Who am I?

Hello! Person who was ever so kind enough for whatever reason to click on this blog and more importantly click on this to get to know who I am!

My name is Stacey however online I am also know as StaySeeJ. Some quick facts about me are:
* I stream video games and art live on Twitch.
* I write in blogs every Tuesday and Saturday’s
* I am working on growing an inventory of handmade creations to sell.
* I am a mother to a son, and hope to have 2 more children in the future.
* I love to make people laugh, I am real with my opinions even if they may be blunt, and I have kind heart.
* I have a goal of writing a book some day

My goals are to hopefully build a brand that I am able to provide some financial support for my growing family by providing content across multiple platforms that the world can find enjoyable and a mix of everything so that folks can see different views and opinions, Or maybe they share the same!

Thank you for taking the time to read this short mini bio, I look forward to seeing your comments and thoughts as we explore different topics and stories that I have had through my life!

Much love,