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How the Pandemic Changed My Life

I think it is safe to say that every single person on the planet is basically effected by the pandemic in one way shape or form. Whether you have kids, don’t have kids, are older or younger, live alone or live with someone else. There is so many things that effected millions of people across the globe but this is something I think just about everyone who is aware of what is happening can agree with.

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Having a child at the very beginning of the pandemic is hard. I know for myself and my partner we got so incredibly lucky when it came to having our first son. When we had our son Vincent (Birth story here) we had him 9 days early. Luckily this was huge because had we have had him late and past his due date we would have had to deal with far more restrictions when it came to going through labour. It seems like as soon as he was born not a few weeks later we had to deal with so many new rules of society that it was unbelievable how lucky we actually got. We also got lucky because my partner was taking the full 9 months parental since this was our first and it just so happened to line up with the major break in cases where we lived also. For him to not have to worry about going to work and we only had to leave the house for the bare minimum it helped a lot with anxiety not having to worry about him seeing many many people through his job.

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We lived in Quebec when the pandemic first began and it was one of the hot spots in Canada. The amount of cases flew up quicker than many other provinces which is not a good place you want to be. In contrast to that, we currently live at home in Nova Scotia and in this province there is so little cases compared to Quebec that it is like a dream. Not to mention some of the rules Quebec had for months like absolutely no family around at all, even over the holidays. At least in Nova Scotia there was 10 people maximum. Then we also had a curfew in Quebec too which Nova Scotia never had during the entire pandemic since the beginning. Though again, having a child during the curfew really was not that big of a deal for us. After all, what are the chances we would be leaving after 8pm anyways.

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One thing I will say that I find very challenging is the fact you have to limit who you see or talk to due to the spread and wanting to share things with others. For myself, I find it hard to limit contact even though I must for the safety of my family, is because we moved back home and have a new child, well we had one new baby and now we have 2 sons! Indistinctly when you have children you want to share them with all of your closest family members and what not. During a pandemic obviously we haven’t been doing that. We keep it to close family and we have very strict rules on who can see our children.

Another aspect with children however I don’t think it really applies to me because my children are so young, is that school and other activities are disrupted. My kids are still under the age of 2 currently so for us to not go hang out with different people it really never happened before. Since I am also being a stay at home mom too my kids also are not missing out on day care too. I think if they were regularly to do things like sports, or even hobbies outside of the home like much older children may be doing, and having that taken away, they may be impacted more however they are not really impacted by that aspect of life since they are not able to do that yet! Which leads me to the next way the pandemic has changed me.

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Vaccinations. I know, the big elephant in the room is that during the pandemic you see who are the Facebook university graduates and who are the people who believe in science. My partner and I are firm believers of vaccinations especially with covid. You can read more about why I believe even a vaccine passport is a good idea here. We have a very strict rule that if people are unwilling to get a vaccine based on medical science they will not be around our children. Simple. The ONLY and I mean ONLY exception to this would be Christmas because I know that I don’t want my parents to be upset if we decline due to my sibling who is one of these graduates. The fact is we will only be there for a few hours and even still, that is pushing it. this member of my family has not even met my 2nd son because we won’t be around.

Overall the pandemic has changed my life in many ways. Though I think the fact that my partner and I have been more so on the hermit side of life now that we are older I don’t feel like it has effected us or myself as much as it would have if I was say 10 years younger. We no longer went to bars, or went to parties as often as we once did. We stay home, enjoy one another company, game with friends online, and just have a few friends over from time to time. Though I do know people my age that do a lot of things in the public and enjoy social lives far busier than us, they are feeling the changes a lot more than we had been. That is something that I am thankful for though. Sometimes during times like these it is incredibly hard to find the positive, even if it is very small!