My Writing Goals For 2022

There is no surprise that to some extent I do enjoy writing. If I didn’t you would think I wouldn’t be writing this now or continuing the blog for as long as I have been. Though I know some people are leaps and bounds over where I am at for the amount of time I am working on getting this to become a source of revenue for my family even if it only is a little bit per month. This is where I talk about my writing goals for the new year! And hopefully I hit them too!

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As far as the blog goes, I am going to be publishing another regular blog this year. So far I have blogs released on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I will be adding a 3rd blog on Thursdays which will be more focused on Mental Health, Weight loss, Physical and spiritual health too. I want to do this because it will be holding me accountable. I will be pretty open about things I may or may not be struggling with. The previous blogs I tend to write about what I am feeling, goofy things, updates, parenting, life, whatever comes to my mind. They are normally pre-written and then I schedule them for the month so I dont have to think about them. I just let them happen and continue to write more for the next month and so on. Thursdays will be written typically on Wednesdays so that they are the most recent snap shot of how I am feeling and my life. I am excited to start this as I did something in 2021 called Weight Loss Wednesdays however I stopped part way through when I found out I was pregnant and was no longer focusing on weight loss due to well, having a baby! It is no surprise either that I have struggled with weight loss and what not as you can read here in one of my most popular blogs too. I am excited to bring you all along on this journey and I really hope that you are able to join in too and maybe motivate myself or vice versa too!

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Secondly, I would like to really set some structure for myself and write a book or two in the process of the year. I have so many ideas and half written stories floating in notebooks around my house that I really want to make a schedule and set time aside to be able to write short stories, poetry, or whatever else I think could be potential for income. I know writing a book has a lot to it. Even as far as setting time aside can be challenging. Believe me, as a mom of 2 under 2 I completely understand this. I would really like to at least have things ready for editing by mid year and launch books by the end of the year to have published. I think it would be a great way for me to maybe have passive income and promote myself some what also too.

*** If you would like to support this blog financially you are more than welcome to do so by clicking this link here to bring you to my Ko-Fi website. Supporting the blog via tips is NEVER pressured however if you feel so inclined to help out in another way this is a perfect way to do so! You can see some behind the scenes items as well as insider info on the store updates and uncensored blogs also coming soon!

Growing up, and in school I always was a fan of English. I may not have been the greatest but writing stories or using my imagination was a huge point for my life. I loved every moment of it. Becoming an author or at least writing stories was something that occasionally had crossed my mind through the years but it never was something that I really wanted to actively pursue until i was older and now have a family. I feel like for me to be able to this I need to really be disciplined because you really are your own boss. I know for myself being my own motivator can be very challenging and I know it can be tough but I really want to do this to provide some sort of income for my family. I know also that I talk about money a lot because becoming a mom or moving away from home and leaving a job I had behind is something that I do miss. I feel like I have a tiny empty space I need to fill and that is some financial independence to be able to help my family out!

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I will be setting up a solid schedule for how I will be doing my work from home and linking it here once I am done writing it or it publishes. If you are reading this and the link is not there it will be! Dont worry about that. I figure if I want to work from home I need to think about a schedule as if I was actually working a job. Though it will not be conventional due to the fact that I do have kids and well, a 9-5 job with a toddler and a new baby is not exactly going to happen right now anyways! I have faith that if I really put my mind to this and manifest some sort of mind strength I will be able to do this for not only my family but myself. I also need to remind myself that Rome was not built in a day and this will be a long term goal. I wont be pumping out novels like Stephen King anytime soon but I know I can start slow and build up to that pace too! Not to mention, the reward for checking this off as something I would like to accomplish in my lifetime would be such a huge goal that I could not be happier in the process either! I cannot wait to make sure I have all of my notes and half written story ideas in one place. I want to try to have some sort of plan on paper before I write, You guys know me and how obsessed I am with notebooks and writing!

What is something that you want to do in your lifetime?
And what are you doing to try to get yourself to that point too?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your new dreams and goals too!

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