Back to Basics – Self Care Thursday 5 – February 3rd

I feel like every single week I write this will be the week I am held accountable for. Its not. I stand by my goal to lose 10lbs or be under 235lbs by the end of the month.

I was going to attempt a dry Feb or mostly dry but that just is not going to happen. I will try to cut back but honestly I just don’t know if I can do a dry one. I just need to control my munching.

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That being said I am really going to push myself to get a major start on writing in different places. Poetry is my next venture. I have an idea for a few books. I also have schedule different poems to be done on so many days. Certain days have a 5 poem day where I write 5 in that day. However if I do more over more days that is also great too. At the end of the month I should have at least 50 written however with the added scheduled (roughly!) I should have 80. Ideally I would love to see myself be pushed to have over 150 poems done. That would be huge in my quest to write and have some books done. Since it is poetry after I have written all of mind I will be  buying a fee poetry books to see the flow. Mentally I feel like this is a great and achievable goal because stories can take a bit more time and physically sitting down and writing. These I can do sitting on the couch in between moments of chaos with my sons.

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Starting today I am also writing down all of my calories/food per day. I need to. What bothers me the most is that I have lost weight before. Many moons ago but still none the less. I need to focus on that. I also want to do my own exercises and stuff. Maybe a workout DVD maybe just ones I think of. Regardless I also need to keep track of that. I feel like I need to also stop making excuses but that is obviously a me problem. I get so discouraged when I slip up that it hurts my progress in the long run and I know that all too well.

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I have also decided to start to write these out in more real time like a journal or diary entry. That way I am able to really demonstrate in real time for you guys how things are doing and my feelings a bit more detailed. Sometimes looking back on the week if I had a good day or two before I write this can be really cloudy for you, the reader, about how my weight loss and mental health journey have been going. I want you to see and feel that you are not alone if you too are struggling with something like this in any aspect of your life too.

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I would say this past week has been nice I feel like a lot if us felt like January was a very long month. And while it was and some exciting moments I still need to focus in this. I can do it. I need to stop slacking and focus on what is important. I also am excited for nicer weather so we can go on Family walks too. I may even be planning walks with my boys. Since we have the double stroller. Maybe go on adventures and find different walking trails and things that are around to go to. I feel like maybe the cold weather is a bit low key depressing but there is nothing I can do about that. I love snow and I love winter but sometimes the cold is a bit too much!

Weight: 247.6 (Lost 1.2lb)
Start weight: 248.8lb (Jan 4th)
Measurements: (will re-do after 15lb lost)

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