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Coffee or Tea? Which is Better?

Which do you prefer? Coffee? Tea? Liquor? Okay wait, that is a whole other blog. But which is it, coffee or tea? Is this even a debate? Maybe. But I am about to make it a debate. Why? Because there is nothing else better to do with my life. I think it begs to be spoken that whichever you are in terms of the hot beverage, one thing is for sure. People are very very serious about what they take in their coffee or even tea, and how it is made.

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Coffee is so subjective in the sense that you can ask for it done one way multiple times and it can still be messed up in some way, shape, or form. Prime example is getting it from any fast food place. Sometimes it tastes amazing. Other times it taste like trash. For me, I will drink hot coffee occasionally however my favorite way to drink it is iced. Which in hindsight may have been preparing me for becoming a mom because the chances are that it will end up cold anyways so I just make it cold to start and it is good to go.

I prefer coffee due to the caffeine content and just how it tastes. I personally add far too much sugar (which I am working on I swear!) than I should but I just enjoy it sweeter. I also like milk in my coffee because I find cream adds this weird film to the inside of my mouth that I just cannot shake. That being said, I very rarely will drink more than one coffee per day unless maybe there is a snow storm and even still I will make a half and half decaf coffee instead of a full blown one. For me though, I do not find that drinking coffee late at night really hinders myself to fall asleep. My mother on the other hand will not drink coffee after 12pm due to the fact it keeps her up. Even though I do enjoy a good cup of coffee, there are times when I do prefer a tea.

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Tea, whether a breakfast blend or even an orange peeko I normally will make if I am looking for something hot. I also will make a tea at night due to the fact that I normally don’t finish it either. I do however make mine the way you are NOT supposed to because again, I do add sugar to my tea. I know people that would totally turn their nose up as I made it because you are apparently supposed to barely put milk in to your tea let alone sugar.

However, if we are telling about iced teas I do love those. I have some iced teas that I can make with tea leaves and a mix you just add water. Depending on my mood I will make either one. Iced tea is something that I have particularly loved since I was a small child. For whatever reason it reminds me of my grandparents and how I always thought it was never sweet enough (Surprise, I know) and my Nanny would give me liquid sugar twin to put in. Did it really make a difference? I think that is debatable. Only in recent years have I been buying the loose tea leaves and making my own iced teas at home. I find when I try to lose weight that it is a great alternative to the mix because when I make these they are typically a fruit blend or sweeter naturally, therefore adding sugar may just make them taste a bit off and gritty if not properly mixed in.

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Depends on time for either is also a huge factor for me. Typically I always reach for a coffee. I use a cold wave which nearly cools coffee (or any warm beverage) within a few minutes. You can buy one here if you want to check it out (no, this is not an affiliate link either, I just REALLY love mine!). It also is a habit for me too. An iced coffee with the proper amount of milk and ice I can sip on through the morning and finish early afternoon. Where as a tea if I prefer it hot for whatever reason, I normally will stop drinking it once it has gotten cold. If I am out and about also, and say stopping at Tim Horton’s, I will always get an iced coffee over a hot tea any time. Even though I feel like the iced coffee can have such a larger margarine for error compared to a tea. Case in point would be when they make an iced coffee (I say they but really it can be whatever restaurant you get an iced coffee at) with HOT coffee. WHAT? But that is a whole other blog post that I could write about all the ways my iced coffee has been made wrong!

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Regardless which is your preference, there is no superior beverage. At least for me, it becomes more of a “what mood am I in today” instead of instantly picking one. Though, if I were to ask a die hard coffee drinker this, or even a ride or die tea lover, they would have a whole argument on which one is the better beverage, how to make it, and why it is better ready to go!

Which of these do you prefer? Are you a “mood decider” where you can do either one depending on you are feeling that day?

Let me know in the comments below!