper. I have a few different colors so I will be writing the weeks down starting with Sundays and hopefully be checking off different things that I do. Than at the end of the year I will be honest and open with you guys and share it with you. I would have already started it by the time this has published, you know since I write things ahead of time. However I will adding my photos of the list in the February Update Blog. I think by then I should have most of everything filled out and I should be able to show what I picked out for the nitty gritty things to tackle.

Have you struggled with cleaning before or are you a neat person?
What would your tips be for someone like me looking to really get organized?

Let me know, I would love to read any of your tips in the comments below!

1 thought on “Cleaning Goals For 2022

  1. I was reading your post thinking I could I have written this! I am a stay at home mum of 2 small boys, and on some days I absolutely boss it, and other days I couldn’t be more of a slob!

    I am really trying now. I have a whiteboard up in the kitchen, and each day I write on tasks that I hope to get done and give myself a satisfying tick if I manage to do them. If I don’t have time to do it then I don’t wipe it off and it just gets added to the list for the next day.
    So far I’m doing OK. After reading your blog though… I should definitely clean my microwave more!!

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