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Peppermint Buttons Recipe

*** For a details story about why I started making these, got the recipe etc, see underneath the actual recipe itself (Please consider reading for some history on it!). My reason for this is because there is nothing I can’t stand more than looking up a recipe online only to have to scroll scroll scroll to the bottom to find it with a bunch of fluff on the top! Thank you!

Peppermint Buttons

– Some type of Hershey’s Kisses (I try to use Candy Cane for the Holidays, However Hugs are also a nice type to use as well!)
– Pretzels (I prefer the “Grid” Type of pretzels however the regular twisted ones will also work nicely with this too.)
– Holiday M&M’s (Red and Green ones!)

  1. Take the pretzels and line them on a cookie sheet on top of some type paper. I prefer parchment paper however it also would work if you wanted to use tin foil as well.
  2. Take all of the kisses from their packaging and place one on top of the pretzels.
  3. Turn oven on low and place the pretzels with the Hershey’s kisses on top in to the oven.
  4. Pay attention to them so they do not burn, the amount of time varies depending on how hot the oven is. You are not baking them just heating the chocolate. You will know they are done when the points look a bit lopsided.
  5. Remove from oven.
  6. Carefully place the M&M’s on top of the kisses and push down. You can wait a few if you find the chocolate may be too hot but you do not want them to cool completely since the M&M will squish into the chocolate.
  7. Place in the tray in the fridge to cool.
    (You can leave on the counter however it may not completely cool as much as you would like it to or quick enough)
  8. Once cooled, put in a container or plastic bag to keep fresh.

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This is something that I have made foe the longest time! I first was looking for some recipes on Pinterest at least 8 years ago when my spouse and I finally moved in together. The first Christmas we were together I wanted to do baking and since I never really did a lot except for the bits and bites recipe that you can find here (It is sort of a signature by now!). I wanted to find things that would be different and well, I have been making these ever since! I have made them both with the candy cane Hershey’s Kisses as well as the Hershey’s Hugs and both are equally as good. I will say the candy cane ones though do feel more festive for obvious reasons but if they are not your flavor you certainly can experiment with things! Even cookies and cream I think would be okay too. I would not use something hard inside though like the almond ones because they would make it probably hard to place the M&M on the top once it has melted!