Renewed Motivation – Self Care Thursday 7 – February 17th

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Thurs, Feb 10th
Pasta…ice cream.. Small bowl chips.. Ice coffee.. Water..
Smoked yes. Accomplished a lot. Finished a few blogs that were half completed. As of today I have about 19 completed. I also have not scheduled the blogs for March which I will need to do in the near future. I would love to have between 35 and 50 blogs written so I can just schedule and schedule. It would leave me with more time on the fly to write about issues that pop up and I can write about on the fly. As for writing, I am up to about 60 poems written. Which is huge. My goal is about 100 at least for each poetry book as part of the collection. So I am nearly done one book which is amazing to me! I feel like my munching is okay but I want to keep doing what I did when the power was out and that is not smoking every day. Taking breaks and days off. It will for sure help my tolerance that’s for sure.

Fri, Feb 11th
Today was pretty relaxed. I did over indulge food wise a little bit but I will not be letting it drag into Saturday. I also am not going to dwell on it either. It was a pretty decent day. Streamed for a bit which was the 1st time in a very long time due to having no heat or power and then frozen pipes after that. I am really going to try to not munch the next few days with maybe not smoking on Sunday and Monday because my spouse has to work Monday and Sunday can be a reset day also too. I have been doing so well with house work and dishes to keep up on it has been nice. I need to keep that momentum up because my goal is to completely finish Felix’s bedroom. He will for sure need to be moved into his crib soon as I fear he is getting too big for his bassinet and he may be waking himself up as he hits the sides with his arms.

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Sat, Feb 12th
Today was decent. I felt okay anyways. I ran a few errands I think for the 1st time in a while I even drove my car too. As far as our weekly date night we were so tired that we fell asleep on the couch. What are the chances.  What is even more nutty is that we didn’t even watch anything on TV LOL. We were that tired. No joke.

Sun, Feb 13th.
Again ran an errand or two. I wanted to get the last things to add to a parcel foe a friend of mine in England. I wanted everything ready so I can mail it to her soon. Since there is chocolate I don’t want to wait for the summer that would be silly. I also think I am going to take some time off of smoking through the week. I completed 68 poems and my goal for Feb is to have at least 100. However I am debating on pushing myself to get between 125 and 150 poems done. I really want to start editing and typing them up. I had got on kindle app on my tablet also a few how to market books, books. I want to be brain storming a plan to be able to have success.


Monday, Feb 14th
So today was alright. I did munch a bit but only smoked a roach though. By the time everyone was settled and in bed it was nearly 9pm or 930pm and obviously my partner and I went to bed. I swear we have been playing catch up ever since we had no power!

Tues,Feb 15th
Today I did some munching in the day time but at night we were okay. Especially because Felix seems to have a 9pm bedtime and that is when we finally smoked. My partner also having a few puffs too. We will soon be putting Felix in his own crib in the next few days once we have the baseboards done. We do not want to wait much longer as he already is too big for his bassinette. This may also help him sleep better.

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Wed, Feb 16th/22
The month is winding down. I an going to be doing a mini meal plan til the end of the month so I better keep track of what I am eating or snacks I am looking forward to also.I really need to motivate myself to use my whole agenda or else half of the pages are legit being wasted right now! I need to organize it tonight when I do a little bonus stream and get things going in terms of keeping better track of what I eat. I put out a question to a mom group that I was in if others are looking for motivation and started a group chat with about 20 of us. I feel like this is what I needed people to help lift others up and what not. That is my goal anyways, while also keeping myself motivated which I need for sure. I also did a 45 minute workout DvD too. I tried to start when my oldest was by me and my youngest as asleep but that turned into a “Chase Mommy around” so I waited till nap time and did it then!

Exercise is something that I really need to start doing. I have absolutely no excuse to not do it. Even if my oldest is in bed and my youngest is awake he is fully capable to sit in his chair if I workout. I need to stop making every excuse under the sun why I don’t workout. A YouTube video can be even 30 minutes to an hour if I want and that is still a great way for me to be active and burn calories and feeling great about myself in the process.

Overall the past week has been decent. I mainly feel like my partner and I were in bed super early like the two of us were catching up on sleep from the ice storm we had too. I think I will be able to do my mini week goals also which was to have march schedule blog wise (Except for these obviously since I write them every week!) and then to have some also written as well. My poetry writing is also going great, I am at about 76 and would like to have 85 written before Sunday (though I plan on writing more than that!). I feel like I could be really close to my 235lb weight goal before the end of the month, even if there is just under 2 weeks left and a lot of weight to lose to get to it! I am hopeful!

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