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5 Binge Worthy Shows – Part 1

If you are anything like me, you love to have a good binge or whatever show on Netflix, or amazon prime, or *Insert streaming service of choice*. I do love me some good ol binges however with 2 young kids it can be challenging. Sometimes a binge to me lasts a week or two due to the fact that I have to think about a lot before I even begin to watch, such as will I have enough time to pay attention? or is this a show to watch when my son’s are asleep so I can enjoy it? These would be some top shows that I would recommend to binge to anyone and have even done it multiple times myself too.

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How I Met Your Mother is such a quick and versatile show. Episodes are only 20 minutes long however seasons are typically 20+ episodes. They are quick to pick up and watch a few and then switch to another or you are able to watch a few hours in a night. I know this has to be easily a top 3 show of my partner’s and when they finally removed it from Netflix on the 31st of December of 2021 he was more than a little upset. He was straight bummed out about it! The characters you see grow and mix and mingle. There are tons of inside jokes and if you miss an episode or two by chance because you maybe got carried away cleaning or something you are still able to pick it back up and also enjoy it too without losing a whole lot in terms missing major key points of the story. This is a show that I am able to put on during the day time if I am doing a few things and don’t want my son to really focus on it either too. It has many laughs and is well worth it for sure!

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Vampire Diaries is more of a guilty pleasure show for me. It is a teen drama relating to , wait for it, vampires. It has love stories and twists and turns. The ending few seasons can be a little bit dry but if you keep up with it you are more than likely to be hooked on the show and unable to stop. Another thing also is the fact there is currently 2 spin offs. One being Legacy’s and another being the Originals. I cannot speak to either of those however I did discover that The Originals are on Prime Video so I will be probably checking that out in the near future to binge. It has a little bit of everything and I have also watched this multiple times. It kind of has a bit of a dry spell through the seasons though like many other shows, especially with their length about 40 minutes, however you can totally dive into these and get reeled in immediately.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is simply a classic. No matter the ways you look at it. Again similar to Vampire Diaries it does have some sexual tension as well as it is more maybe teen directed at least in the beginning seasons due to the fact that they are in high school. I have watched this series countless seasons no matter how rummy the special effects are in the beginning to how they get even a bit better towards the ends. Following a teen becoming the chosen one who is the Slayer and must destroy and protect her town from all sorts of demons and other monsters that haunt their world. You follow her life as she grows struggling to balance her new normal and regular average teenager life too.

Stranger Things
I will admit, was a show that I normally would never in my life watch. With drama and a retro feel to it, I am not one to typically choose a sci-fi type show however co-workers back in the day commented how great it was and I had to watch it. Now I find that I am binging it whenever the newest season comes out. I may even dive deep and re watch the previous season as a little refresher to the new one. There is so many things that I could say about this show however I do not want to spoil it for you. If by now you have not at least given this show a shot you truly are missing out on what all the hype is about. And yes, it is worth it!

Supernatural is one of the top shows there can be out there. From episodes that range in length around 40 minutes, and with 20+ per season normally, you have a good way to kill some time by starting this series. This show starts by following two brothers in search for their demon hunting Dad. He goes missing and they keep each other company trying to catch up to him. With over 10 seasons to watch, there is no shortage of episodes to be seen here. You may want to watch them all semi-close though or you may miss out on particular time line lore.

Whether or not you are looking for a bit of teen drama, friendly humor, or a little bit of demon action, there really is endless shows to binge. As long as you are willing to look at shows and have a basic idea of what you would like. For me, I’m about to finish Wentworth, Another binge worthy show we will talk about next time!