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Vasectomy gifts? What is the hype about anyways?

I like to consider myself a pretty “hip” person. I know most of the latest trends and I seem to be up on the lingo so to speak. Though there are a few things that I think are relatively outrageous and borderline insane. Things that I had no idea existed until I had seen them on a TV show and was shocked that people actually did this. Mind you most of the people doing this have more money that your average person and obviously an itch to spend it but still.

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The first thing I heard of like this was known as a “Baby Moon”. This is when a couple will have a weekend away or a vacation away as one last “HOORAY” before the kid comes. I know kind of wild to be spending all this money though before you will spend even more money when you birth a child. I guess there are different types of vacations that you can do though. Maybe you go somewhere local or have a weekend in the house ordering your own food. I guess the “Baby Moon” Is really up for interpretation and it really depends on what you want to get out of it. Then it also raises the question. Is this something that only happens when you have one baby or do you do this after multiple kids? If so do you leave the kids home with friends or family or bring them with you because that doesn’t sound relaxing or romantic at all either!

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Next up is the also popular “Push Presents”. Which could not be more catered to the pressures of having a vaginal birth of a child than you would think. This implies that the spouse gets the birthing parent a gift for you know, pushing a baby out of their vagina. So does this also happen for a c-section birth too or is the name just supposed to be targeted towards one type of way to birth a child. This is yet another thing that I would assume people with money would be doing. Why is it that having a healthy, breathing baby is not good enough that people want to have some sort of reward to you know .. “Push”

And finally, this is the real doozy. Apparently people are giving their male counterparts gifts for getting snipped. Which doesn’t really seem to make any sort of sense. From a medical standpoint having the male spouse get “snipped” for lack of a better term, is the easiest way. Maybe unless the female was getting their tubes tied during a c-section if they had to go that route. However medically the male is sore for a few days and bang, done. They used that bag of frozen pees that you had in the freezer far too long to help soothe down there and finished. Where as you have the female which needs to be cut open for however many reasons and are dealing with essentially a surgery to prevent further pregnancy’s.

What do you even give in this situation? Do you give something funny or comforting? Do you give your spouse like a thank you card you know, for taking one for the team? Do you give them something sexy because well now you can hopefully have the fun times without worrying about another bundle of joy surprising you in the process. The whole idea just seems to be a huge waste of not only time but also money too. It’s like people have this much extra cash laying around that they need to spend it (Which if that is the case you are more than welcome to spend it on one of my poetry books which you can find here). I can’t ever seeing myself doing this.

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Then the other question, If your spouse got you the push present, are you obligated to do the vasectomy gift? Or are you only getting one if you gave the push present? Then it also raises another question, Does someone get a push present AND a hysterectomy one also if they are they ones that are going to be getting the sniped or tied stuff around? If anything this is raising far more questions that it is answering them because I find it really hard to even sort my feelings.

I guess the bottom line is these types of things are what is wrong with the world. We need to stop spending money on useless crap and things that literally mean absolutely nothing. Not everything in life needs to have some sort of a reward. It doesn’t need to be something specially like this. How about if you get snipped you want to because your spouse maybe had to endure a lot of things in terms of giving birth and this was a good thing to do. Maybe instead of spending money on some baby moon you want to save it or put it away to start a small interest savings fund for your child. Or instead of a push present maybe start a new tradition with your child. Or even getting a few things that you had growing up that meant a lot.

And as I am sure you are wondering. Did we do a baby moon before my oldest son was born? Sure, If you call going to Boston Pizza REALLY pregnant for a meal counts. We never really had one with our second and we probably won’t with our third. Was there any push presents? No. I didn’t think that I needed to be rewarded for becoming a mom since that was the whole purpose of having children you obviously know what the outcome will be in terms of birth. And then for a vasectomy gift? No. There also will not be any. Maybe some extra sweets or maybe take out to not have to cook. But there will be no gift, and for the record, my husband volunteered for that because after all, I was doing all the hard work before!