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Beer is nasty. And here is my reasons why.

If you are familiar with partaking in an alcoholic beverage from time to time I am sure you must have a drink of choice. Maybe it is a rum and coke, a gin and tonic, or something a bit fancier. For me my favorite drink of choice is vodka. It doesn’t even matter what it is mixed with. Normally when I would go to the bar tender if we are having a drink at a bar and I ask for something fruity. Flavor is not important at that point what is in it as long as it is fruity. However there is one drink that I have never been interested in. I do prefer sometimes a Smirnoff cooler though, the “Ice” ones because all you do is open them and drink. No need for mixers or anything added. And if you want you can even use the Smirnoff ice as a mixer for other drinks as well which can really make them fancier. One drink that I would never grab for in my life. One that just the smell of it turns me off. That would be beer.

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I can say the only time that I accidentally drank a swig of a beer was a few years back. I remember it quite clearly because I obviously cannot stand beer so this was a bit traumatizing. It was around the holidays and we were in our old house. Not even the house in Quebec but the house before in Nova Scotia. We had some folks over and were decorating ginger bread houses. I was high from smoking weed when my partner (Yes the same one I am with now) sat at the table. He does however drink beer. I had a major case of the pasteys.. You know when you have suddenly a dry mouth that feels sticky. I instinctively grabbed a can which I thought was my pop and I was sadly wrong. It was beer. The shock and disgust nearly made me throw up. I immediately felt disgusted and gross. What a terrible mistake I made. I can also say that there is nothing really before this moment that had tainted the taste of beer or my dislike for it either. I never drank it as a teenage rebel, I never got sick from beer, and I never really had any bad memories from it. I just have never ever been interested in drinking beer. I know weird right??

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Now you may be wondering, but why is it you do not like beer? Well there is a few reasons. First it reminds me of nothing more than bread and water. When I smell anything beer related it honestly smells so yeast like to me that I just cannot bare the thought of drinking it. It doesn’t even matter if if is the brand, flavor, craft or just regular old beer. I just cannot stomach anything about it. Just the smell alone is a huge turn off let alone the taste. Maybe I find the scent particularly strong because I sometimes make pizza dough from scratch with yeast so it reminds me about that smell from the time I activate the yeast to when I roll it out before the toppings. Heck even when I make toast it still smells yeasty and reminds me of beer literally anytime I ever get close enough to smell it. The worst part is when I lived in Quebec and the gas stations had their coolers that were a malt beverage I couldn’t even drink those because even with the flavors I still could taste and smell the yeast!! And I know what you are also thinking, Yes I found out the hard way that they were malted beverages. I thought they were regular old coolers with vodka or rum until I took a swig of it and found out the hard way they were not my beloved coolers. They were this tainted mess. And if you are wondering “Why did you not smell the yeast”. Well it is quite challenging when they are fruity beverages and you don’t really smell anything except for the smell of whatever they are designed for. Especially since I have been drinking them for a while i thought nothing of it. They still have a bubbly taste and sound when you open them, and the smell was not really that different, or at least not different enough to be alarming anyways. Needless to say I never really bought any coolers from the gas stations or grocery stores in Quebec after that happened.

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Then there is an obvious reason that may not be so obvious unless you live in Nova Scotia, that being, beer is expensive. Majorly expensive. In Quebec for example, a 12 back was maybe 20 bucks (I think, I only occasionally bought some for my spouse when I ran to the store) and here in Nova Scotia it is way more money. If I was to have a beer a day or something that would be a very pricey habit. Especially if both of us were to have a beer a day in the house! Why is beer so expensive here and not in other provinces? I have absolutely no idea. Even other types of alcohol is also more expensive slightly too.

What is a drink that you absolutely cannot drink anymore? Whether it has alcohol or not?

What is your go to drink whether buying for yourself or at the bar?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your drinks of choice in the comments below!