A lifestyle That’s Imperfectly Perfect

A Canadian Mother looking to share the stories and lifestyle tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Be prepared for a lot of, “Oh yeah, but” and “Eh’s” in these blogs. Some blunt humor, and a whole lot of realism in the process”

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Who am I?

A Canadian woman who wants to make a change in the world and brighten even the darkest of hearts.

As a mom to two boys I would like to think learning a think or two comes naturally, especially having to very drastic births! I write all about the journey to raising boys to men here too!

As someone who wants to do more Art and have a creative outlet there will be more of that featured here! Anything for purchase will be in the “Art for Sale” section.

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Committed to giving you top tier content to suit any lifestyle, any questions, and any situation you can think of!

Pull up a seat, and get ready to explore all the corners of my crazy life!

With being a dreamer and having high ambitions, you can expect to read many, many topic here! You can expect to see:

  • Family Lifestyle
  • Weight Loss Success and Struggles
  • Parenting (+Pregnancy when it happens!)
  • Arts and crafts with a touch of creation on other platforms
  • Motivational and Inspirational Content