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3 Reasons Why I am Glad I Stopped Selling Scentsy

I think the vast majority of people have fallen for some sort or multi level marketing company. You know what I am talking about where you order some type of kit, you then have to sell so much product within certain time frames in order to keep your status, and host parties with friends. Does Tupperwear, Younique, Scentsy or Epicure come to mind? I know I was also someone that fell for this. At one point i was selling for 2 companies at a time which you are strictly not allowed to do. Companies do not want to know you are using their customers to build another business because you are supposed to be all in for the company not growing your business with multiple companies.

If you are unfamiliar with what Scentsy is I will explain. Scentsy is a fragrance system that you can have for your home, backpack, care etc where it produces Scentsy with no flame. Remember when our parents were older and had the tart warmer where you put wax above a candle and it would melt to produce a scent. This is basically the same thing however instead of a flame it is a light bulb of various watts depending on the warmers and you would plug in and turn on that would melt wax to fragrant your home. There is so many fragrances also that you are bound to find something you like. They also have plug-ins similar to glade as well as products for your car that you hang on your rear view mirror to also produce scent.

Reason number one why I stopped selling Scentsy is the fact that they kept increasing the prices. This product was no longer affordable to the average household in my opinion. I loved that anyone could really get products if they wanted however it became harder and harder to for lack of a better term, convince, people to pay the increased price for a wax bar which was once $5.00 Canadian to now as of writing about $8.00 each. That doesn’t include all of the licensed scents because they work with Disney or the NFL which are a touch more expensive and not eligible for any discounts typically. It also is hard when you have big box stores such as Walmart or Wheatons here in Canada that also have wax to be warmed for a far less price however again have a wide range of scents for anyone. Then you have the increased price of the warmers themselves and the branching into personal care products and cleaning which also increased in prices.

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Secondly, there is a deadline in the amount of money you needed to make in order to continue to have the status of Scentsy consultant. This was typically putting in an order every 3 months essentially a party order. At the time I sold this was about a $340 order which was before taxes (Obviously) and then you would receive different party rewards essentially. The thing is that this had to be PER one month. You could not get orders through the 3 months, it had to be one whole order. Which didn’t make sense due to the fact some people don’t always order at the exact same time every single time 3 months rolled around. Then you have the pressure of having your higher up person who you signed under continuously wondering how you are doing because it is a reflection of themselves plus they get bonuses for how hard you work. It is extremely hard to also not pump your own money into this to stay active due to the fact once you become inactive you are unable to sell the product again for a year (at the time I sold). And finally, you were technically not allowed to do deals publicly. You had to do them under the table and in DM`s or private groups. That way everyone was supposedly selling the same thing for the same price which we know is not true and we know that here is a lot of people who do cut deals with regulars to get in orders and make more money. This also goes back to at one point they had free shipping, they then changed it to pay for shipping, and as of now they may or may not have free shipping or you pay for it. None the less these changes were not great.

And lastly, time. The amount of time you continuously spend trying to build your customer base is insane. There is a lot of customers who you would get randomly when their main consultant is out of what they need or they were looking for something specific that they did not have. What sucks is that people are not always loyal to someone. Whoever has the best deal the people go to. You spend time promoting and trying to pull others in that at what point. You have nearly no payback for it. As I mentioned above, the one party you needed every 3 months. You would make about 60-80 dollars off of that party. Is that worth the amount of time you put into actually growing your business? No. You never get your stuff back. Not to mention the market for many of these MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies, Scentsy being no exception, is that they are majorly over saturated because the consultants are given the hope of gaining some financial freedom where more often than not they end up spending more and more money on products that they are stuck with at the end of it all.

This being said, am I still a customer of Scentsy? Yes. The thing is I only buy it twice a year, In the summer time and again in the fall to stock up on scents. I very rarely, if ever buy any warmers because truth be told if you actually looked on Amazon you can find the exact same warmers for a far less price tag than you normally would pay. In fast some are even below the price Scentsy sells it for also. I do like their scents because they have a wide range though it really is hit or miss there are a few that also do not last as long as I remember. The feeling that they leave in my house though when we warm them has memories of our first home and so on. So for that, I do enjoy using the products. I don’t however buy the bells and whistles so to speak, the car products or the cleaning or laundry. Those are just not worth it to me.

Have you ever been a consultant and quit one of these companies?

Is there something you continue to use but you dont believe in selling it anymore?

Let me know in the comments below, and know you are not alone in this either.