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My Work From Home Schedule

If there is one thing that I would really like to do in 2022 it is to establish an actual work from home schedule so that I will be able to manage my time and have some what of a routine happening. Obviously with 2 small children it can be quite challenging to say the least to strictly follow a schedule but my goal is to divide my time up enough that I can accomplish my goals before the end of the year. Some of these goals include writing and publishing a book, establishing my crafting and artwork business, and to get back into regular streaming too!

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Goals for the end of the year can be hard for me to think about so early on. But I do have a few. I would like to get back into streaming consistently. With only streaming 2 days per week I think it will be doable for me to stream this much. The problem will be developing the habit and getting back to the swing of things. Another would be to schedule and stick to writing. I really want to pump as much blogs out as possible and for me to pre-write them when ideas pop into my head has been a huge help with me to stay posting regularly too. This includes a few months through the year I will be posting daily. I see a few different blogs doing things like Blog-Tober or Blog-mas and I want to be able to have enough content to do that. I also would like to complete one or two books minimum in the series of short stories I would like to write. I know that I can do this I simply have to try. I think once my BF goes back to work it will be a nice refreshing me time idea if I schedule in this and stick to it.

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The break down of my days will be tricky. I mainly will focus on hours probably because fays can be somewhat interchangeable. Mostly because with 2 boys it will be very very hard for me to seriously make sure each gets done per day. However there may be days I do a lot more work than others to compensate for a day where I may not have done anything. None the less this is my idea of days:
Sunday– Off
Monday– Stream approx 3 hours/art/creative streams
Tuesday– Writing/blog
Wednesday– Relaxed day
Thursday– Writing/blog
Friday– Stream approx 3 hours/art/creative streams
Saturday– Off

This does not even count when content will be released either. This is just the time spent trying to get content out. Content getting out will hopefully be a lot. From the crafting, writing, lives etc I feel like it should be a good amount as long as I stick to it. Writing is something that is hard for me to really judge hour wise however my goal would be at least 30 hours per month. Having two small children under 2 I will have to really plan in the non-conventional way to fit around when they sleep or are able to be watched with their dad. Maybe one morning I get up with my youngest and their dad get’s read for work, maybe another day they both sleep in the afternoon so I decide to write for an hour or two then. Writing will just need to be tracked well so I can see at the end of the month how much time I dedicate towards it and know if I need to pump up the numbers a bit too.

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End of the year goals are also hard to really judge. Especially with things I cannot control like selling x number of items, or gaining x number of followers on the blog. I do hope that my blog will double in followers. I also hope I can get my writing goals done too. Maybe even publish something, however writing them seems to be one of the hardest aspects! Maybe also having a goal to sell something could also be cool too. But I have no idea how or what to do for that. Maybe try to sell 100 items? I honestly have no idea!

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Ideally I would like to work anywhere from 20-35 hours per week. Which I know is also challenging due to the fact that I do have kids. The hardest part will be to utilize my time wisely when both of my boys are sleeping or even when one is in bed. I have even thought as far as depending when my youngest gets up for the day, starting my day that early to be able to write but I value sleep far too much and really don’t think that I will be able to get up at that time. Maybe if I could writing blogs on my cell phone because that is convenient but actually sitting on my laptop seems like a dream I just will not be motivated to do so early in the morning!

Overall I feel like this could be my year to finally take charge and finally hope to make some sort of an income while being a stay at home mom. Just like when I was in school doing an online course, one of the hardest things is actually having the drive to stay on track and not get behind. Even if I plan I would like to write so many words or parts to the books I would like to finish that would be a huge goal in itself.