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Worst Halloween Candy

When it comes to candy and sweets or even chocolate, I am no stranger. I am for sure in a love hate relationship with it. That being said it can be somewhat hard for me to choose a list of the worst Halloween candy. Instead I kind of cheated and dug into twitter to see what everyone else thinks, or agrees with for the worst Halloween candy! I will also state some of the things on this list I totally disagree with because I eat them when the season is right. However they were popular answers so I feel like not putting them on this list would be doing a major disservice to my pocket friends on twitter, not to mention if I were to not put some of the worst candy people may not help me “cheat” on blogs like this again!

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Licorice – was mentioned, that being said red licorice is great. I can eat it all day every day. What isn’t so great is the black licorice. I feel like you either love it or hate it. A few people mentioned the black licorice. I personally enjoy red and if even offered the black licorice I find it very hard to not reply with a snarky comment. Maybe it is due to the fact that the flavor is so strong but I am not a fan at all! Seems that quite a few others are also not a huge fan of these either.

Candy Corn – is another thing people mentioned which for the record I absolutely do not agree with. I eat candy corn for Halloween and I even buy the Christmas ones called Reindeer Corn or something like that. I even buy the candies that don’t even look like candy corn but taste like it. People again either love or hate candy corn, I am a huge fan and it pains me to even put it here! Some people have commented that it is a sugary mess, while others have said that it taste like fake color and far too sweet. Obviously the word too sweet is not in my vocabulary though so for me it may just be sweet enough!

Toffee Kisses are nasty. These are the candies that come in the orange, black, and yellow type wrappers. I feel like anyone who has gotten them remembers them because multiple times it was mentioned how the wrappers are still to this day a sort of retro feel to them. No matter how fresh they were too they ALWAYS stuck to the wrappers before they began to stick to your teeth. I think the only people I remotely remember enjoying these were my Dad and my Grampie. So I guess maybe the older generation may enjoy these cavity inducing chewy paper attracting pieces of yuck but they were a popular favorite of who don’t like them.

Raisins should not be a Halloween candy. Raisins are there for people who feel bad about giving our candy so they buy raisins for people when in reality all of them end up in the trash. Not to mention raisins are stuck to the box more often than not so they end up in literally one big chunk. These also go along the lines of giving an apple out. That little fruit would ALWAYS be bruised by the end of the day because they always sank to the bottom with everything else that was heavy and as you walked they would get beaten around.

Necco wafers are another popular candy people mentioned. With references to it tasting like chalk. They also write like chalk if you gave it a try too (don’t ask). They are a thin pressed powder type candy which is next to no flavor. If I remember correctly they aren’t even that sweet either!! Sure they may be fun to look at, but they certainly are not enjoyable to eat.

Homemade popcorn/anything – may be something that is more of an older treat in terms of ideas. I know personally growing up we rarely ever got food that was homemade in our sacks. That being said if we did ever have any homemade treats it was normally a special treat from a family member it close friend. Any random homemade things we literally were thrown in the trash, you can’t trust anyone now a days you really can’t trust a treat even with the beat intentions. I think it is important to remember too, that someone may even have the best intentions but could accidentally give something out that can hurt you in some way or another.

Wagon wheels/pastries – as delightful as they may be are the worst for Halloween. One main reason is when they are tossed into your treat bag, they inevitably become squished. Literally squished. Not to mention think of a few cans of pop in there and they become just a powdery sugar mess stuck to the wrappers. Just, no.

Plain suckers or filler candy, Think those plain suckers that have no flavor only color and they all taste the same, tootsie rolls, or even some knock off candy that you may have found cheaper than everything else to put into a treat bag that you make. Think, the very last candy to survive the good stuff that you ate within the first little while. Or the candy that you hang on to because you aren’t eating it and your mom or dad or guardian finally throws it away because it will become a sticky mess for ants and bugs when the weather warms up.

Rockets, finally, them. I know this pains me to put on because they are quite possibly one of the top 5 favorite candies for my spouse but I personally cannot stand them. They are a pressed powder mess. They are literally pressed sugar with no substance to them at all. I personally MAYBE eat one or two roles and that is about all. And that is maybe every few years. They are so similar to the toffee kisses in regards to they have been around since the dinos have become extinct however they just are a boring candy.

What are some Halloween candies that you can live without, These are mostly mine though I am sure if you give it time I will be more than happy to add to this list because quite frankly, there is a lot of junk that is just, junk!

Why Garlic Fingers Should be More Known Across Canada

If there is one important fact that anyone should know about me, it is the fact that one of my top three favorite foods is garlic fingers. I know some of you who are not on the east coast of Canada may have 0 idea what garlic fingers are and that is okay. I am about to tell you what they are and maybe even influence you to try to make it a big deal where you are living if they are not already. Not to mention, you can easily make them at home if you know a simple recipe for any type of pizza dough too. They dont even take that long time wise to make if you even include the raising of the dough too.

If you don’t know what Garlic Fingers are, they really are quite simple. You take pizza dough and roll it the exact same as you would a pizza. Instead of sauce you put a garlic butter on it. Sometimes you can use store bought however if you prefer to make something fresh with garlic and butter and herbs yourselves that does get the job done just as well too. Then you put mozzarella cheese on. You can also add bacon for example, our old neighbors actually would put bacon and pineapple on it also. Then it gets baked and is doughy and crispy goodness. And super greasy depending on how you like it too. I prefer to even have the dough half baked because I really like the dough to be just that, doughy!

Now, not all garlic fingers are created equally. Some are different than others. Some have thinner dough, not garlicky enough butter, not enough cheese or bacon when asked. My personal favorite is a really doughy crust. A very garlicky butter but I’m not a fan of excessive use of parsley. Sparingly is fine but sometimes it can be over powering. I don’t mind herbs in it but it depends on the day because an overpowering herb can ruin a garlic fingers. I also love double the mozzarella cheese too. Bacon I will get occasionally however it really just depends at this point. Since moving back home from Quebec and enjoying garlic fingers again I really have not ordered any that did have bacon on it though. If I could I would have garlic fingers ever day however that is unrealistic so we may order in once a month.

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Some places have it, however not all places are the same. That is for sure. Even places that I loved growing up are different now and not as tasty. For example, Pizza Hut doesn’t have Garlic fingers but they do have garlic bread sticks. They are more of a herb version and while still good they are not the same. Domino’s does have a garlic fingers as we were able to get it in Quebec (Not everywhere has Garlic fingers as Ill explain later) however they tasted generic and just place gross. The best garlic fingers I have found is the little shops that are only around the towns or a one and done place. Not the huge franchises.

As I mentioned before, I feel like this is more of an east coast dish since when we made it to Quebec there was nearly nothing in terms of Garlic Fingers to be found. Domino’s did have some but only for the reason that Domino’s is across Canada so I believe it was clearly a menu item that was just everywhere. However the small pizza places we tried in Quebec to explain what they were didn’t make them right. Even though they did have garlic butter for their garlic bread when they had pasta dishes though. Never had we found a true Garlic fingers like we did when we moved back home.

Now you may be wondering, why do you love them so much isn’t it easier to just find pizza around instead of this? You may be right but I surprisingly enough don’t like pizza! That is a whole other story for another day though. For some reason growing up I just loved garlic. Naturally i would also grow to love these. It was a fairly inexpensive treat that my mom would also make. Instead of buying them she would make them on smaller pie plates so that if I wanted one and she was at work I was able to throw it in the over from the freezer and it was just that simple to make. It was something that i looked forward to regularly though which was also great.

If you aren’t feeling up to making the dough there is plenty of substitutions that you can do also. I use the Pillsbury pizza dough from the can with garlic butter and a cheese of choice. I also prefer the Pizza Delight brand of garlic fingers. Dr Oetker has their version, which does have a lot of herbs but I do enjoy it occasionally because I can add some extra cheese to my liking and just throw it into the oven.

So with that being said, I will die on this hill that garlic fingers is such a great food it really should be known worldwide. If it was as popular as pizza was or is than I think people would really get an understanding on why I love it so much. Though with age I have developed heartburn from eating it, nearly every time I still tell myself it is worth it! It is something that I hope to even get my two son’s to enjoy when they are big enough. Not to mention also it is a great opportunity for them to help make since who doesn’t love to get messy in the kitchen too!

Poutine is NOT a great food

Poutine is one of the few things that most Canadians will acknowledge as being French. After all, for most people it is a staple when traveling in Quebec. Especially with their homemade fries. For me though, I believe that Poutine is one of the most over rated foods we have within our country. I know that deep out there, there has to be more people like me who just think that poutine is a mediocre plate when it comes to junk food.

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If you have been living under a rock and are not aware of what a Poutine is you are in luck! I am about to explain. A Poutine is fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Now, there is a particular way to making Poutine. That is you use fresh cut fries. None of the McCain (though delicious) store bought ones. You want fresh cut so that it gets a nice crisp. And yes, That means peeling potatoes (or not!) and frying them that way. In Quebec it is very easy to find these fries since most of the restaurants serve fries like this. Next is cheese curds. Not to be mistaken for grated cheese of any kind. Cheese curds that are not melted also. The gravy does this. And if you want to know if you have authentic cheese curds they make a ‘squeek’ sound. Be prepared though as it is not a sound that one would normally “enjoy” hearing it is rather annoying.

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Canadians all across the country do in fact love Poutine. Even if where they live poutine is not made properly. Still it is a regular favorite especially among the weekend crowd who likes to indulge in a few too many and enjoy some greasy food to settle their stomach either before bed or after they wake up staggering the next day with a more than slight headache. Or if you are feeling brave you are fully capable of making this at home as well. Even if you don’t have a deep fryer and you want to bake the fries in the oven. As long as you have the authentic 3 ingredients you will be able to make poutine.

Variations of the poutine are endless. Here in Nova Scotia my partner likes to treat himself to a donair poutine. This is popular here because donairs are also popular. There is also other variations such as hot dogs in it, sometimes bacon, sometimes even a completely different type of sauce is added to really change the game up. The possibilities to how make a poutine and what to add to one really are endless. That being said, you need to ask yourself the question, how far is too far before your poutine is not a poutine anymore? And let’s not forget the die hard people who believe poutine can be made one way and one way only. Even entertaining the idea that poutine can be made a different way is an out of this world statement to make.

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I personally think poutine is such an over rated meals in Canada. For what it is, there are far more dishes out there across the country that have more interesting stories or tastes. From the fresh lobsters off the coast, to maybe frog’s legs in Quebec. Perhaps a friend had been hunting and brought back some game they had shot too. There really are a whole ton more plates that can be made that are far more expensive and way more interesting than a fry meal with 2 added ingredients.

Why I don’t like it could even be the reason why many other folks don’t. To me a poutine is a hot, soggy, mess. Cheese curds are kind of “meh” to me for one. I also would not eat gravy on it’s own either. So by adding all of these together where the only thing I would actually eat would be the Fries. Which, even that point have to be fresh, hand cut fries because anything store bought just does not cut it. It just is one thing that does not seem very appetizing for me. This is also coming from someone who love chicken nuggets and garlic fingers. So I know what type of junk food is the best to binge on regardless of sobriety level or not.

As you can see, I am a bit weird and not your average Canadian by not eating the sacred Poutine. Putting it lightly, I just find it incredibly bland. And Yes, I have tried this before too! Whatever your reason I just know that I am not alone in this opinion. There has to be more of us living here who are just not fans of poutine (if at all!). I know growing up I was never interested in it, and now as an adult I still have absolutely no interest in eating or trying this again. I would for sure make this for my loved ones if they decided to enjoy and eat this concoction, but for me, I am completely never eating this!

Let me know if you are on the team no poutine, or the poutine party lovers! I would love to see just how many of us are out there! Maybe there is more people that don’t like poutine than there is to people who do like it. We will never know the true number.

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Maple Syrup and Canadians

It may come as no surprise but one of the big things that Canadians are known for is in fact Maple Syrup. For some strange reason that is. Maybe it has to do with the fact that there are a lot of trees around here or even the fact that we have a big honking maple leaf on our flag. The reason for this could be something we may never find the answer to. Not that knowing an answer would really make a difference here anyway. Let’s talk about Canada and Maple Syrup! According to a 100% Canadian eh!

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Most may understand the concept of how maple syrup is in fact made. Some may also have no idea. I will be only briefly talking about the process since I am not a professional in this department. Basically in the spring as sap warms up and starts to flow, maple syrup harvesters will collect the sap into buckets or through tubing. This is collected in a cabin where it is removed of debris (sticks or bark) and then boiled to remove the water. Leaving maple syrup! You need a whole lot of sap also to make a very small amount of maple syrup which may be one of the reasons why it is so expensive. But more on that later! If you have a child or you yourself have grown up in the Canadian school system in most if not all the provinces, there is a good chance that you have heard this story at least once but more often than not, more times during school as one of the lessons.

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One stereotype I can think of is people assuming everyone likes maple syrup. Though a large amount of people do enjoy it I personally enjoy regular store bought table syrup. Nothing really fancy about it. Or maybe a lot of people know how to make syrup. Though that my be true, it certainly is not the case. Maple syrup is mainly made in certain provinces like Quebec. However in order to make it you need to have a maple tree, that is where the sap comes from! It may take a very long time though if you are only using one tree. And one important thing also, if you do decide to tap your own sap, make sure to plug the hole again with a piece of wood so the tree doesn’t keep running!


If you are a fan of maple syrup it comes to no surprise how expensive it really is. Especially if you are buying Canadian maple syrup from a different country. Even here as a Canadian it is quite pricey. Whether or not you get it in  a fancy maple leaf glass bottle or you get it on a tin can. There is no denying the cost. Why is it so expensive? I honestly have no idea. Everything now a days is rising in costs however syrup has been quite expensive for some time. I assume it may be due to the way it is made and how you need a whole boat load of sap in order to make a tiny bottle of syrup. It also could be because or how long in general it takes to make. Sap does not flow quickly like water does that is for sure. None the less, most of the households I knew growing up would buy it for special occasions only. Though I am sure that there are some families who will only buy maple syrup for their homes.

A treat that originated in Quebec is maple taffy. This is when you take the syrup and boil it a little bit more so it becomes thicker. You then pour this liquid over the snow and when it starts to get cold you roll it onto a stick and eat it. Pretty simple and if you go to any sugar cabin where they make maple syrup you bet this is a tasty treat that is probably made there! Of course though you can make it at home after a fresh snow fall or as the snow melts in the spring! This is something that I know for sure I will be doing with my children during the colder months once they are a little bit older though!

Another reason why Maple Syrup is even now becoming more loved is the fact that is such a versatile type of condiment. From the thousands of desserts that you can make with it to the benefits in tea’s. This sweet golden liquid can even be added with soy sauce to make a great glaze for fish also. The syrup has the ability to sweeten a wide range of dishes and treats. Even if it does have a hefty price tag 99.9% of the time. Don’t forget the pancake and crepe uses that you would make on Sunday morning’s during the long weekends.

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Overall, I cant say for sure how many Canadians may regularly buy maple syrup. I know my family and even extended maybe buy it once a year if that at all. For the amount of times per month that a family tends to eat pancakes or crepes or whatever in order to use maple syrup is more than likely extremely low. Does it taste great? Yes. But is it worth the price tag? Debatable. The bottle line I guess I am trying to say is this is totally as serious of a topic as the rest of the planet thinks that it is for Canadians.

Coffee or Tea? Which is Better?

Which do you prefer? Coffee? Tea? Liquor? Okay wait, that is a whole other blog. But which is it, coffee or tea? Is this even a debate? Maybe. But I am about to make it a debate. Why? Because there is nothing else better to do with my life. I think it begs to be spoken that whichever you are in terms of the hot beverage, one thing is for sure. People are very very serious about what they take in their coffee or even tea, and how it is made.

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Coffee is so subjective in the sense that you can ask for it done one way multiple times and it can still be messed up in some way, shape, or form. Prime example is getting it from any fast food place. Sometimes it tastes amazing. Other times it taste like trash. For me, I will drink hot coffee occasionally however my favorite way to drink it is iced. Which in hindsight may have been preparing me for becoming a mom because the chances are that it will end up cold anyways so I just make it cold to start and it is good to go.

I prefer coffee due to the caffeine content and just how it tastes. I personally add far too much sugar (which I am working on I swear!) than I should but I just enjoy it sweeter. I also like milk in my coffee because I find cream adds this weird film to the inside of my mouth that I just cannot shake. That being said, I very rarely will drink more than one coffee per day unless maybe there is a snow storm and even still I will make a half and half decaf coffee instead of a full blown one. For me though, I do not find that drinking coffee late at night really hinders myself to fall asleep. My mother on the other hand will not drink coffee after 12pm due to the fact it keeps her up. Even though I do enjoy a good cup of coffee, there are times when I do prefer a tea.

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Tea, whether a breakfast blend or even an orange peeko I normally will make if I am looking for something hot. I also will make a tea at night due to the fact that I normally don’t finish it either. I do however make mine the way you are NOT supposed to because again, I do add sugar to my tea. I know people that would totally turn their nose up as I made it because you are apparently supposed to barely put milk in to your tea let alone sugar.

However, if we are telling about iced teas I do love those. I have some iced teas that I can make with tea leaves and a mix you just add water. Depending on my mood I will make either one. Iced tea is something that I have particularly loved since I was a small child. For whatever reason it reminds me of my grandparents and how I always thought it was never sweet enough (Surprise, I know) and my Nanny would give me liquid sugar twin to put in. Did it really make a difference? I think that is debatable. Only in recent years have I been buying the loose tea leaves and making my own iced teas at home. I find when I try to lose weight that it is a great alternative to the mix because when I make these they are typically a fruit blend or sweeter naturally, therefore adding sugar may just make them taste a bit off and gritty if not properly mixed in.

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Depends on time for either is also a huge factor for me. Typically I always reach for a coffee. I use a cold wave which nearly cools coffee (or any warm beverage) within a few minutes. You can buy one here if you want to check it out (no, this is not an affiliate link either, I just REALLY love mine!). It also is a habit for me too. An iced coffee with the proper amount of milk and ice I can sip on through the morning and finish early afternoon. Where as a tea if I prefer it hot for whatever reason, I normally will stop drinking it once it has gotten cold. If I am out and about also, and say stopping at Tim Horton’s, I will always get an iced coffee over a hot tea any time. Even though I feel like the iced coffee can have such a larger margarine for error compared to a tea. Case in point would be when they make an iced coffee (I say they but really it can be whatever restaurant you get an iced coffee at) with HOT coffee. WHAT? But that is a whole other blog post that I could write about all the ways my iced coffee has been made wrong!

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Regardless which is your preference, there is no superior beverage. At least for me, it becomes more of a “what mood am I in today” instead of instantly picking one. Though, if I were to ask a die hard coffee drinker this, or even a ride or die tea lover, they would have a whole argument on which one is the better beverage, how to make it, and why it is better ready to go!

Which of these do you prefer? Are you a “mood decider” where you can do either one depending on you are feeling that day?

Let me know in the comments below!

Beer is nasty. And here is my reasons why.

If you are familiar with partaking in an alcoholic beverage from time to time I am sure you must have a drink of choice. Maybe it is a rum and coke, a gin and tonic, or something a bit fancier. For me my favorite drink of choice is vodka. It doesn’t even matter what it is mixed with. Normally when I would go to the bar tender if we are having a drink at a bar and I ask for something fruity. Flavor is not important at that point what is in it as long as it is fruity. However there is one drink that I have never been interested in. I do prefer sometimes a Smirnoff cooler though, the “Ice” ones because all you do is open them and drink. No need for mixers or anything added. And if you want you can even use the Smirnoff ice as a mixer for other drinks as well which can really make them fancier. One drink that I would never grab for in my life. One that just the smell of it turns me off. That would be beer.

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I can say the only time that I accidentally drank a swig of a beer was a few years back. I remember it quite clearly because I obviously cannot stand beer so this was a bit traumatizing. It was around the holidays and we were in our old house. Not even the house in Quebec but the house before in Nova Scotia. We had some folks over and were decorating ginger bread houses. I was high from smoking weed when my partner (Yes the same one I am with now) sat at the table. He does however drink beer. I had a major case of the pasteys.. You know when you have suddenly a dry mouth that feels sticky. I instinctively grabbed a can which I thought was my pop and I was sadly wrong. It was beer. The shock and disgust nearly made me throw up. I immediately felt disgusted and gross. What a terrible mistake I made. I can also say that there is nothing really before this moment that had tainted the taste of beer or my dislike for it either. I never drank it as a teenage rebel, I never got sick from beer, and I never really had any bad memories from it. I just have never ever been interested in drinking beer. I know weird right??

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Now you may be wondering, but why is it you do not like beer? Well there is a few reasons. First it reminds me of nothing more than bread and water. When I smell anything beer related it honestly smells so yeast like to me that I just cannot bare the thought of drinking it. It doesn’t even matter if if is the brand, flavor, craft or just regular old beer. I just cannot stomach anything about it. Just the smell alone is a huge turn off let alone the taste. Maybe I find the scent particularly strong because I sometimes make pizza dough from scratch with yeast so it reminds me about that smell from the time I activate the yeast to when I roll it out before the toppings. Heck even when I make toast it still smells yeasty and reminds me of beer literally anytime I ever get close enough to smell it. The worst part is when I lived in Quebec and the gas stations had their coolers that were a malt beverage I couldn’t even drink those because even with the flavors I still could taste and smell the yeast!! And I know what you are also thinking, Yes I found out the hard way that they were malted beverages. I thought they were regular old coolers with vodka or rum until I took a swig of it and found out the hard way they were not my beloved coolers. They were this tainted mess. And if you are wondering “Why did you not smell the yeast”. Well it is quite challenging when they are fruity beverages and you don’t really smell anything except for the smell of whatever they are designed for. Especially since I have been drinking them for a while i thought nothing of it. They still have a bubbly taste and sound when you open them, and the smell was not really that different, or at least not different enough to be alarming anyways. Needless to say I never really bought any coolers from the gas stations or grocery stores in Quebec after that happened.

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Then there is an obvious reason that may not be so obvious unless you live in Nova Scotia, that being, beer is expensive. Majorly expensive. In Quebec for example, a 12 back was maybe 20 bucks (I think, I only occasionally bought some for my spouse when I ran to the store) and here in Nova Scotia it is way more money. If I was to have a beer a day or something that would be a very pricey habit. Especially if both of us were to have a beer a day in the house! Why is beer so expensive here and not in other provinces? I have absolutely no idea. Even other types of alcohol is also more expensive slightly too.

What is a drink that you absolutely cannot drink anymore? Whether it has alcohol or not?

What is your go to drink whether buying for yourself or at the bar?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your drinks of choice in the comments below!

Chocolate Fudge Recipe

*** For a details story about why I started making these, got the recipe etc, see underneath the actual recipe itself (Please consider reading for some history on it!). My reason for this is because there is nothing I can’t stand more than looking up a recipe online only to have to scroll scroll scroll to the bottom to find it with a bunch of fluff on the top! Thank you!

Chocolate Fudge
– 1 Cup Margarine
– 2 Cups Brown Sugar
– 1/2 Cup Carnation Evaporated Milk
– 3-4 Tablespoons of Cocoa Powder
1\2 Cup Flour
– 2 Cups Icing Sugar

Bring to a boil, Carnation Evaporated Milk, Margarine, and brown sugar, stirring while boiling.
Remove from heat

Add 1\2 Cup Flour
Mix Well

Add 2 Cups of Icing Sugar
Place in a 8 x 8 greased pan. Cut before cooling.

Freezes well.

This is a recipe that my mom had made. To be honest I figured that it was way simpler than it was with just chocolate and condensed milk. She laughed when I said that and told me the actual recipe here. It really is a nice and smooth fudge. It is not super rich either which is really nice. This is something that my mom would also hide from us growing up because it was so addicting that we would just eat and eat and eat and not stop!

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Peppermint Buttons Recipe

*** For a details story about why I started making these, got the recipe etc, see underneath the actual recipe itself (Please consider reading for some history on it!). My reason for this is because there is nothing I can’t stand more than looking up a recipe online only to have to scroll scroll scroll to the bottom to find it with a bunch of fluff on the top! Thank you!

Peppermint Buttons

– Some type of Hershey’s Kisses (I try to use Candy Cane for the Holidays, However Hugs are also a nice type to use as well!)
– Pretzels (I prefer the “Grid” Type of pretzels however the regular twisted ones will also work nicely with this too.)
– Holiday M&M’s (Red and Green ones!)

  1. Take the pretzels and line them on a cookie sheet on top of some type paper. I prefer parchment paper however it also would work if you wanted to use tin foil as well.
  2. Take all of the kisses from their packaging and place one on top of the pretzels.
  3. Turn oven on low and place the pretzels with the Hershey’s kisses on top in to the oven.
  4. Pay attention to them so they do not burn, the amount of time varies depending on how hot the oven is. You are not baking them just heating the chocolate. You will know they are done when the points look a bit lopsided.
  5. Remove from oven.
  6. Carefully place the M&M’s on top of the kisses and push down. You can wait a few if you find the chocolate may be too hot but you do not want them to cool completely since the M&M will squish into the chocolate.
  7. Place in the tray in the fridge to cool.
    (You can leave on the counter however it may not completely cool as much as you would like it to or quick enough)
  8. Once cooled, put in a container or plastic bag to keep fresh.

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This is something that I have made foe the longest time! I first was looking for some recipes on Pinterest at least 8 years ago when my spouse and I finally moved in together. The first Christmas we were together I wanted to do baking and since I never really did a lot except for the bits and bites recipe that you can find here (It is sort of a signature by now!). I wanted to find things that would be different and well, I have been making these ever since! I have made them both with the candy cane Hershey’s Kisses as well as the Hershey’s Hugs and both are equally as good. I will say the candy cane ones though do feel more festive for obvious reasons but if they are not your flavor you certainly can experiment with things! Even cookies and cream I think would be okay too. I would not use something hard inside though like the almond ones because they would make it probably hard to place the M&M on the top once it has melted!

My Favorite Foods

If you are no stranger to my previous blogs especially on weight loss you will find out this will be no shocker my favorite foods are nearly all junk food. I am pretty unhealthy in terms of food as there is many food groups I barely even touch. However like anyone I do have some favorite foods. Most of them I am sure you have heard of and perhaps there may be a few new ones in there that you haven’t, or ones that you also share a love for too!

Chocolate has always been a love of mine. In fact, it was so bad that I used to get patches of dry skin behind my elbows and behind my knees that would tell my parents if I was sneaking too much around the holidays. I love anything from a Terry’s Chocolate Orange to Cadbury Cream Eggs. There really isnt a whole lot of chocolate I wont eat however there are some specific criteria that I do not enjoy. I am not a fan of coconut in chocolate and as far as nuts go in it, it really depends. I can go for a Hersheys Almond bar. They are great. Even a good chocolate with peanuts I can go for. However I don’t normally choose a chocolate with nuts in it unless maybe it is M&M’s peanut or perhaps chocolate covered almonds too. I can also do without gooey and fruity treats too. My mom loves Cherry Blossoms. With the goo and cherries in them. I cannot stand those. It is the texture of them and I just cannot stomach it. As much as I love chocolate I will decline. And of course there is the weird Quality Street chocolates with the gooey flavors inside I also can do without those!

Garlic Fingers is for sure one of my top 3 things that I enjoy and probably something I miss tremendously here in Quebec since there really is no where to get any. Mind you, My culinary skills are up to par and I am able to make pia dough from scratch it still isn’t the same though. I miss being able to order out and enjoy it. My mom used to even make a few mini pans of it growing up so all we had to do was add cheese and put it in the oven. I normally just make it when I feel like it now though I don’t think I put enough love into it because it never really quite tastes the same. It always is edible however sometimes it is just extraordinary and other times it is just good. Or maybe it tastes better when my mom made it because I wasn’t putting in the effort to put it together.

Kraft Dinner has been a staple in my life since I can remember and to be fair, though I now have a child, and will probably not be making it for them as much, It still will be something that I love and enjoy for the rest of my life. Mind you if I ever became lactose intolerant I would probably have it a whole lot less I just would weight the risk when having it though! I love all the kinds of kraft dinner even the store brand extra creamy and white cheddar too. The only thing is that it can take a different cooking style if it is the store brand. It’s something I make many different ways as well. Sometimes I add more milk, other times I add more butter, some times I even dont add milk or butter and vice versa too! Sometimes we add hot dogs in or bacon bits and sometimes real shredded stuff too!

Potato Pancakes are something my mom made when I was a kid and I loved them so much it was typically the meal I choose for my Birthday meal year after year. They are super simple to make and they are always awesome. My mom and I would eat these the same, With a bit of salt and pepper and some butter. Since it was basically a type of hash brown. My dad on the other hand would eat them like french fries he would put ketchup on them. And lastly my sister which is super weird would put syrup on them! why or how it worked or tasted I have no idea. I couldn’t stomach thinking about putting syrup on potato pancakes. Her theory was they were pancakes after all.

Log Cabin Potatoes are something we only ever ate at Christmas time. Though, when my grandfather was alive sometimes he would treat us by making them on thanksgiving as well too which made them delicious though. These were mashed potatoes that were rolled into logs. They are then put in the fridge for a day so they can really harden up and by harden I don’t mean they get hard but they kind of get stuck together. After that you roll them in an egg and water mix and roll them in crushed corn flakes. After this you then deep fry them in oil. Before we would deep fry them once, and then a second closer to supper however everyone was eating scattered since you could only deep fry so many of them. Instead now we deep fry them and put them in the fridge. Afterwards we just put them in the oven to preheat them and they normally get crispy again and saves on the fat and everyone can eat them all at once together too.

Nuggets and Fries I think most people can agree is the staple of many children and low and behold it is something myself as a 30 something year old love too. I’m not super picky on kinds but man would I love the dinosaur nuggets though they are amaing. Other than that I like to bake my friend in the oven. We dont have a deep fryer and i always put it in a lot more though. My boyfriend is someone who follows the instructions on the box however anytime I do that I always find that they are never in long enough and the fries are pretty much always floppy with no crisp. Maybe for kids but not for me. I normally leave them in 40 minutes or so unless shoestring fries because they burn super fast compared to others.

As you can tell those are my favorite foods, And after reading this you may be asking yourself if I really am a 30-something year old woman or if I am an under 12 year old child. What can I say though, these are my favorites and I cannot wait to enjoy them, 1st being the Log Cabin Potatoes coming up at Christmas!

What are your favorite foods? Are they from when you were a child or are they advanced as you grew up and tried new things? Let me know in the comments below!!