August 2022 – Nearing Fall Again!!


Welcome back to another update. Obviously I am trying out a new intro to the monthly updates and whether or not they make a difference we will see if I continue them each month! I have so much to write I will try to keep it short and sweet though because a few topics will be the blog ideas for the upcoming months!

First, the biggest news of my life. I PUBLISHED A FREAKING BOOK! You can find it on Amazon!!

Literally that is my book right there! How cool is that! This is the first book I was talking about and you will continue to see more of in the blogs this month. I have 2 more poetry collections that I will be releasing this year. Through out the blogs this month though there is a few subjects that are a deeper insight on why I wrote these and what not. I am so excited and proud of these that I am already thinking of future projects. I need to often remind myself that writing is a marathon and not a sprint and chances are I wont be an overnight millionaire. This is something that I am really trying to work hard at so that way I can hopefully make some sort of income while maintaining a house and being a stay at home mom.

If you would like to purchase the book you are more than welcome to do so here, though the link is for the Canadian site you may need to be redirected to the Amazon sited for your Country to be able to purchase a copy for yourself!

Ill keep this part short and sweet. Covid hit our house. Yes, after 2 and a half years of trying not to get it we got it from my parents house and it sucked. I will keep this short only because I would like to write about it more in depth about how it was and symptoms and things. Especially some of the strange things that happened that no one EVER talks about but are totally a normal symptom of having Covid.

We got our heat pumps installed in the house also too! If you are a family or person that is able to afford a heat pump I would totally recommend getting one. We actually got two, one for the upstairs and another for downstairs. Our main concern though was not necessarily to keep the house cool it was more so for the winter to heat our home. We have electric though primarily heat with oil. Prices have drastically gone up and this was an investment that we wanted to spend and hopefully will offset the price of fuel because the heat pumps will be able to really help the house keep warm this winter.

We had a family party! For the first time in a long time we were able to have all of my side of the family over. We haven’t seen many of them for at least 4 years due to the fact we were out of the province however it was really nice to see everyone. A lot of people meeting our sons for the first time too. It was super hectic in the sense that his was quite literally the most people that our boys have seen since well, they were born and it was a lot of people around they were pretty wide awake the entire time taking it in. That being said though it was so worth it and I am so looking forward to the Christmas party that I am bringing back every year on the first Sunday in December too.

Right now, writing wise I am just trying to edit and put my books out there so I can work on promoting. This is literally my focus as well as the blog. I may have mentioned that I always schedule blogs, well I am trying to do that for the rest of the year and I am also trying to schedule some into the new year. This way I can focus next year on marketing the 3 poetry collections as well as writing some new ones to come out for the year 2024. Now that I half know what I am doing I feel like I am unstoppable!

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I also am starting a new 16 week weight loss challenge on the 8th of August. I am really looking forward to this because I will be drastically cutting back on weed for one. I also will be bringing back blogs weekly also too. I will be trying to also work out and keep really good track. The reality is that by the end of this challenge we will be trying to have our 3rd and final child and I really want to push myself to be in a great shape even better than the last 2 pregnancy’s. Being pregnant and chasing around my oldest was tough at times, now I will be chasing around my two kids and feel like I want to set myself up for feeling great and looking great! I also may try to start intermittent fasting for the first little bit with a window of 10am-6pm. I feel like that is totally doable and that I can make it happen if I try to!

Overall I feel like July has been busy but also Covid really kicked my butt. It was challenging for me to really get back the energy. I will say though it is certainly not a “bad cold” maybe for some people but it certainly is not that for what I assume is the majority. If it was just a “bad cold” then maybe they wouldn’t have been so fast to try to make a vaccine and what not.

I cannot wait to share with you the next steps in my journey!!

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