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What is the Covid symptoms no one talks about ?

As you know since I have been posting a lot about how Covid finally hit our family here after 3 years of avoiding it. You can read more about those blogs here:

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You will know that this is not your “Bad cold” that people may try to convey. Sure it may present itself like that with some people however there is also a lot of things that people do not talk about honestly. These are symptoms that happen to people that literally happened after I had in fact had tested negative. It was a Friday when this happened to be later in the evening. I had actually felt great for the first time since I tested positive. The previous Wednesday I was positive and this Friday I finally was Negative (Though a lot of people it can take longer to get a negative on a rapid test). I felt so great in fact that I had gone to Walmart, I went and did some shopping and came back with grocery’s and feeling fantastic. Not even kidding I thought things were on the up and up and that I was feeling so much better. I was wrong.

Friday night I woke up just after falling asleep with a pain in my belly. You know kind of like cramps or poop pains. Obviously I chalked it up to something I had eaten and that maybe that was the case. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t something I ate. It was horrible. I had diarrhea. I would say the best way for me to even describe it would be that it literally felt like someone was grabbing my stomach fat, as tight as they possibly could, and that they were actually twisting it, not like on the surface but deeper. it was pain that I could not shake for the entire day. To the point I didn’t even move from my bed. My partner watched out kids because by this point they were back to normal aside from the poops they too would have in the next days following I just seemed to have it first. It was not a fun time. By Sunday I was feeling a bit better however the poops lasted far longer. By Saturday night I was feeling pretty decent though because I was had sent my spouse to go to the pharmacy to get a few things though. Pepto was a great choice and helped my stomach.

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As I mentioned in the blog post about my kids getting Covid, and I will say a bit more here. This cough literally has GOT TO GO. We all have a cough that we just cannot shake. Mind you it is slowly getting better. I would not say that it is long Covid as I dont think time has passed enough for it to be that, however I have read and heard from friends who had previously had covid that this cough is around for a few weeks to maybe even 2 months. Which also sucks however hopefully it goes away. I can’t really attest to myself since I smoke weed that it is not a contributing factor. However I know my kids sometimes have this cough and it can be super random. It does diminish and they haven’t had it a whole lot but it was still there. For me it was like a really bad asthma cough without the cold. It was a cough that I would have if I was say sick and laughing and had to catch my breath.

This is more to the people who have a menstrual cycle. This would be a symptom that was more so annoying than anything. For me, my cycle was a week late. As a family that is hoping to try for our 3rd and final kid in a few months when my youngest is a year old, it is more a pain. It is a pain due to the fact that sometimes it has been known that your cycle will be skipped or sometimes it is late. I even took 3 or 4 pregnancy tests just to MAKE SURE that we were not pregnant a bit earlier. Now that it has arrived though, There really hasn’t been any type of different in terms of flow though. Just the fact that it was late sucked. Waiting around, wearing pads, hoping that I am not anywhere that is necessary or wearing something that if I was to leak or it to randomly start that I wouldn’t have to figure out how to cover my butt (Literally). This was something that was totally normal however no one really talks about it until it happens.

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Seeing these symptoms though, if I was to say I wasn’t nervous about getting long Covid symptoms I would be lying. It can be a bit nerve wracking thinking about how many people months and months later have long terms effects from this stupid virus. I hope that my children don’t see any of these symptoms and that the cough we all have soon is gone and just a memory to us. I also hope that in terms of my cycle it continues to be on time now that it was late and I’m not trying to guess when it will start again too. That does not sound like a great time at all either.

Did you have Covid? If so what were some of your weird symptoms that happened long after you were testing positive? Maybe even a week or two later like myself. All I know for sure is I feel like this virus needs to buzz off and let people live their lives because obviously there is still soooo much that we are trying to learn and understand.