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5 Canadian Stereotypes

If you were unaware, yes, I am a Canadian. And being a Canadian there are many many stereotypes that come along with it. Just like other countries have their own we are no different here. Some of them being more outrageous than the next. While some of them do in fact have some little bit of truth to them. If you want to check out the first 5 stereotypes that I talked about you are more than welcome to read them in this blog post here. Now let’s talk about the next five that seem to follow us around no matter where we go.

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We All Live in the Middle of Nowhere
While there is a lot of people who do live in the middle of nowhere there are also a lot of people who live near or in the cities. For me, I am only 30 or so minutes if not less (depending on traffic) from Halifax. I never wanted to live in the middle of no where because that would be more travel for things. There are plenty of people who live further out because they enjoy that lifestyle. That being said, I don’t think there is any more people living further out than another country. It may seem that way though due to the fact our country is so large and much of it is forests and places that people really do not live. Like up north where there are people living there, however the number of them there is very low.

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There’s Nothing to Do
This count not be further from the truth. Sure there may not be everything and anything you want like other countries but there is plenty to do here. If you live close to a major city chances are they have nearly everything you could imagine. Even if you live far from the city they normally have heritage buildings or museums that you are able to go to also. If you know where a lake or pond is than chances are in the winter time you have a pair of skates and are skating there, provided the ice is thick enough and it is safe to do so too. And if you are close to the city there are probably specific activity places for kids, adults, parents, teens that you will be able to see. There is plenty to do in Canada as long as you have some idea what you want to do and where you want to do it at!

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

We Live Solely on Poutine
Before I begin, know that as I write this I have already written a blog post about how I do not like Poutine and how it is overrated. Though I will say poutine is very popular across the country it depends on how it is made. Quebec obviously has the best poutines due to the fact they are French, poutine is French.. You get it. They actually make it with cheese curds which is the proper way. The further east or west you venture from Quebec they seem to just use mozzarella cheese which is not the same. Believe me, As someone who has been with a fella who is Quebecois for the past 10 plus years I hear all about which poutines are the best and what is wrong with the worst ones.

Everybody Speaks French
This is such a misconception when it comes to Canada. In fact, there is only one province that is primarily French and that is Quebec. New Brunswick, respectfully is bilingual and other provinces such as Nova Scotia has communities of people who speak french like the Acadiennes (Which my grandmother is). Most people in the country would have taken some French classes in school but if they never pursued it further they would probably have lost what little they did know. French is a language that I learned as an adult and only because my in laws speak it so it opened up a whole new level of communication with them. However, the vast majority of Canadians probably do not know much French in terms of conversations.

We Love to use Duct Tape
I think this is debatable as some people I am sure love using duct tape however I think it depends on the project. Have I seen people get injured and grab the duct tape to wrap it up? Yep. Have I seen someone put more then they should back on to their car with duct tape? Of course. That being said I don’t think I would really judge and say that Canadians use duct tape more than another place though. While I am not saying that it does not have many, many uses for just about anything under the sun, I just don’t see people absolutely LOVING duct tape like the stereotype may be. But if you do love it, You just might be a fan of Red Green.

There you have it, five more stereotypes that have been de-bunked (kind of) when it comes to Canadians. I, of course cannot speak to all of them since I am only one person, however living here for my 30+ years on the planet as well as in 2 vastly different provinces I guess I consider myself able to let you know which of these have any shred of truth.

Are there any stereotypes from the country you live in?
Which are they and are they completely false too?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to read all the different ones about where you are from!