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How We Picked Our Second Son’s Name

If you have been following this blog you will probably remember my post regarding how we named our first son. If you are new you are more than welcome to read that blog here.

Choosing a name for another human being is probably one of the hardest things that my partner and I have ever done in our entire lives. There is so many possibilities that you can choose from and scenarios that you also need to think of. You have to think about nick names, you have to think about bullies and school. Maybe the name is totally different and there is different names that can come from their name. There is also the possibility of spelling. Some names spellings can be changes or altered but how far are you willing to take it though? Will it be unrecognizable if you change to many of the letters? Will it be easy to pronounce? There is so much that you need to be aware of when naming a child that you really cannot rush how it happens.

Then there is the other possibilities, will there be multiple names? Will you choose to use a family name or one that is older. Will you use a new name or retro one? Then if you are like us, we think if we ever knew someone who had the names we liked and if we knew someone with the same name regardless if it was a good or awkward person we refuse to use the name because it is essentially “tainted” in the sense that we don’t want to reuse a name that we already know someone with.

When we named our first son Vincent, again you can read the story here, it was kind of a moment that clicked. We both agreed and it was a name that we really liked as soon as we heard it. With our newest son, it was a little more challenging.

I may or may not have mentioned it in the previous blog but for the longest time I liked the name Felix. Why? No idea. This was a name that was brought up for our 1st son and my spouse was not having it. He did not like the name. We then found out we were having yet another little boy and I kept revisiting the name. My theory was maybe the name was lucky for success. Look at Pewdiepie, one of the most successful YouTubers in the world. His name is Felix. Then you have the streamer xQc who is actually from Quebec and also arguably one of the most successful streamers in the world. His name is Felix. So I thought maybe there is something to do with the name and maybe it has luck to it. My boyfriend STILL hated this idea.

I began to half drop the idea of this name being used because he was so adamant on not using the name. So off I go searching for a name that seemed to be way harder the second time around to find another little boys name that would meet our needs. The few criteria that we had was that it be a name we knew no one who had (Personally I guess) and that it was a name that could easily be said in both french and English since my family is English and his is French.

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I start looking and looking and looking and looking. Anyone who has had to name a baby can tell you that eventually no matter how many different lists or sites you look on you seem to find the exact same names popping up. This was happening to me. I legit was seeing the same names, some that I liked most I did not. Eventually I had told my boyfriend that I need him to look up some names and lists because I was becoming short sighted and only seeing the same names over and over again and it was getting harder to pick the ones out. Well, He started also looking at the lists. Suddenly Felix kept popping up as a name. As he continued to keep going through the lists he was becoming more and more into the name. It was still a name we never knew anyone with, and it was a name that was not at all weird or strange and was very easy to pronounce in both languages. Suddenly he decided that yes, we would keep the name Felix.

As for the middle name, we decided to give him the same middle name as his father. Our first Vincent, has the same middle name as my dad and my brother. This only seemed fitting to use the same name as him to pass along a little bit. We do have a few possible middle names if by chance the 3rd one is also a boy, which we do hope it is a girl (Obviously healthy is best but still nice to day dream). However if the last child we would like to have is a girl they would have my middle name though.

As you can obviously see, regardless if you are having your 1st child or your 6th one. Naming a baby is tough work. Not to mention, we did have names from previously that we made when we named our 1st however as time passes you don’t love the names anymore or you are not feeling them. You still keep them on the list in case maybe your mind comes back around to them but you aren’t going to use them for this particular child. Maybe the 3rd one when the time comes, will be like it was with our first, or maybe with this current fella now!

Did you find it hard to choose the name of your child?
Do you have any specific little rules that you also try to follow when narrowing down the list of names?

Let me know in the comments below, I would LOVE to hear all of your tips and tricks as well!

I gave birth to another baby!!

For anyone who has been following the blog for any amount of time you will know that I have one son already. I wrote about his birth story here. And if you have been following it in the last 9 months you will know that I am pregnant with a second son! Well, I was!

If you took a moment to go back and read the blog about the birth of our first son it was all natural (due to lack of time) and it was super fast. For a first birth and him being 9 days early it was actually incredible (Seriously read all the details here!)

Much like my 1st son this little guy decided to give mom contractions on a Sunday evening also. It started with the little cramping and I had gone to bed. By 2am I was fully awake and I was back in the warm tub hoping that the water would ease my back. Which it did for a period of time. About 3am or so I got my boyfriend up again. I still was having contractions. They were getting closer and closer together. At about 5am I had called my mom to come over since she was switched her shift so she could go watch our little Vincent while we went to the hospital.

Contractions SUCK. I do not remember them being so hurtful and sucky as they were with Vincent as they were that day. They checked how far along I was and I was only 3-4cms. Which SUCKED also. Because it was still early labour I was contracting in a small room until I was at least a solid 4cm if not more. They suggested I walk or bounce on a birthing ball. That did not happen. I legit was done. I couldn’t handle it. Maybe because with Vincent they gave me Morphine for the pain so early that helped also? But it was incredibly painful. We stayed in this room from about 630am/7am to some time after 9am. Then when I was checked at 5cm I was sent to a room.


Unlike my 1st. I totally 110% responded to wanting an epidural. We had plenty of time to get one and we went that route. It is nerve wracking going through contractions while they jam a needle into your back but I think I did okay. I was surprised by how little pain you feel. Contractions became nearly non existent. I also was surprised when I was able to move my legs moderately. They felt a bit flimsy but I could still move them. Here is when things started to go wonky.. So they were having trouble finding the heartbeat. I don’t mean for lack of. I mean for where it was located for them to hear it. This is when they brought in an ultrasound and they checked.. He had flipped on us and was suddenly head up. He was breeched. At this point it was pretty devastating.

I had 2 options. I never felt pressure in my decisions for this but it still never made it any easier. My 1st option was to attempt a breech birth vaginally. Now this may seem easy but with him measuring 2.5 weeks ahead based on a 31 week ultrasound we knew he was going to be bigger then my 1st son was. They informed me that yes, it may be possible but there is also the possibility that he may get stuck or that we may end up in a C-Section at the end anyways if he wont come out. Then obviously, the second option was a C-Section. A major freaking surgery that if you were to ask me about it there would be no flipping way that I would have told you that was even a possibility. It was not even on my radar.

We just decided to pick a C Section. I say pick as if some crazy prize but it wasn’t.. It was nerve wracking, scary and I was basically petrified. The reason why we chose this was that it was already near lunch time, my labour contractions were a bit stalled, and the fact we could attempt breech and STILL have to have a C section I think would be far more devastating if I waited all day to have one. Luckily they brought us in nearly right away so we were able to be out of the surgery theater at about 130pm and into recovery. I needed more medications before they actually cut me open as I could still slightly feel some sensations. And then at one point I felt so nauseous that I basically dry heaved at one point due to having nothing in my stomach either. My boyfriend said at one point my heart rate dropped to 70 and he was like WHAT THE FRICK. But other than that it was crazy. It is also insane that they give you the baby within 15 minutes. Then you have to be sewn up for the remainder 30-40 minutes because they legit cut through so many layers of your abdomen. I never did skin to skin because I was shivering due to the medications however he got to so that! That made me really happen because he got to experience things with Felix that I got to first with Vincent!

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After recovery and my legs started working again would I be moved to my own room. This was because I had to be able to scoot my bum from the surgery bed to a regular bed. After I had to see how I could walk at 630pm. Also the next test was trying to pee. This is something that is so mind boggling because you are legit drinking liters and liters of water but because of the amount of medications in you, your body becomes so dehydrated. At some point I even was questioning if things were put back in the way they were since my body was not peeing but I was drinking and drinking so I know there was fluids being put in there!

Finally pee happened and I am basically on the mend except for the mandatory 2 day stay in the hospital. Which is totally okay due to the fact that C Sections are actually considered major surgery which is still mind blowing for me considering you are awake during the entire procedure. And with everything that happens to your body from being essentially having things moved around and having things replaced, your body goes through a lot. Not to mention my littlest son Felix also had a touch of jaundice like his older brother due to myself and my boyfriends blood types and how they match while making children.

As I write this it is the spare moments from the first night home. We still have to take Felix in to see if the jaundice has gone the following day which we hope it has. And on top of that also, having a cesarean section for delivery has been anything but delightful. I feel low key depressed, not baby blues but just sad because of the amount of things that you really and truly cannot do for yourself. Not to mention I needed help to shower and was unable to put my own compost in the compost bin under the sink due to the fact I would have to bend over the way that do. I’m not sure how a single mother would so this without help. Honestly. I have my boyfriend home and able to help and even that I find extremely challenging. I hope these next 4 to 6 weeks really fly by and I am able to get back to being myself again. With full mobility of course also too!

Why I Decided Not to Work While Raising Children

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I do understand that in some families do not have the option to not work when it comes to raising a family. They may have debt or bills to pay or they may even just like the idea of working in general. There are various reasons why some families decide to have two working parents. There is no right or wrong way for this, this is simply my opinion and reasoning why my spouse and I decided not to send me back to work, just yet! There is no right or wrong way to raising children especially if you decide to go to work or you want to be a stay at home parent too.

Growing up my Mom was a stay at home mom. My dad used to lay floors when we were younger, and as we got older he took his long haul trucking course. Eventually my mom would start watching a few kids from people she knew, she watched a brother and a sister for many years and than another little boy after they had moved away. This was her way of making some extra money on the side. She also would do little crafts, hemming clothes for people, and knitting and crocheting various items to sell also through friends and family. Once we were old enough and teenagers she did start working in a vet hospital and we were left to fend for ourselves. Just kidding, we were just fine! If I could give an age I would say this was when we were in junior high. She was no longer needed to babysit the last little guy she had and she was given this opportunity to work she took it. Can you blame her? I would have too!

Growing up I liked the fact that my mom was home with us. It made things easier. We never stayed at school for lunches we came home. She had lunch ready and we walked back and forth. It was nice to know that a hot lunch was waiting there for us. If we were sick at school or something happened she was available and able to pick us up if needed too. It was really convenient especially since my dad had to go away during the week for both of the jobs that he did when we were growing up. Having a parent home was a good feeling and I want my kids to also feel that too.

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Another reason why we decided that I would not be going back to work is we would like to have 3 kids. To put 3 kids in daycare right now with the cost of everything is quite expensive. Due to my partner and his annual income I don’t believe we would be able to get a subsidy for child care. Not to mention, in my previous jobs that you can read about in this blog here, I worked with disabled adults in their homes. This was shift work and over nights and weekends. My spouse has a job where he could be away for weeks or even months and for me to work those kind of hours and paying any type of childcare would just not be practical. In order for me to do the 9-5 hours I would need to continuously work with a company for a very very long time and even still people don’t get those type of hours. Plus, my mom currently works in a hospital during the day time and my dad is only off 2 days per week. I cannot rely on them to watch my kids for me to work. And paying premium hours for someone else to watch them really doesn’t make sense not to mention finding someone to do it would be a feat on it’s own. If I was to get a smaller job for minimum wage I would also essentially be paying for childcare. The profit that I would be making in terms of paying for childcare and whatever is left just does not make any sense in the big picture.

Another primary reason why I am not working is that when my boyfriend and I decided to have children, we wanted to raise them. We did not want to have to rely on someone else or daycare to raise them. It is so simple to have children and go back to work and pick your children up at the end of the day. We wanted to be a constant in our children’s lives. Especially with their dad having to travel for his job also we did not want to have him away and then myself also gone. We wanted one of us to be home and able to teach and watch our kids grow. It just made complete sense to us to have it this way.

This being said, will I ever go back to work? I am hoping to have some sort of business started as a work from home type of deal. That way I can stay home and still have a small income to save money or help a little with bills too. If all else fails eventually when we are done having children and they are all in school I would look at maybe doing what my mom did with babysitting a child or two, or maybe even working mornings somewhere. There is going to be a time when I end up going back to work. As. Ice as it sometimes can be sitting home and relaxing with my little ones, I do miss having an income from working and some independence and a pay cheque. Even a few hundred a month could be huge for me in getting back to helping out. But, again, I am in by no means a rush to leave them and start working again!

Was this a hard decision that you had to make when deciding to go back to work or staying at home?

Have you thought about this decision before or after having children?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your experience also!

3 Reasons Why I am Glad I Stopped Selling Scentsy

I think the vast majority of people have fallen for some sort or multi level marketing company. You know what I am talking about where you order some type of kit, you then have to sell so much product within certain time frames in order to keep your status, and host parties with friends. Does Tupperwear, Younique, Scentsy or Epicure come to mind? I know I was also someone that fell for this. At one point i was selling for 2 companies at a time which you are strictly not allowed to do. Companies do not want to know you are using their customers to build another business because you are supposed to be all in for the company not growing your business with multiple companies.

If you are unfamiliar with what Scentsy is I will explain. Scentsy is a fragrance system that you can have for your home, backpack, care etc where it produces Scentsy with no flame. Remember when our parents were older and had the tart warmer where you put wax above a candle and it would melt to produce a scent. This is basically the same thing however instead of a flame it is a light bulb of various watts depending on the warmers and you would plug in and turn on that would melt wax to fragrant your home. There is so many fragrances also that you are bound to find something you like. They also have plug-ins similar to glade as well as products for your car that you hang on your rear view mirror to also produce scent.

Reason number one why I stopped selling Scentsy is the fact that they kept increasing the prices. This product was no longer affordable to the average household in my opinion. I loved that anyone could really get products if they wanted however it became harder and harder to for lack of a better term, convince, people to pay the increased price for a wax bar which was once $5.00 Canadian to now as of writing about $8.00 each. That doesn’t include all of the licensed scents because they work with Disney or the NFL which are a touch more expensive and not eligible for any discounts typically. It also is hard when you have big box stores such as Walmart or Wheatons here in Canada that also have wax to be warmed for a far less price however again have a wide range of scents for anyone. Then you have the increased price of the warmers themselves and the branching into personal care products and cleaning which also increased in prices.

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Secondly, there is a deadline in the amount of money you needed to make in order to continue to have the status of Scentsy consultant. This was typically putting in an order every 3 months essentially a party order. At the time I sold this was about a $340 order which was before taxes (Obviously) and then you would receive different party rewards essentially. The thing is that this had to be PER one month. You could not get orders through the 3 months, it had to be one whole order. Which didn’t make sense due to the fact some people don’t always order at the exact same time every single time 3 months rolled around. Then you have the pressure of having your higher up person who you signed under continuously wondering how you are doing because it is a reflection of themselves plus they get bonuses for how hard you work. It is extremely hard to also not pump your own money into this to stay active due to the fact once you become inactive you are unable to sell the product again for a year (at the time I sold). And finally, you were technically not allowed to do deals publicly. You had to do them under the table and in DM`s or private groups. That way everyone was supposedly selling the same thing for the same price which we know is not true and we know that here is a lot of people who do cut deals with regulars to get in orders and make more money. This also goes back to at one point they had free shipping, they then changed it to pay for shipping, and as of now they may or may not have free shipping or you pay for it. None the less these changes were not great.

And lastly, time. The amount of time you continuously spend trying to build your customer base is insane. There is a lot of customers who you would get randomly when their main consultant is out of what they need or they were looking for something specific that they did not have. What sucks is that people are not always loyal to someone. Whoever has the best deal the people go to. You spend time promoting and trying to pull others in that at what point. You have nearly no payback for it. As I mentioned above, the one party you needed every 3 months. You would make about 60-80 dollars off of that party. Is that worth the amount of time you put into actually growing your business? No. You never get your stuff back. Not to mention the market for many of these MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies, Scentsy being no exception, is that they are majorly over saturated because the consultants are given the hope of gaining some financial freedom where more often than not they end up spending more and more money on products that they are stuck with at the end of it all.

This being said, am I still a customer of Scentsy? Yes. The thing is I only buy it twice a year, In the summer time and again in the fall to stock up on scents. I very rarely, if ever buy any warmers because truth be told if you actually looked on Amazon you can find the exact same warmers for a far less price tag than you normally would pay. In fast some are even below the price Scentsy sells it for also. I do like their scents because they have a wide range though it really is hit or miss there are a few that also do not last as long as I remember. The feeling that they leave in my house though when we warm them has memories of our first home and so on. So for that, I do enjoy using the products. I don’t however buy the bells and whistles so to speak, the car products or the cleaning or laundry. Those are just not worth it to me.

Have you ever been a consultant and quit one of these companies?

Is there something you continue to use but you dont believe in selling it anymore?

Let me know in the comments below, and know you are not alone in this either.

Final Prep for Baby #2’s Arrival!

With the fact we have a new baby on the way and his due date coming quickly, there are some things that I had to for sure do before his arrival. This was to make things as easy as possible.

First, we had to make sure we would have people who could be in place to watch our first son Vincent! This was obviously important because we could not just leave him where he was and hope for the best. Due to the fact that I am currently not speaking with my sister (She is anti-vax for various reasons, you can read my stance about that here) and the fact my brother is well, not being very nice either, we had to do a bit of thinking out of the box. My Dad is off work on Wednesdays and Thursdays so if by chance the labour starts on one of those days he can always come over and look after Vincent on those days. My mom is also normally off 2 days a week however she does work during the days and may not be able to just leave work. Therefore we have my friend from elementary school Emily who will be on stand by and will bring her 2 youngest over to take over and watch Vincent if it happens and my Mom is still working and what not. Afterwards we figure if we need to spend time in the hospital like we did with my Son, he had jaundice and needed to be under the tanning lights than we would simply send my partner home and I would stay in the hospital with Felix. That way it would be easier since he also would be able to take some time off work even if it isn’t parental but a few days to help even out before we bring Felix home. Obviously we hope we can just give birth and bring him home!

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Next is the little things. This would be finding the bottles we used for Vincent and putting them together, washing the newborn and small 3 month old clothes in special laundry soap also. We know people don’t always use this however with my luck and dry skin we feel this is the best choice. Not to mention the fact we are starting to do formula right off the bat with no breast feeding this makes it easier to just have things prepped and on the counter so when the time comes and we need to start making bottles again we are able to do so without having to look for things last minute either. I also had set up the bassinet in our bedroom and a basket in there that has things like diapers, and wipes, bibs, and receiving blankets. Our son Vincent is currently sleeping in the crib in Felix’s room so we don’t want to have to wake up him in the middle of the night for a change. We want to be able to do everything in the bedroom and near so it makes things really easy for us. Once Vincent goes to his room in his bed (When we make the switch) and the flooring is done it will make things better and we can obviously use his bedroom.

Hospital bags is another thing that is basically included in the 1st one. It can be really challenging because of the fact that hospitals provide different things and or they don’t provide things. This is a new hospital for us since we gave birth to our first son in Quebec. Now we are in Nova Scotia and based on conflicting posts in a Facebook group I am in for expecting Moms in 2021, there seem to be different things with what the hospital provides. I basically am packing the same things that we already had or have packed for Vincent and hoping we don’t need anythings else. Apparently this hospital does have WiFi which our last did not so that will be great to bring our tablet so that my spouse can call his family from there and video chat with them! They wont be able to meet our newest fella till about the spring so this will be a great way for them to meet him even if it is virtually!

Lastly, Christmas! Since we normally decorate so early during the holidays, and I say we but mainly myself, we have to make sure everything is done for that. I recently have gone and bought all of the Christmas gifts for everyone. I will need to go out and get a few last minute ingredients at the supermarket however I am thankful that the bulk of gifts has been bought so I don’t need to be hanging out and walking around needlessly in a mall or something. I did a lot of shopping online and still finished things that needed to be done on a Sunday when there would be less people out and about. It really saves me a lot of stress to not have to think about going out. I mean what if Felix decides to come late, and I am not feeling like myself so we have to go out than.. I was thinking the less I need to go out in this pandemic world with a newborn or even solo the better. As I am sure you have seen before we are very much homebodies and this is a great way for me to just relax and enjoy our new home while still being able to have peace and quiet without going out and bashing my way through crowds.

Other than that, I am still waiting and trying to anxiously wait the arrival of our new baby. I hope the transition from a one child family to 2 goes smoothly but I think it will be a great time none the less. We are very excited even if we are still waiting and waiting for him to show up! Hopefully he decides to make an entrance into the world just like his brother did and it is a few days early, that would be a nice bonus for sure!

Was there anything that you really needed to do before you gave birth to a baby or a loved one did?

Were you part of a birth plan during someone’s special moment?

Let me know in the comments below! Especially if they differ from the ones I mentioned above!

Pregnancy Paranoia

Being pregnant is something I have done before. Some of you may have even stumbled upon this blog based on my 1st pregnancy and the adventures we went through with my son. Though, with no exceptions friends of mine had said that every pregnancy you will find yourself paranoid about different things. I am here so say that they are most certainly correct. I even wrote about things that made me paranoid in my 2nd pregnancy here if you want to check that out also. Here is the things that have made me paranoid about this pregnancy.

Number one that made me very paranoid and still does as I am sitting here at 32 weeks is movement. I think because in the beginning I felt movements way earlier this time than with my first I feel like I should have felt stronger ones more often. This is not the case because obviously the baby is a lot smaller! Now that I am nearing the end I am finding myself panicking I don’t feel the baby moving enough! Which logically doesn’t make sense because the baby would be running out of room here! Another thing that I do which does not make any rational sense is that I have these thoughts always after I am doing physical activity. Therefore he is most likely sleeping inside not moving! I never wonder if he is moving enough after Ive been resting it is always after movement! Silly right?! Normally when I try to relax and focus on feeling him move, everything is fine. I never was one to necessarily do kick counts because I felt if I did I would be super paranoid and over analyze whether or not I was getting enough in the time I should be getting them. This is another reason why I never purchased a fetal Doppler either. I know myself and if I did get e I know that I would be obsessed with it and continuously stress myself out more than I need to trying to heart his heartbeat.

Another major paranoia I had was if the baby was head down. An ultrasound at 31 weeks had showed that he was already head down which was a huge relief. With my 1st pregnancy I never really thought a lot about this. For this pregnancy and some reason I did! Maybe because I felt movements it almost tricked me to think the head was up and not down already. Now I also know that at some point there is a chance that the baby MAY flip back however the chance of that happening when their head is down already is down. I feel like I have felt his head being down for a while but sometimes it can be tough. I cannot say I have felt him drop or anything because it is far too early for that as I write this but it still has been crazy though. I feel like I can feel he is head down a lot ore this pregnancy than the last one though. Maybe because I felt my hips or joints loosening far more this time but I really am not entirely sure. It is crazy to think about how in a few more weeks we will be bringing our second child, our second son into the world!

Overall I don’t think I am that paranoid with being pregnant a second time. Nearing the end I feel like time had passed super fast. Maybe because I had so much happening during this pregnancy it felt like it flew by. Especially with our cross province move as well as not receiving out things for 5 weeks also too. There has also been I think more stress this pregnancy due to certain events and not to mention the uncertainty of things like covid and the changes surrounding the rules. Thankfully my partner has been vaccinated for a while so when incomes to the recent vaccination mandate in our province we have not had to worry about it.

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Though I also realize everyone is different and I am sure that there is people who are not paranoid at all during pregnancy. For me it was little things that I get paranoid about. After I vent or talk about it with a friend or my partner it seems to make things a lot easier and my minor fears loosen up also. That being said. If there is any legitimate concerns you may have being pregnant do not hesitate to contact your doctor or see professional help to make sure everything is okay! I personally have not had to ask you doctor anything except for if they do sweeps in this province and when they do it also too. I will explain why I asked this at the 32 week update also! Which you can expect to see in the next few blogs

Regardless if this is your 1st pregnancy or 5th one, I feel like some level of being paranoid is normal. As long as you don’t let it consume you. If that begins to happen it might be time to talk to a professional because the excessive stress may not be good for your baby! For me I never fixate on something for long, and if I get worried I talk about It or I try to occupy my mind with a chore or something too! It is crazy that one pregnancy you can be very worries about certain circumstances and this time around it be a whole new set! Thankfully I also have a partner who is level headed so he understands that can over worry about things sometimes and knows how to settle my mind too!

Is there anything that worried you with your pregnancy or your spouses?

How do you settle your mind when you start to get those slight paranoid feelings?

Let me know in the comments below! Maybe others will be able to learn from you and your coping strategies, or maybe they also have small fears that are the same!

Pregnanacy 36 week update

I cannot believe we are actually HERE and we are nearly finished growing this human being inside of my freaking body! How incredible is that. By the time this is released I will probably be about 37w since it is nearing the end of the month and of course I have to put the monthly update up also! But it will be up none the less!

I would be lying if I said that I was not nervous. My boyfriend has said he is not as nervous since we have done this before but I am still just as nervous. You really never know! Maybe the fact that his ultrasound was measuring ahead also has me slightly freaked out. But at the end of the day I just cannot wait to not be pregnant again. The waking up every few hours for the bathroom is something I forgot about. The heartburn also sucks equally too.

One thing I am slightly nervous about is that my partner is away from Tuesday this week until Friday, and home for Halloween weekend and then next week from Monday to Friday. Thankfully he will be only an hour away so I can call him in case this little guy decides to make his appearance earlier than his due date! The other thing is I really have to make sure that I have all of the bags packed. Myself, and the little guy. Plus a write up for Vincent who will be staying home. I have a friend who is going to come over and hopefully watch him until my Mom is off of work and can come over after. I wont be contacting my sister as I have mentioned before about her Anti-Vac ways and my brother and I are not exactly on speaking terms currently due to his attitude towards myself. So this is the best case scenario happening.

Other than the usual things that I need to do, I want to make a little to do list for myself to be able to get things going for the time it is just myself and Vincent. Just little things to get done around the house and to help time pass also too. Like Organizing bottles, cupboards, microwave stand, things of that nature. I do not want to push myself because being home alone can be challenging as I am afraid of the dark anyways, but I would like to really keep busy so the time passes. Might I add nesting perhaps? I want to not be rushing or left with things undone. Not to mention Vincent is current sleeping in the Baby’s room because we will use a bassinet for the 1st 6 months, so we can get a twin bed for him and what not eventually. But with this set up I need to make our bedroom a bit better suited with a basket of diapers or wipes, obviously we will not be running into the room to change diapers if our 1st son is asleep! So things like that are what I need to get done. Thankfully I just bought some new note bad paper for my clip board so you KNOW i am excited to organize this and plan!

Another thing is now that we are at 36w we will be having a doctors appointment every week. This week we have an appointment and also get checked for the dtap? Maybe it is called. It is the bacteria where if you have it when baby is born you have to get antibiotics in your IV to prevent anything from happening. I never needed it with Vincent, but every pregnancy is different.

Overall I think we are anticipating that he arrives sooner than later but as we all know babies will come when they come! I still have some more things I would like to accomplish before he does come however I have been slacking on that too. I really need to hammer out another list and get that done. Not to mention the moving may help to efface more and dilate to prevent any time of inducing too!

Success! You're on the list.

I also feel like this pregnancy I am a lot more awkward in terms of shape now. I know it sounds weird but I feel more round and whale like. I am longing for the part where I begin to have my body back and I am able to feel like myself again, not that I dont completely now but man is getting in and out of bed a challenge. We recently bought a new sectional also and well, getting on and off from a laying position is not the easiest thing I have done in my life either! I am not too sure how many more updates I will be posting since in a week not much can be changing, Simply put I will just be looking at hopefully getting sweeps done to make labour start hopefully but even that is a 50% chance it may do nothing too!

Even though this is our second child, it still is a bit surreal to think we will have yet another baby here and be doing the entire thing about getting up every 3 or so hours to feed him, and change him, his snoozing and him being tiny! I hope the transition from one child to two is easy even though I do expect some challenges! I also hope Vincent understands and will be the best big brother ever! Which I know he already will be even if he does have his little nearly 2 year old attitude too!

Is there anything I should know about a second pregnancy that you remember being different, Or any tips or tricks to help it go along smoother?

Let me know in the comments below!

November Update 2021

I feel like I legit JUST wrote an Update. Maybe because the October one was a few blog days after I normally would write but still here we are! At the time of writing this, October 27th (as you know ahead of time!) I am in fact still pregnant!

Streams have been going slowly and fee and far between. Normally max of 2 hours if that due to the fact that my back gets sore from sitting in the computer chair downstairs for long periods. Ive just been trying to do different things to be active across social medias and discord and streams even if I am not live. Blogging is slowly getting back to regularity which is a great feeling. I have been really into following people who are from Nova Scotia and really seeing the people around the province. It is a great feeling to see things across the province. I will be focusing on growing my Twitter for streams and the new business I would like to officially launch in the new year.

On to new business! In January I would love to begin selling some of my artwork and sewing treasures. Once I get some things going and settled I will be doing. A few giveaways across my social media platforms so I can hopefully grow the pages a bit before the actual launch as well too. My goal currently is to produce small things so that way I am not spending a fortune on shipping right now. Things that can fit into small envelopes and things. I am also probably going to limit my shipping to Canada/United states and United Kingdom. I also am planning to just use my socials. I do not want to use a website like Etsy or what not because I feel like starting out, i would be spending more money on growing my business. Another thing is I am doing really hard to not spend money on buying new supplies. I would like to try to sell what I already have or can make already. Build some sort of income and bank roll.that way instead of spending on things. I would like to really give this a go and try to bring in some money for my family. Though growing pages and building clients can be one of the trickiest things with this. Not to mention making a profit too. I will be also getting some business cards made also. That way I can add them to packages. It will be hard but I am determined to build something while at home and taking care of my kids.

Success! You're on the list.

Next is the new baby arriving soon! I am really working on trying to tackle little organizing things around the house. Things like making a spot in our bedroom for the bassinet, prepping and organizing drawers or spots in the kitchen, getting the bottles ready since we will be formula feeding. Things like that. My spouse will not be taking time off work right away so this will be something I do to keep busy. Not to mention the last week of October and beginning week of November he is gone through the week so this will keep me busy.. Nesting so to speak! And of course I need to pack the hospital bags also. Basically getting everything as ready as possible to be able to have a smooth transition from one fella to two! I an excited for this change and to be able to finally sip one drink with my partner in our new house and relax and take in the holidays as a family of four. I am still very nervous about another birth but also waiting patiently for it to happen!

Other than that Halloween has recently passed too. For this year we decided to just go see friends and family with our little fella. He is still far too young to really go door to door but when we were younger my parents would take us to friends and family to say hello and trick or treat for them. We will be starting in the afternoon and then we will be coming back and maybe giving out a handful of treats since there is not a whole lot of trick or treaters that come to our street. Which is a stark contrast to the old house where there would be 250+ kids sometimes! It Will still be nice to celebrate with some family and friends to see them for brief moments and introduce some to Vincent as well too!

And lastly. I am nearly done Christmas shopping and am so thankful I started when I did! This weekend, well the 1st in November I will also be going to tackle the rest of everything I would like to get! I want to get everything from my baking supplies to start at the end of the month, a few things to put in gifts since the majority is done, as well as see if I can make a trip to the dollar store also too. That is basically everything really. I am thankful I started so early because some of the gifts I had gotten for our son Vincent are becoming increasingly harder to find not to mention when it is found there is a way bigger price tag than I had found! I am so happy that I will be done this weekend though. At 37w pregnant it is a challenge to be doing things and I would rather not wait in case I am more sore with this little guy, or even if he is late and I have to shop deep into December because that just will not cut it!

Overall I think October went swell and I cannot wait for November to have a new addition to the family! There will be hopefully more stability in blogs being posted as well too! And yes, There will be a birth story blog coming up as well as how we choose our newest son’s name too!

– Stacey