How We Picked Our Second Son’s Name

If you have been following this blog you will probably remember my post regarding how we named our first son. If you are new you are more than welcome to read that blog here.

Choosing a name for another human being is probably one of the hardest things that my partner and I have ever done in our entire lives. There is so many possibilities that you can choose from and scenarios that you also need to think of. You have to think about nick names, you have to think about bullies and school. Maybe the name is totally different and there is different names that can come from their name. There is also the possibility of spelling. Some names spellings can be changes or altered but how far are you willing to take it though? Will it be unrecognizable if you change to many of the letters? Will it be easy to pronounce? There is so much that you need to be aware of when naming a child that you really cannot rush how it happens.

Then there is the other possibilities, will there be multiple names? Will you choose to use a family name or one that is older. Will you use a new name or retro one? Then if you are like us, we think if we ever knew someone who had the names we liked and if we knew someone with the same name regardless if it was a good or awkward person we refuse to use the name because it is essentially “tainted” in the sense that we don’t want to reuse a name that we already know someone with.

When we named our first son Vincent, again you can read the story here, it was kind of a moment that clicked. We both agreed and it was a name that we really liked as soon as we heard it. With our newest son, it was a little more challenging.

I may or may not have mentioned it in the previous blog but for the longest time I liked the name Felix. Why? No idea. This was a name that was brought up for our 1st son and my spouse was not having it. He did not like the name. We then found out we were having yet another little boy and I kept revisiting the name. My theory was maybe the name was lucky for success. Look at Pewdiepie, one of the most successful YouTubers in the world. His name is Felix. Then you have the streamer xQc who is actually from Quebec and also arguably one of the most successful streamers in the world. His name is Felix. So I thought maybe there is something to do with the name and maybe it has luck to it. My boyfriend STILL hated this idea.

I began to half drop the idea of this name being used because he was so adamant on not using the name. So off I go searching for a name that seemed to be way harder the second time around to find another little boys name that would meet our needs. The few criteria that we had was that it be a name we knew no one who had (Personally I guess) and that it was a name that could easily be said in both french and English since my family is English and his is French.

Success! You're on the list.

I start looking and looking and looking and looking. Anyone who has had to name a baby can tell you that eventually no matter how many different lists or sites you look on you seem to find the exact same names popping up. This was happening to me. I legit was seeing the same names, some that I liked most I did not. Eventually I had told my boyfriend that I need him to look up some names and lists because I was becoming short sighted and only seeing the same names over and over again and it was getting harder to pick the ones out. Well, He started also looking at the lists. Suddenly Felix kept popping up as a name. As he continued to keep going through the lists he was becoming more and more into the name. It was still a name we never knew anyone with, and it was a name that was not at all weird or strange and was very easy to pronounce in both languages. Suddenly he decided that yes, we would keep the name Felix.

As for the middle name, we decided to give him the same middle name as his father. Our first Vincent, has the same middle name as my dad and my brother. This only seemed fitting to use the same name as him to pass along a little bit. We do have a few possible middle names if by chance the 3rd one is also a boy, which we do hope it is a girl (Obviously healthy is best but still nice to day dream). However if the last child we would like to have is a girl they would have my middle name though.

As you can obviously see, regardless if you are having your 1st child or your 6th one. Naming a baby is tough work. Not to mention, we did have names from previously that we made when we named our 1st however as time passes you don’t love the names anymore or you are not feeling them. You still keep them on the list in case maybe your mind comes back around to them but you aren’t going to use them for this particular child. Maybe the 3rd one when the time comes, will be like it was with our first, or maybe with this current fella now!

Did you find it hard to choose the name of your child?
Do you have any specific little rules that you also try to follow when narrowing down the list of names?

Let me know in the comments below, I would LOVE to hear all of your tips and tricks as well!

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