So as most of you readers know, if you have seen the stream also, my/our son Vincent has been born! He is nearly a month old! I feel like we are super lucky with how everything panned out as well too! For being a 1st time mom and giving birth for the first time I don’t think we could have asked for any better.

Vincent was born on a Monday, March 2nd/2020. On the Sunday before about 10pm I felt like I was MAYBE having contractions. I wasn’t sure since they were not as strong or anything and didn’t think much of it so I went and grabbed a shower to help with the contractions on my back. My Boyfriend (BF) and I then went to bed. About 2ish in the morning I woke up and they were getting stronger. Again I grabbed a shower and felt this might help which is didn’t. At 3am he started to count contractions which was strange because they never really had a “rhythm” so to speak. Sometimes they would be a minute long and then 10 minutes til the next sometimes they felt like they lasted for 3 minutes and then there was a 2 minute break between them. At 4am he called the hospital and they suggested I have a bath see if that helps. It didn’t. After about 20 minutes in there I had told the BF I don’t want to be in there anymore since it was doing absolutely nothing! By 5am we were on the way to the hospital. It was a quiet night and they said we should come in.

Once at the hospital I had to do a urine sample and they checked how far along I was. I was 3cms and 100% effaced. Which is really not that far along. At about 630am/7am on March 2nd they gave me Morphine for the pain. 2 Doses because the 1st didn’t do anything basically. This made me throw up which I guess is pretty common. They wanted to make sure that I at least could get some sleep. About 8/830am is when my water broke and we all know after your water breaks you HAVE to have the baby within 24 hours or risk infection to yourself or the baby since he is unprotected. Again, Being this is the 1st birth of ours no one really took it seriously and told us we would be there for a while. I slept for a bit but it wasn’t a solid sleep at all. At about 930am is when I got my private room. for the next 2-3 hours it legit felt like I had to poop! I know freaking weird and shit but that’s the best way to describe it.

At about 1130am I was going back and forth and back and forth to the bathroom losing my damn mind over this feeling like I had to poop. A nurse came in and I was like “Soooooo.. Is this when I can get the epidural? The nurse then suggested different options for me like, Sitting on a birthing ball, standing and putting one leg higher like I lift it on the bed, Or even get my significant other to p9inch the skin between my thumb and index finger because “You will take the pain away from the contractions if you do it somewhere else”. So yet again I was going back and forth to the bathroom. At about 12:45pm if not closer to 1pm is when the doctor came back. He and I had mentioned earlier that perhaps I hadn’t started labor then we would induce me. I said I didn’t want to at least wait in case it happened naturally with my water breaking, but I also didn’t want to wait close to 24 hours in case it wasn’t enough time either!

The doctor then checked down there and said that “We would probably not need the epidural right now.” I was like “Um… Why not” And he then responded that we were just going to push. OMG. I was 10cms dilated and baby Vincent was already making his way into the world. The nurses then were rushing around the room trying to get everything ready and the doctor was barely in his gloves before I started to push. He even told me to wait a second while he got them on! Not much pushing later maybe 3-5 and we had our little boy!

The BF said that it happened super quickly and was chaos for a few minutes! The crazy part is Vincent legit could have been born in the toilet had I of known! I legit kept going back and forth back and forth from the bathroom. I never really “tried” to poop in a sense because I was scared it was in fact him!

Overall, I would say that so many people are correct when they say that you can plan how your birth will go and it may never go that way at all! I know people who thought they would have their child naturally and ended up with a c-section. That was my personal biggest fear was to have a c-section which we didn’t have to have (THANKFULLY!). Total time for our labor was 15 hours approx, with 8 of that in the hospital. Thankfully as well, despite the fact that we had to stay an extra day for a heart murmur (Which corrected itself) and had to be in the hospital again when the baby had jaundice it was not a bad time. Mind you the french speaking nurses who refused to speak English was a bit nutty and probably would be the worse part of the whole experience.  I think it was a lot to process for sure since it happened so fast and without complications but I couldn’t be happier that this little fella has chosen myself and my Boyfriend to be his parents! They say life changes when you have a child, They would be right, But I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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