5 thoughtful Valentines Gifts for Your Spouse

If you are familiar with any of my blogs you for sure have read the one where I talk about how commercialized Valentines day is, If you haven’t read if you are more than welcome to read it here. Though, if you feel the need to celebrate there are many of ways you can do it for very little or free if you like that best. Here are my top 5 thoughtful, and inexpensive ways to celebrate Valentines Day with a loved one!

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Photos are a great way to show you care and are relatively inexpensive and also accessible. You can normally find a spot to print them off (If you are unable to do so at home) at a local Wal-Mart, Drug Store, Staples or other places which have a photo kiosk that you are able to use. You can use different photos of you both together, maybe your kids, or pets. Another idea is maybe you want to take some risky photos and have them put together for a gift also too. There are really many ideas with photos you can use. I once printed a bunch of black and white photos and made them into frames when my partner and I because when I had moved into his home there was none to really personalize the place. I put some of his family, and friends and us together as well.

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Cards are another way to really show how much you care. I don’t mean just buying one in the store that you think your spouse may enjoy. I mean a real hand made and hand written card. You can also add in a letter of your feelings or some good memories of this also too. I have done this before in terms of a binder. My spouse has worked away for many months due to his job, what I had done was printed all of the emails that we had with a hand written card and gave it to him when he came back and was gone again. It showed all the ups and downs of our relationship and how important he is to me. People may think that a hand written card is for children or even not something a person would enjoy however I like to beg to differ. If you were to make a hand written card that takes a lot of time and thought, and the person you were giving it to did not appreciate it I would suggest maybe talking to them about how you feel.

Coupons were another thing that I had done many moons ago when I was not making a lot of money. They can be personalized in so many ways also. You can add some sexual favors or some house cleaning chores. Maybe you will make a coupon for a dinner on your, where you cook a meal of their choice. Maybe you are planning a date night and that is added as a coupon, or you will give them a night off from the kids, or a night where they can do whatever they want. There are so many ideas that you can make and cater for yourself and your relationship. There can even be fun ones like “Dad Dates or Mom Meetings” where you have your partner set up a night for their friends to come over and you take care of all the snacks and drinks that come along with it so they have their own little party session with a few friends. Obviously the prices of some of these things really depends and there is some coupons you may do that require more planning however the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination!

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Self care products are again, price dependent however in my honest opinion, you can really do no wrong when it comes to giving something to do with self care. I know it may be a bit cliche however it really is something that I think people disregard in terms of themselves. I know for me, if I was to receive a gift of bath bombs, or salts, maybe a mask or two or some new body cream, I would be over the moon! So often in our lives we put others first, or at least I do, so to have someone think of myself and some self care items that would be great!

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And finally, an experience together. This could be something as simple as finding a new walking trail to explore, or a new beach to walk across. It also could be something a bit more expensive and finding that super new restaurant that you both have talked about for the past month since you seen it. There is something to be said about experiencing things together with your spouse that you cannot describe. I know after being with mine for 11 years there are still things that we get to experience with each other. The major one in recent months being a C Section (Would not recommend planning this!). This could even be as simple as starting a new popular series on Netflix too. Whatever you are feel you should spend is the price of this. However it CAN be done for FREE if you wanted it to also! Even just driving to a new spot of the province or state you live in and driving back for a day trip. Which depending on where you live and the price of gas could be a cheap or expensive decision here.

There is no right or wrong way or right way to celebrate the holiday of Valentines day with the person that you love. The only thing is that there does not need to be a whole lot of money spent. Do what you are comfortable with but also remember, there is more things to life than buying things. Sometimes the time spent with people is the best thing you can possible give to someone, and that in itself is priceless.

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