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Saving Money Goals for 2022

If comes as no surprise that I am trying to be transparent about what it is like to want to be a stay at home mom while also making some sort of income. I have written about it in multiple places in the past. I want to show that it is possible and it is challenging to build something to be able to have the little extras while taking care of your little ones. This is my plans for making money in 2022. And hopefully making a steady and reliable income in the process!

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1st of all I am sure you have noticed by now, if you are a regular reader or maybe just stumbled upon this page recently, I have added a Ko-Fi link paragraph to all blogs in 2022 and a few popular blogs from before. I feel like I need to put value into myself as a blogger and this is my way to monetize or begin to monetize this. I have been blogging for over 2 years, this being the 3rd year and this is my way to give readers an option to support financially if they wish to do so. It will never be forced or an expectation but I figure I need to take my shot and I need to give people the option. For the longest times I thought that I was too small or not enough value to put something like that. Not anymore! In 2022 my goal is to put out content on the blog 3x per week as well as maybe a few uncensored ones up for folks who may want them through my mailing list or Ko-Fi.

**If you like what you are reading through out these blogs, and are looking at ways to financially support the blog, please consider checking out my Ko-Fi link here. You will NEVER be pressured to contribute to towards put any type of money towards the blog however if the thought has crossed your mind, here is a great way to help a stay at home mom provide some financial relief for her family.

I also am beginning to receive an extra benefit for having 2 children. This is quite a huge change for me and I couldn’t be more relieved. It will be a huge help for me to begin to feel some what able to contribute back to the family. Since stopping work and staying at home sometimes I feel lost. I missing having some financial independence or having a pay check.

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One of the major things that I need to do this year is really get into the habit of keeping track of the money that I recieve and the money that I spend. I used to be so good at keeping a budget book that I meed to bring it back. I need to make sure that I know where and how money is going and coming into my account. This will be also a huge step into my mental health too.

Places that I hope to have income coming in are as follows:

Streaming – I will be starting to stream regularly at least 2 days per week which will be Mondays and Fridays. My goal ideally is to have a regular 10-25 Subscribers. Or even some tips in the process. As much as I do not like Twitch taking 50% of my earnings I like that my viewers can receive some cool things like emotes.

Crafting and Artwork – This is my new business that I launched just this month! I do not want to set a goal of how much money to make because that can vary but I do hope that I will be able to start building some customers or growth on pages to bring in new people and make my brand big. One if the hardest parts is for me to make my pages active and build them up also.

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Blog – adding the Ko-Fi link is one way for me to try and gain some extra finances. Another is eventually, before the end of the year, I would like to sign up for amazon affiliates. So I can do posts with different promotions and have a kick back in terms of promoting a product and if others buy such product I get that extra income. This makes me a lot more nervous because I feel like I am very small but I hope that by the end of the year I am in a place where I am confident and sign up for this option!

Books – one of my goals by the end of the year is to have a few books written. I have so many ideas that I want to really discipline my self and push myself to do one of these goals. That being said I put it last because if I don’t actually publish it by the end I would be okay with that. I just need to write them to begin with. That is one of the hardest things I think for me to do is to physically write it. I have notes and little story ideas in a notebook that I need to just schedule time and make sure that I am able to write.

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Overall, I don’t want to make some plan on how much per month because I think that can be super unrealistic considering a lot is depending on other people. I do want to show others and hopefully convey that I do believe I am worth some thing for the type of content that I produce. But I also want to work at building my crafting and things too since that can be more reliable due to selling products if that makes sense. If by the end of the year though I can be making somewhere from $250.00-$500.00 extra per month by doing things I think that would be extremely incredible though. And I don’t mean specifically from one avenue of income, but across the ways to make money if that were the take home I would be pumped.

Do you work from home?
If so what do you do for an income, and did you start it on your own also?

Let me know the creative ways you help bring another income to your family while staying at home! I would love to read your comments below!