The First Month After Giving Birth

As I begin to write this, I am exactly 3 weeks from having had a C Section. I feel like it is incredibly hard to believe that we had a C Section for our second baby. Or the fact that it already has been 3 weeks since we met our second son! If you want the details about the birth, check it out in this blog post here. Having had 2 children with such drastically different births has been no easy feat. It has been an experience for sure. I hope having had one, that I never need to have another C Section again. The only thing really helping me through that if by some freak chance we do need to have yet another C Section for our 3rd and final baby, is that it will be the last C Section that I will ever be having!

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Physically, I am feeling on the mend. At my son’s two week appointment I had the doctor check out my incision (My family doctor took on both of my son’s when we moved back home to Nova Scotia!) and gave the go ahead on having a bath since the outside was healed. The main thing he said was lifting and to really not lift heavy things as that is where a lot of damage can be done. As for Driving I feel like maybe after Christmas I will be well enough and healed to be driving then. It isn’t even like I REALLY drove all that far honestly. I just miss the fact if I needed something I could go and get it if I did quickly. The lifting thing is getting to me though. I find myself lifting my son slowly and more often. My 1st son that is since I’m only really allowed to lift my newborn! I am trying to keep busy and do more around the house as well like baking things and also dishes are something I have been trying to do more too. Laundry I have been doing the folding and gathering but really trying not to carry the baskets over the stairs just in case one were to slip and I went to grab it and accidentally hurt myself trying to compensate for the slip.

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Now on to actually having a second kid! Call me crazy but maybe I find that having a second kid is not as challenging (yet!). It could be the fact that I have been primarily on baby duty while my spouse has been on our toddler duty due to having a C Section. I assume once he goes back to work in January it will be different and I will finds things far more hectic however at the moment I feel like it is not as hard as it was with our first. Maybe because we know what to expect with feeding every so many hours, changing, sleep schedule and what not also. I did however forget how much laundry can be done when you have a new baby though! Thankfully we are able to mix both boys clothes in to a load so it actually makes a complete one too! I swear I have gone through 3+ receiving blankets in the run of a day multiple days so far.

I will say in terms of recovery between having a completely natural birth, to having a C Section birth which is anything but natural. Not to say having a C Section is not totally natural, some people can only have them when having children. However my 1st I feel like we were incredibly lucky in terms of healing. It happened so fast that I had no chance to receive pain medications for one, and for two I never really tore or had any issues in that sense either. I had a very very small tear that did not require anything in terms of stitches or interventions. In terms of healing I would say without a doubt vaginal birth was far easier. Sure it did suck to have to walk up and down the stairs for the first little while, And it was hard to sit and stand for a little. The C-Section though I needed help to physically do things at all. From having my 1st shower afterwards and getting my boyfriend to help me bathe, to remembering medications for the first week and a half to avoid being in pain to the point it was not a good time.

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I think having had my son just before the holiday’s that has also helped as I have been busy doing things like wrapping presents and baking. If I was not having him during that time and say I had him in the summer and was unable to swim, I think that would be very hard for me to really not strain myself. Time passes so fast when you have children because you are always on the go, however when you are unable to do things for fear that you could re-injure yourself and in a big way, it makes things very gloomy. Ive said this in blogs before, I even think I mention it here where I write about the birth story of my 2nd son, I have absolutely no idea how someone with little to no help and multiple children does it. Especially when it comes to household things and just flat out moving around! One of the hardest things for me was just sleeping and getting out of the bed in the middle of the night for a bottle or just going to the washroom. The more I moved the more sore I became, and the less I moved it was the same situation, Balance was key in this.

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Do you know someone who had a C Section and needed some help too?
What do you think the hardest part of having a C Section was?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear what you think about it too!

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