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I feel alright! – Self Care Thursday – March 10th/2022

I am actually trying to get ahead if the weekly check in this week. Who am I?

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I would say this week has been okay. I have snacked a bit but that is alright. As I have mentioned before I am not trying ti limit my snacking. Unless I am high if course! I am nearly trying to watch portions as well as the times that I snack. I still find myself snacking at night which is something I need to work on though. I need to really focus on doing something productive at night. Maybe write some more poems or maybe write in some blogs. Even crafting would be better however I am waiting on my ceiling lamp though in order to get that going. Crafting in the dark has not been great and I don’t want to get myself a headache basically. I already wear glasses and trying to get sewing happening will be a lot!

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Working out has been going okay. I have been absolutely loving these Walk it off workout DvDs that I watch on YouTube.  They are with Leslie Sansone. They are super easy. Require no weights. And I can do them right in my house. Obviously as weather does warm up I will be doing actual walks outside however right now I am loving these. And they are easy to follow along which makes it also nice. I will probably continue to do these til I am either bored of them or find myself in a plateau. I really enjoy the moves not being incredibly hard. Right now I find myself struggling on weekends which I need to just do it. I get lazy and slack but I need to stop making excuses. I have been trying to do a solid 45 minutes which some days has it’s challenges when both kids are supposed to be napping and my youngest is above that apparently.

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Weed has been alright also. As much as I love my midday roach I have only been having a puff in the daytime on weekends and that has been helping tremendously. A big problem with me smoking in the day is that I munch in the afternoon AND in the night. That needed to stop. That ended up me munching the entire day and well, I just cant do that. Smoking at night only would be perfect if I can just stop the munching all together.

Weight has been slowly coming off also. I have seen under 240lbs more in the last week than I have in a few years. I hate that I focus so much on a number but I really cant help it. It is one of the only ways that I can physically see how I am doing on the scale. Seeing the number go down is such a great feeling however I need to constantly remind myself to stop letting myself feel comfortable when it happens. A big issue for me and the scale is as soon as I see it go down I feel like I need to reward myself with food and that is so beyond true that the reminders even then are tricky to remember. I do not need a treat or snack because the number is going down. I need to remember that I am doing a great job and food should not be a reinforcement of that.

Mentally I feel pretty good. I have been really focusing on planning things for my poetry collections. Trying to do graphics and things that will help promote myself as a poet and the free ebook also to grow my subscriber lists. Right now I have 17 people which is pretty huge. I need to keep going and promoting that also too. I would like to email my old contacts from an MLM company that I used to work for. That would be huge in itself if I was to do that. And if people subscribe they subscribe if they don’t no worries! Focusing my energy on different things instead has been helping. I have a new project for my mantel also too. Will it turn out? Who knows! Now for the real test. I got grocery’s yesterday and I need to figure out how not to eat all the junk at once !