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Why Garlic Fingers Should be More Known Across Canada

If there is one important fact that anyone should know about me, it is the fact that one of my top three favorite foods is garlic fingers. I know some of you who are not on the east coast of Canada may have 0 idea what garlic fingers are and that is okay. I am about to tell you what they are and maybe even influence you to try to make it a big deal where you are living if they are not already. Not to mention, you can easily make them at home if you know a simple recipe for any type of pizza dough too. They dont even take that long time wise to make if you even include the raising of the dough too.

If you don’t know what Garlic Fingers are, they really are quite simple. You take pizza dough and roll it the exact same as you would a pizza. Instead of sauce you put a garlic butter on it. Sometimes you can use store bought however if you prefer to make something fresh with garlic and butter and herbs yourselves that does get the job done just as well too. Then you put mozzarella cheese on. You can also add bacon for example, our old neighbors actually would put bacon and pineapple on it also. Then it gets baked and is doughy and crispy goodness. And super greasy depending on how you like it too. I prefer to even have the dough half baked because I really like the dough to be just that, doughy!

Now, not all garlic fingers are created equally. Some are different than others. Some have thinner dough, not garlicky enough butter, not enough cheese or bacon when asked. My personal favorite is a really doughy crust. A very garlicky butter but I’m not a fan of excessive use of parsley. Sparingly is fine but sometimes it can be over powering. I don’t mind herbs in it but it depends on the day because an overpowering herb can ruin a garlic fingers. I also love double the mozzarella cheese too. Bacon I will get occasionally however it really just depends at this point. Since moving back home from Quebec and enjoying garlic fingers again I really have not ordered any that did have bacon on it though. If I could I would have garlic fingers ever day however that is unrealistic so we may order in once a month.

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Some places have it, however not all places are the same. That is for sure. Even places that I loved growing up are different now and not as tasty. For example, Pizza Hut doesn’t have Garlic fingers but they do have garlic bread sticks. They are more of a herb version and while still good they are not the same. Domino’s does have a garlic fingers as we were able to get it in Quebec (Not everywhere has Garlic fingers as Ill explain later) however they tasted generic and just place gross. The best garlic fingers I have found is the little shops that are only around the towns or a one and done place. Not the huge franchises.

As I mentioned before, I feel like this is more of an east coast dish since when we made it to Quebec there was nearly nothing in terms of Garlic Fingers to be found. Domino’s did have some but only for the reason that Domino’s is across Canada so I believe it was clearly a menu item that was just everywhere. However the small pizza places we tried in Quebec to explain what they were didn’t make them right. Even though they did have garlic butter for their garlic bread when they had pasta dishes though. Never had we found a true Garlic fingers like we did when we moved back home.

Now you may be wondering, why do you love them so much isn’t it easier to just find pizza around instead of this? You may be right but I surprisingly enough don’t like pizza! That is a whole other story for another day though. For some reason growing up I just loved garlic. Naturally i would also grow to love these. It was a fairly inexpensive treat that my mom would also make. Instead of buying them she would make them on smaller pie plates so that if I wanted one and she was at work I was able to throw it in the over from the freezer and it was just that simple to make. It was something that i looked forward to regularly though which was also great.

If you aren’t feeling up to making the dough there is plenty of substitutions that you can do also. I use the Pillsbury pizza dough from the can with garlic butter and a cheese of choice. I also prefer the Pizza Delight brand of garlic fingers. Dr Oetker has their version, which does have a lot of herbs but I do enjoy it occasionally because I can add some extra cheese to my liking and just throw it into the oven.

So with that being said, I will die on this hill that garlic fingers is such a great food it really should be known worldwide. If it was as popular as pizza was or is than I think people would really get an understanding on why I love it so much. Though with age I have developed heartburn from eating it, nearly every time I still tell myself it is worth it! It is something that I hope to even get my two son’s to enjoy when they are big enough. Not to mention also it is a great opportunity for them to help make since who doesn’t love to get messy in the kitchen too!