March is Mine – Self Care Thursday # – March 3rd 2022

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I am so hopeful for March. I am kicking it’s butt.

Some goals that I have set up for March would be that I want to be under 230lbs. I know it seems like a lot especially since I so epic-ly failed at Feb goal but I feel different this month. I am really going to hammer down and work my hardest to achieve these goals. I need to do this for so many reasons that I need to stop making excuses.

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Working out is one thing I need to also hammer down on. I do a few good days and then I am hoping to workout all but 7 days. That is the amount Id like to miss maximum. Now if I miss less days even better! I have been doing some walking workouts that I have seen on YouTube so that has been great also too. I have really enjoyed that. They are simple and super accessible. I have been doing about 45 minutes a day thus far. I don’t want to overwhelm myself so I am just sticking to these once a day at 45 minutes. Once I get too used to them I will change them up. Yesterday my youngest was awake and I brought him out in his chair and still finished. Normally I would make an excuse to not finish if he was awake and that needs to stop. I need to stop making excuses. It was a bit of a broken workout but still counts.

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As for my mental health. I would say it has been okay. Ive been trying to not smoke weed in the day time ad that is a major self sabotage of myself. I smoke in the middle of the day, then I slack off the rest of the day and so I’m over eating from lunch til evening and that is not okay. I have been feeling incredible with doing my workouts and not smoking in the day time too. I find myself way more productive. Maybe a weekend day Ill have a puff but through the week I had to stop. And I feel so much better by doing so.

One of my favorite items to use to workout and get the heart pumping is a skipping rope. Pair this with hand weights for a mini workout when you are a bit crunched for time!

I also have been trying to focus in my eBook as well. I made one to help grow an email subscriber list for when I launch my poetry books. That has been going great. I want to really hammer down and make a plan on different social media’s and try and make this successful. I have received positive feedback for my poetry that I have released as part of the sampler. I cannot wait to see what I have in store.

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Overall Id say this week I am feeling a lot more relaxed and dedicated and motivated to how I want to improve my life. I need to do this for so many other reasons but I also need to do this for myself. I need to really make sure that I am dedicated for the right reasons. Sure it is easy to say I want to feel sexy or pretty but I also want to be healthy and energetic for my son’s. That is a major driving force as well too.

One shake that I found to actually fill me up is slim fast shakes, they are a great meal replacement with a sweet kick added too. When I am needed an added bonus for energy I tend to reach for these Nuun energy tablets.

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