What I Tell Myself for Motivation

Before I begin, know that what motivates someone is and can be subjective. Motivation in general is a very specific thing even when talking about it. What can motivate me may not be something that motivates another person and vice versa. These are things that I tell myself personally for motivation and though they may be different than what you tell yourself, you still have things you do tell yourself even if they are not the same. Unless maybe you are using something that is harming yourself to motivate you, most types of motivation is a good thing!

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Keeping in mind also, something to motivate yourself does not always have to be self talk or something mentally. You can have some motivation being candy, treats, something you want to buy, self care (different than every day things, maybe getting your hair or nails done) and more. For me, if I do a lot of what i set out to do for the day maybe I will treat myself with a chocolate bar. Another thing I would do is maybe if I saved enough money from a pay day I would go get my nails done or hair done by someone other than myself. It is totally okay to have outside factors a part of motivation. One reason also why I would like to lose weight is for our 3rd and final pregnancy. I want it to go as smooth as possible and in order to do that I feel like losing weight is a great way to start. Sure it can be a feeling but I think it will pay off by doing so.

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This is going to sound so cliche but one thing I tell myself for motivation is to do it for my kids. I know sappy and totally expected but it is true. I am over weight for one thing. I know that as my boys grow I do not want to be one of those moms that has to sit on the side lines after a few moments because she is winded. I want to be able to chase them around and participate in as many activities as I am able to. Whether that is running around a football field or ice skating on the pond. I want to be in good shape for them to have a mom that is around for a long time. I always said that I would never be the sappy mom and say corny things like this however here we are aren’t we. My kids are fr sure a major motivation right now in my life. They are a huge reason for me to want to push myself further and keep going no matter what obstacles that I may find myself encountering.

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“The sooner you get it started the sooner it will be done”. This may sound funny but I know I cannot be the only one thinking about this. I say this for many tasks like house work or doing dishes and laundry. This is something that honestly I need to say to myself if I need some sort of a pep talk. I know that as soon as I start something I will enjoy it, the problem a lot of times is actually getting started. The truth in this is, once I do get started and a momentum built, I am pretty unstoppable and able to keep going with little motivation afterwards. Sometimes the hardest part is to get going.

Motivate yourself. Simple. And probably way to obvious. I say this because we really are our own best motivators. There are so many reasons that start with you to do something. Whether it will make you feel better, accomplish something, or whatever else the best reason for anyone to be motivated is yourself. Sure I suck at cleaning sometimes and it can be hard to be motivated for that, but I know when it is all done I am going to feel amazing when I see everything done. As much as I also say that I am motivated to be a healthy weight for my children I can also sit here and say that i know when I look in the mirror I will feel a lot better about myself when I see that I took my own health as a priority.

More often than not we are always trying to find some outside factors when it comes to motivation. We need to stop this thinking and look at ourselves. We can be just as powerful of a motivator as any outside one. Sometimes we also find that maybe it may not seem like a motivator but in the end it really was one too. If you find yourself questioning what motivates you, ask yourself how it makes you feel. By doing this you can see how the impact is on YOU. I am too guilty of this. I never think how doing something would make me feel I always think of other people and that needs to change. I know a lot of the things that I do may make me feel a lot better.

If you find yourself wanting to do something, or stuck on having a reason why, remember that you can always go back to yourself to have the motivation to do something. Sure I do slack on doing things just like any other person. I am however trying to make an active decision on what it will take to stay motivated even if it begins with me!

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