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A Day in the Life of a 15 Month Old

At the time of Writing this my son is about 15 months old. Although by the time you read this he might be maybe 17 months, due to the fact that I am writing some blogs to help get through the summer and moving provinces for less stress on myself. Though I don’t think much will really be changing in that time span. Let’s Jump in!

6am-7am : This is typically where we start the day. Sometimes my son wakes up as his Dad goes to work however occasionally he also goes back to sleep. When this happens he sleeps in a bit and if not he normally plays in his crib. I very rarely actually go back to sleep since my child is one who likes to bite the crib however sometimes he likes to lay there and roll around and toss his little blanket around. It also has tags on it that he likes to play with his fingers also too.

: This is when we wake up, get him and myself dressed for the day. I throw on a bottle of 3% milk and put him in his play pen. This is so I can run to the bathroom myself, as well as take the dog outside who has already been looking at me for 5 minutes when he heard the little fella wake up!

730am-830am : This would be his bottle. Now he is old enough he probably doesn’t need it but we dont really encourage him to drink it all. It is there if he wants it and if he doesn’t that is okay also too. Then we normally sit on the floor and play with toys and wake up for the day. For some reason he is normally super chatty and raring to go with energy!

830am-930am : This is normally when we do breakfast. We do anything from oatmeal and fruit, to some toast or eggs. Just depends on the day honestly. After he is done eating and sometimes before it oatmeal is too hot for example, I will do the dishes or tidy the kitchen up. After he eats he normally sits in his high chair for me to finish up also or prep something maybe muffins, or chop up veggies for the slow cooker. He normally has some hand toys or even measuring cups he likes to bang, with a cool glass of water. He can play pretty independently but we do have our stories together!

930am-1030am is another time we play on the floor. If the weather is not nice or too hot we don’t normally go for a walk, however it the weather is nice we do end up going for a walk or anywhere! Could even go outside depending on the mood for the day.

1030am : Snack time! Snacks can be anything from toast if you haven’t already had it before, sometimes apple sauce, fruit or banana’s, muffin, or yogurt too.

1030-1130am: This is when we start to wind down a bit and play a little however we also start to think about lunch time. Sometimes the time fluctuates depending if my son was up closer to 6am or closer to 7am.

1130am : Lunch time! Sometimes we try to have meat and potatoes, sometimes we have eggs if we haven’t had them already. Sometimes we do pasta and sauce or cheese with it. Things that are not super big but enough to be filling. Sometimes as mentioned before we will try to eat a bit earlier depending on how tired he is.

12pm – 2pm : This is typically when Vincent goes to his crib. Sometimes he falls asleep easier than other days however this is when he typically naps. Sometimes he tries to play with us by throwing his blanket out, or his soother (Which we will be weaning by now or have it gone!) and we just go in. Do not talk. And encourage him to fall asleep. Typically he will be asleep within 5-20 minutes again depending on how tired he is. We also do not normally go into the room til about 2pm though if he did not fall asleep til closer to 1230pm we will let him sleep a bit closer to 230pm. Even if he wakes up we just watch him and don’t go up right away. This is so he knows that it is quiet time.

2pm-3pm is when we wake up. We play and relax a bit as he is normally still pretty sleepy. Sometimes we even make our video phone calls to my parents (Since we have moved at the time of publishing before we would do video chats!) Sometimes we go outside depending on the weather or we just hang out and read stories.

3pm : Snack time! Again same typical foods as the ones from earlier just obviously we try not to give the same thing though as that would be super boring! We do try to spice it up and change them around from day to day in order to not get tired from other things.

4pm is supper time. This is normally a bigger meal like beef, chicken or even fish, then we normally do some potatoes and veggies or sorts. It really depends on what we have. We still do ice cube trays of food however we don’t puree anything. Sometimes we mash things though for smaller bite sized pieces but nothing is pureed. When we prepare meat it is easier to use a nice sharp pair of scissors also to be able to make pieces that wont be able to be chocked on.

430pm-545pm : This is the final stretch before bedtime. We typically put his favorite show on at some point close to 445pm or 5pm and he watches a few shows of blue clues, bubble guppies, or whatever else you have that he seems to enjoy lately. This is nearly the only screen time that my son currently has unless I have to put him in his play pen to flip laundry or something.

545pm – 630pm is the unwind for the evenings. We put the final bottle on, have a bedtime snack. Something a bit more filling like a muffin with yogurt or something or that nature. Then we have a bath if it is bath night. We were doing baths every second night and then a bath soak in the winter to help relax him but we stopped because my son was having really dry skin. every 3 nights seems to work well for us and his skin unless he is very dirty from a big poop or something! After everything is done we read a few stories after in pajamas and cream is put on.

645pm or so is bedtime. However now that he is getting older he normally rolls around and things and play with his blanket as he falls asleep more towards 7pm or even 715pm some nights!

There you have it! That is a day in the life of a 15 month old. Sure days can change depending on how tired someone is or not, But overall, This is pretty much what happens!

Do you do anything special with your children every day?
Do you like routine or do you like to wing it?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Online Bullying

When we think of bullying, typically our mind goes to the school yard and fists being thrown in some way shape or form. We think about meeting at the flag pole after class and or at the lunch hour and it being physical. That is not the case anymore. Fast forward to the times where we don’t even have to leave our own home to be bullied. We can do it right in our bedrooms sitting on out beds behind closed doors. What’s worse is that we can be bullied and have no idea what is even happening or even who is doing the bullying because of how anonymous the internet can be.

Online bullying is the 2020 version of the school yard fights. Online bullying can be one of the worst things to hit school aged kids due to the fact that it can happen anytime or any place. Online bullying can happen in your own home, on your mobile device, in school, on your social medias, or anything in between. The ability to create accounts on any social media immediately without having to verify yourself can be extremely hard to even track down who is doing the bullying. This can be anything from publishing a video which you see in many cases from parties of under aged teens drinking and making poor decisions or even being taken advantage of. To using some sort of blackmail to have someone do what they want them to do because they have information the victim might not want to have out in the public. Then it comes with publishing certain lies about a person across social medias for classmates to see and alienating folks with them even though they are normally not true. Remember, teens believe drama because they would rather not find out the truth.

The fact is, unless something goes to a criminal level and needs to get the authorities involved it can be extremely challenging to find out just who the bully is. Teens will be teens though and gossip does happen. There is occasions where people will essentially tell on themselves because they feel the need to gloat to their friends. However sometimes they also keep things under wraps or within their clique so that no one knows or the few that do know won’t say anything. The availability to create a profile without even having to use a profile photo can make things even worse. And then there is also the people who will use a profile photo but it will be of a celebrity or someone that you recognize where as the person being used is just being framed. One of the major issues also is that someone can essentially pretend to be another person while causing drama and bullying someone else. Maybe you are being bullied by the jock or cheerleader of the school however it is someone you may have had a fight with but they are pretending to be someone because they want to be anonymous.

Though it can be overwhelming if this happens to you I would suggest that you try not to engage with the person. Anything you say to this person can be twisted and essentially used against you for whatever reason. Avoid contact as their only reason for doing this is trying to bait you into saying things which can easily be changed. Even if you haven’t said anything against yourself someone can simply photo shop something and claim it was you saying it. If you find yourself in a situation like this. Block the account. I know that sounds stupid when they can make a bunch of accounts however if you just keep blocking accounts and cutting contact from everything eventually (one can hope and even if it seems like a long time away) they may become bored of this and move on from trying to harass you. Because let’s be honest, that is exactly what they are doing to you. And if it escalates or there becomes threats, or even if you feel uncomfortable and unsafe tell a parent or guardian or someone you trust like a teacher or something.

Education is key at young ages. Keeping that communication open from the time that they start using social medias and how to protect themselves. If you are able to help them with their profiles set it up so that they cannot be found, and all information that can be given is hidden until a person is accepted to view them. Especially with Facebook you have to make every profile photo set to private as when you upload it it will be public automatically. I know, this seems very strange but that is just how it works. You can also hide profiles from being able to be searched too. Make sure that if they are younger as well that you do have the option to see things, I know trust your child but that doesn’t mean creep their profiles. But let it be an option. And have your child also know that they can talk to you about anything. And if anything does happen let them know how to block someone from contacting them again and to never accept friends who they do not know. Once they accept it can be challenging to hide things from a person.

The internet can be scary. Especially since there is no face to a name a lot of the time when it comes to online bullying. The other thing is as a parent you really cant be relying on schools to educate teens and your ones about the dangers of meeting people online and talking to people they do not know. If you are not sure about a specific place I spot your child wants to use, do research also. They are multiple places you can find what a child using a specific server will be like and other reviews based on parents!

Have you recently had to deal with online bullying with your child?
Have you ever been effected by online bullying either now or when you were younger?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your stories regarding this!

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