I’M SORRY BUT I AM BACK! (Feb 2023 update!)

Okay. First of all, I had entire intentions to come back January and go strong. But I totally was like NOPE and skipped the entire month. Sometimes I focus on different things in my life, ie: crafts, poems, etc and for me I was just totally not feeling it. If I am being totally honest. I just did not feel like writing. I didn’t feel like fixing blogs that I wrote and I didn’t feel like scheduling anything. But that is okay! We go through phases in lives where we like to do things more than another and vice versa. This was one of those times where the blog was on the back burner and I was focusing on other things.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

One big thing for this is that I am actually EXPECTING AGAIN! This is our 3rd baby and believe me if it wasn’t I would be considering it. I won’t go into all of the nitty gritty details as usual, I will be putting out a formal blog post with all those but let’s just say that this is very very rough compared to the first two pregnancy that I had. I will be sure to link the new blog here once I have it written too!

Crafting is something that I have been focusing on as well. Magnets, Bookmarks, Pins, and now Earrings. I have been trying to just keep busy. I use plastic canvas and I have been super happy with how things are going and been trying to pursue this. As I talk about different avenues of income this is one that I feel could be making it’s way up there with poetry once I get myself together for marketing for that! It has been a lot of fun being creative and I am really looking forward to building stock to hopefully one day be able to do markets to help grow myself as well. Though right now with kids, pregnancy, and a husband who is military and could be sailing different places, markets just aren’t in the cards right now and that is totally okay. I will keep going and striving to build an online presence while I am unable to go to different places physically!

Poetry is also coming along. I have a bit of a plan for marketing the books I have written as well as big plans to write more for this year to release next year. I am so excited to be able to keep writing and growing myself as an established poet. I think it will be awesome and such a cool legacy to leave behind for the world. It’s just promoting that I have been slacking on lately. I hope to get back into regularly posting to TikTok and Instagram on my poetry account also.

Another thing that has been playing on my mind a lot has been that I want to lose weight which obviously I am not focusing on now.. since you know Ill be gaining weight anyways. But once I am healed and whatever else I am setting a goal of 4 days per week to work out. I am looking forward to finally losing weight and keeping it off because I won’t have anymore pregnancy’s to worry about. Believe me this is the last! I am looking forward to getting in shape and just overall being healthy. I fully intent to prep a calorie/mental health journal once I get closer to my due date so it can be fully prepped so that I can start whenever I feel ready. I feel confident that I can stick to it and keep going.

I also am thinking about how I will keep this going for the rest of the year without having any time off since I just missed the last 2 months. My husband will be away for work and this will be about 4-6 weeks of me and the boys. I plan on trying to really hammer down on goals and dreams and whatever else because as anyone can probably say when separated from your spouse the best thing to do is to keep busy so that time flies by. This is my goal! I need to make a to do list for myself because I think that will be a good idea to keep on track though if I can get a lot of things done that would be awesome. Overall I am glad that I finally decided to start this again. As much as it can be challenging.

I also am low key making myself not take naps anymore. I find maybe it has been hindering me when it comes to sleeping at night but also like that is a part of pregnancy too. I feel like if I stopped napping all the time unless maybe my spouse was home, which obviously won’t count when he isn’t but still LOL. I really am trying to use all the time that I have to be productive. Sometimes the 2 hours in the afternoon when the boys are sleeping is a huge chunk to get things done. Eventually Vincent will be done napping in the day time also so that will be the hardest part is no little “break” so to speak too!

And streams, they are basically none existent but mostly due to the fact that I feel so sick all day I literally just want to lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing most days. I feel like my regular viewers totally understand however I just am beginning to feel like I need to just stream when I want to or accept that this just may not be my time to shine in the stream world. I have a family and a lot happening and if I can set myself up right I hope that I can stream when my kids are in school and be able to have it as another income as well as showcase things that i do like poetry and crafting too.

Ill leave this be though as I do have a lot of things to prep and write about to get this going. I am so excited to share things again with you all and cannot wait to bring you along for the ride too!

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