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December Update/ Making the 2022 Goals!

The final update of the year is right here! I feel like this has been such an insane year that I honestly have nearly no idea where or how to begin! But I guess there is only one way to go so we might as well start!

I gave birth to another baby! This can be read right here for all the juicy details. It ended in an unplanned cesarean section (C Section) and as I write this a few days before the end of the month I still am completely in shock that this happened. The adjustment between 1 to 2 kids seems to be going well with the hardest part being the fact that I am unable to do nearly anything because of the healing involved with a c section. It is such a turn of events that I honestly cannot even fathom what happened and some time has passed still since it all happened. My two sons are so much alike and so different at the same time that it really is incredible how babies are their own people. Even the size difference between the two of them is also insane. Our 1st, Vincent was 6lbs 12 ounce, and Felix our second son is a whopping 9lb and 6 ounce. So quite the difference! If you are also interested in the details of my 1st son’s birth you can read it here, and YES, the stories could not be any more different!

Streaming has become non-existent.. BUT I do plan on doing a big return in January also. It will be probably 2 days a week and will be a few hours a night. Also not to mention it will be more focused on art and creative streams. The fact is I just do not have the time or energy to dedicate towards one game in order to break through the community. Being a mom of 2 now I feel like I really need to manage my time wisely. And when I am streaming I want to make it worth it. Id like to fully launch my business these coming month in January 2022 of creative arts and by streaming and doing this I’m kind of using my time to the full potential. Prep yourself for the Art for Sale tab near the top to ACTUALLY have some art that can be purchasable in the new year. I cannot wait to show you what I have happening and I hope that you all like it too!

The blog is still going great. I plan to keep digging deep and posting things while continuing. I really would like to try and learn more about making my blog discoverable and the growth happening. I found planning things made it go so much smoothly. I also want to learn more about domain authority as well as search engine optimization. The fact I still have a few dry spells from the move and then getting back into the groove of things again and still seen the success that I have has made things worth while by so much. I was short on my goal of 500 followers on the blog but I did make it over half way with 260+ followers and honestly with all the things happening this year I am really happy with that result. There is only one way to go with the blog and that is up!

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Home life has been great. I am so happy that my family has found our forever home. As stressful as moving was during a pandemic, traveling across provinces with a toddler (That you can read the prep work for here and the conclusion of a 14+ hour drive here too) and than being without our possessions for 5 weeks was not without challenges. Looking back I am still a bit bitter about sleeping on a freaking air mattress for those 5 weeks pregnant however I am thankful that we have a roof over our head and that we have a space that is ours. We got super lucky in finding out forever home and I am thankful for the potential that can happen also. We have the rest of our lives to really make it ours and I am so excited when I think about how we will be raising our children here. In today’s market finding a house maybe similar to the good ol saying “finding a needle in a haystack”. This is due to the various reasons of the prices being pumped way over asking, short time frame’s for offers, and way more people who are looking to buy than there are homes to be provided.

I will be putting a focus on health as well. Being a mom of two I feel like I need to really take control of my health and I would like to lose some weight before we try to finish out our family with a 3rd child. This will become a 3rd regular blog spot that will be published on Thursdays. I started something similar in early 2021 however half way through the 12 blog spot I became pregnant and well, trying to lose weight is not the ideal thing when you are growing a tiny human! Since we won’t be trying for our third til the end of the year I thought this could be a huge thing for me to begin for the year. I will be very very blunt and real with you all about my struggles with losing weight and how things are going. My goal is that hopefully other people can relate and we all can work together on this.

Overall I think this year despite the multiple hoops and obstacles that myself and family had to face it really ended on such a nice note. I am positively excited to see what the new year will bring to the people that we are close with and our family and friends too. The next year I hope to really launch myself in to a position where I can make a bit of a paycheck per month to help my family save. Financial independence and brand building will be focuses for sure. Home improvements will probably be making their way into blogs here and there as we renovate our home as well. Adjusting to life with 2 children instead of one is going to be a motivating factor as well because I do know there are challenges there also!

How was your 2021 year and was there anything special you look back on and remember?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your goals and aspirations for the new year too!

New Year’s Resolutions

If you are reading this you will probably notice this is released WAY before New Years Eve. Mostly because I would like to take 2 weeks off from blogging (Officially since I have been on mini hiatus through out the year) and spend some time with my little family since it will be the first one for my son!

New Years Resolutions are tricky. You have the typical I want to save money or I want to lose weight. Where everyone goes hard on making these goals happen while falling off the wagon so to speak at the end of January. Typically I do not really set goals or haven’t done really resolutions in a very very long time. Not that I can remember anyways. This year I want to do something different though. I want to try to set myself up for success BEFORE the new year begins and have a solid, sustainable plan. I would like to do some things so that if I slack I can make life a bit easier and not have to worry about slacking off.

First what I am doing is laying out a plan. Not in my planner per-say but in my content creation scribbler. This is where I go through with the help of a calender and write out all the dates for specific things ie: All the days in a month down the page for streaming so I can accurately keep track of my streams and how long I stream. I wrote out all of the dates blogs will release so every single Tuesday and Saturday so that I can just fill in the title and how many words are in each (With the goal being a 1000 minimum for each). I also will be writing every Monday and Friday for the different youtube videos that I would like to be putting out as well too. This way I can see dates that are upcoming and figure out if they are around a holiday, Do I want to do something before or use that subject for it, whatever the case might be. I have an agenda but I mostly us this for other goals and things. My scribbler is something that I carry over from year to year!

Blogs, I would like to pre-write 25 at least. I know this seems daunting however I would like to write a book (Another blog subject!) and if i can get a bunch of blogs written before hand I can just schedule them as the time comes. And if a subject is more relavant than another I can switch them around. Not to mention if we hopefully get pregnant with baby number 2 next year that is a whole new batch of blogs so if I am able to do something ahead of time on subjects that won’t be changing ie: Types of food I like, I want to write a book, What I keep track of when trying to lose weight etc, It can help me keep busy and not snack in the mean time! Though if I post a review or something that wont be schedule I will just post them as it happens. Reviews are a lot longer than these by about 500 words so for me to post them willy nilly it really wont be an issue! Just as long as I have seen the movie or show I want to review!

I want to write a book. I have a bit of a start by researching types of mythical creatures but overall I would like to start with a mini series of short stories. Where each book focuses on a types of mythical creatures, so an example would be perhaps like classics ie: vampires and werewolves and witches. And so on. These short stories will be anywhere from 7500-10,000 words each with approximately 5 stories in each book. My goal would be to start with writing one of these books. If I get more bonus. To achieve this I will be scheduling in some writing time each week so that I can just write. The key is being disciplined enough to actually write when I schedule it. I would ultimately like to write a series simular to Harry Potter but I feel like starting with these would be kind of neat and work on my creativity as well too.

And one of the last goals I have and certainly not least, Losing weight. I want to continue to lose weight. I feel like it is extremely harder for me to lose weight right now especially since giving birth to my son. But I would much rather be my current weight as the max weigth with baby number 2 than gain as much as I did with my son. That was a lot of weight and I know it will probably be much harder this time around while caring for him and pregnant. I feel like I am in a good place where I am not really smoking as much weed which is a huge success. Obviously I indulge a bit over the holidays but we will be right back at it though. If I want to lose weight I cannot smoke as much weed as I have been. I self sabotage myself so much that I need to learn to not do that anymore. Truth be told, I feel a lot better though since slowing down the smoking since I am not completely eating a weeks worth of calories by bingeing in an hour!

Overall time will tell if I stick to these resolutions, The major thing I think will be if and when we move back home. I am looking forward to having out own house again, our own space and privacy. I would like to be able to paint and decorate our house and have a bedroom where I don’t have to crawl out of bed but I can walk around the entire thing. I would like to be a drive away from my parents even If I don’t end up going there often because I am lay the possibility will still be there again and that is exciting!

Do you make resolutions for the new year?
Did you use to and don’t now?

Let me know in the commented below! I’m curious!