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What is Networking?

Networking is such an over used term now a days, By myself included. Here is my thoughts about this and what it means to you or should mean anyways!

Networking is a veiled word that people use when “meeting” people. Especially in streaming. Networking is in my opinion, a fancy word for getting to know new people and faking relationships. The fact is, There is no easy way to make friends and chances are people can smell when someone has the wrong intentions. People do this to expand their reach as well as hopefully make some new connections that will aid them on the road to success. This can be for multiple reasons, Whether the interactions are on twitter to help boost their impressions. Or this could even be in the person’s stream where they may have double or triple the number of viewers than a person also has. Regardless of which platform a person is trying to befriend another, there is almost always little to no benefit for the person being befriended.

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Networking can look anything like connecting on a game. It could also be considered something along the lines of co-streaming as well too. Could even be collaborating on a project as well too. From a pod-cast, graphics, challenge or something you know collectively as well too.

A big issue with networking is people are fake. This is what they call when you want to make artificial connections. You have to genuinely put in the effort to get to know people and actually make connections. For someone like myself, I trust people way to much. I let people into my circle and stream with them. And what happens, is they normally try to “self promo” over my stream due to them not understanding what the hell push to talk is. And with that being said I no longer play with them again. The people I know who are friends and genuine don’t need to do this since Ill call them out anyways and promo them on my own time. As a streamer it can be PRETTY obviously when you have a person come into chat and the first few times they are there they are pushing you to play with them or use voice chat.

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Networking is not necessarily hard, however it does require a lot of work. You cant just meet people online through a platform and automatically jump on their back for something when you see that they are successful. It takes a lot of time to make friends and built a relationship. Just like real life people forget that making friends and growing friendships stronger is time consuming. You have to put time into it. If you don’t want to do that, don’t even bother. Mind you it really is easy to spot when someone isn’t interested in wanting to pursue anything with you, Mostly due to the short answer or overall feel of how conversations are going.

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For me, I try to focus a lot on twitter since it can be so diverse in the sense of meeting different streamers from different places. I have a few friends who I frequent their streams a lot. They are typically some of my mods and I am theirs. This is a great base to start since a lot of people frequent them. Then once they raid/host or even talk to their friends from different spots I keep going that way. Building a network of people in the genuine way. Sometimes they come to my streams sometimes they don’t. That’s okay though. I enjoy their content. My intentions is never to have a gain from it. If it does happen great, if not I still like to see their content when I am able to.

A big reason why networking is tricky is when people are “networking” they only see it as a success if they get something in return. Sure getting something in return is huge, However if you go into this with the mindset that “I want something in return” You will be quickly dismissed and overlooked. Going into it as the mindset of ” I’m supporting what I like/who I like” will give a lot more rewards then that.

Someone on Twitter mentioned this:
I think that when we approach others with: “How can I enhance your experience here?” or “What can I do to help you?”, we create stronger bonds. True Networking is about giving, serving others—not taking.

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And this is exactly it. People want to know what you can do for them. They want you to give them some benefit. It doesn’t work that way. It never does. For example. When I network I never endorse follow for follow but always offer out my discord server due to the fact I try to grow it as a tool for others to use. That being said you can tell pretty quickly who is in it for themselves when they don’t attempt to be active or their 1st question is how to self promote in the server. Instead of trying to get to know the people. It’s the same type of people who meet someone and go to their streams for the first time and talk about their streams. Or they are in partnered servers (Or any for that matter) and they NEVER talk and continually use self promo channels in order to hopefully “grow”.

Also, Networking is NOT when you post tweets on twitter and BEG/ASK others to make the 1st contact. People don’t do this. Making a tweet about “I have x number of followers and you need to jump in to my DM’s or comment on this tweet let’s connect” Doesn’t work. When you put the responsibility on the other person chances are that person won’t do anything. If they wanted to then you would have already made contact. Networking is not to be put on other people in the sense, Putting it on other people looks lazy, desperate and needy. Put YOURSELF out there. Showcase who YOU are and make other people want to be interested in getting to know you.

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The moral of networking is stop looking at it in the mindset of, What can others do for me, but look at it as what can I do for people. When you look at what you can do for others it helps create a mindset that is far greater then one where you take from everyone around. “Networking” Is not something that can be faked, or even rushed. It does take a lot of time but the reward of actually making friendships and connections that are real and in a lot of cases life long is far more superior then the temporary connections that rotate out every so often when you or the other person realize it is not Genuine.

3 Shows We Avoid Watching with Our 2 Year Old

When it comes to having your toddler or small child watching TV I think it goes without saying, you are the parent and you decide what they watch or how often they watch it. There is no right or wrong way to allow this to happen. That being said, I have seen places where they talk about not allowing any child under 2 watch TV. This might be particularly challenging if you have multiple children of various ages. Are you going to tell them no to a TV show because they have a younger sibling? Or are you going to compromise and put a TV show om for a period of time. If you decide to put a TV show on, here is the 3 shows we will not be showing in our household.

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The wiggles is a show that I honestly have not seen a whole lot about but know that once you start it can be very obsessive. This is based on the fact that whenever they were doing shows around the world pre-covid people all over my Facebook with small children would be posting how they want tickets or whatever for their little kids. For me, I am not a fan of any type of show that has adults jumping and playing and singing songs the entire time. I will admit I could be way off on this and the show might be OK but in this house we will be doing our best to avoid it at all costs. And before I hear “But Blue’s Clues has an adult doing those things” not really. It has a host yes, but the main character is a puppy ans they learn and do things. There is just something that I want to avoid and shows such as this or even the one that was popular when I was growing up “Imagination Movers” are shows that I would honestly like to avoid when it comes to allowing my child to have any screen time!

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Baby Shark or Peppa Pig are shows we also are trying to avoid. For obvious reasons. Now as an adult, Peppa is a spunky pig. But as a child I do not want my kids to be learning how to be spunky and back talk me! Maybe when they are older and want to watch and understand that she is a bit out their in terms of defying her parents sure, but as they are learning no. Another reason why we aren’t watching shows such as Baby Shark is again the obsession it had caused. I heard this song far more often before I had kids due to everyone talking about it or videos being made with the song that I honestly am just over it! We do not need to introduce a song that will lead to an obsession. Sure, they will probably like it. But as an adult, you don’t want to make it a problem where whenever your child is upset you put it on. Or whenever you turn it off you find yourself dealing with a temper tantrum. You as the parent are in control of what your child watches. I personally do not want TV to be an obsession or a way to relieve a tantrum unless maybe your little one is sick. Even then I dont want to rely on a TV show or songs to divert a crisis. My partner and I already sing enough of the Blue’s Clues songs we really do not want to add to that list of songs by these that you hear for months and months after the first are heard!

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And, last, but certainly not least. The number one show we will never ever ever play in our home, is Caillou. This kid is a straight up brat. As a teenager or older child we actually made fun of how Caillou was. He whined and cried whenever he did not get his way. His parents kind of let him do it. And when he had a sister Rosie come along it was just the same! This is basically the exact opposite of what type of child we hope to avoid when it comes to raising our children. Not to mention the fact that he still never changes through all of the seasons. Be still wants everything to be about him with everyone around him. His grandparents, neighbors, friends and everything else. The fact that this show has finally also been cancelled due to the fact that the kid is a menace. Apparently some episodes are even banned by PBS due to the fact that the kid is a big old meany. Sure, as kids grow up they have to be able to learn things and explore how to properly behave but when it comes to Caillou there really is no learning in the many episodes where he properly learns to behave with nearly a melt down every single show.

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I am sure there are plenty of other shows out there that can be really off putting and parents avoid at all costs. These are just the shows that I will continue to try my best to avoid at all costs. And mentioned in the blog post here where I talk about the top 3 shows we watch, we really limit our TV time with my son. TV shows are not babysitters and if you are going to put something on to grab your child’s attention for a few moments than that is totally fine. My son watches a bit of TV every day but it is never excessive. It is mostly before bedtime or even the occasional moment when I am prepping food or trying to get him to watch something while I run up and down the stairs to switch over loads of laundry on different levels.

Do you allow your child or toddler to watch TV?
Is there any shows that you choose not to allow to be shown in your house?

Let me know in the comments below, I know there must be some I missed!

When Does Something Good Happen?- Self Care Thursday 8 – February 24th

I sucked this week. And guess what. We had a minor water in our basement. I know I know. Actually freaking crazy like what even is February right? Just filled with trouble after trouble. I swear I will get this right.

As for calories they have been all over the map. I have been unfocused and lazy. I had such high hopes for February and I keep sabotaging myself in the process. Since the month is also over I will be setting a new goal for March and that will be to be under 230lbs.

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To hold myself accountable I will be opening up my book of calories. I will be writing that all down because I think it is important for me to be as transparent as possible. Be prepared though what you will see is NOT what is a balanced diet. As I have mentioned before I struggle with healthy eating but I can do excellent when it comes to counting calories. If it comes to just doing that and also doing my walking workouts then that is also important and maybe will shed some light into how I struggle.

I need to stop smoking weed in the day time unless it is a weekend. I am sabotaging myself mid afternoon by having a puff. After supper is more than enough and in the day time I always go out with the best intentions and I dont actually follow through with any of it. Even missing my Monday and Friday evenings due to streaming is alright too which I really need to hammer by.

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I know that I literally talk about this every single week but I really need to convince myself that I am going to do it. I will say one thing though when I jumped on the scale this week I was still happy with the results. I never really gained a lot and I feel like I could let march take control and be below my pre-pre baby weight for both pregnancys!

Weigh in: 241.6lbs
Start in Jan 2022: 248.8lbs

Beer is nasty. And here is my reasons why.

If you are familiar with partaking in an alcoholic beverage from time to time I am sure you must have a drink of choice. Maybe it is a rum and coke, a gin and tonic, or something a bit fancier. For me my favorite drink of choice is vodka. It doesn’t even matter what it is mixed with. Normally when I would go to the bar tender if we are having a drink at a bar and I ask for something fruity. Flavor is not important at that point what is in it as long as it is fruity. However there is one drink that I have never been interested in. I do prefer sometimes a Smirnoff cooler though, the “Ice” ones because all you do is open them and drink. No need for mixers or anything added. And if you want you can even use the Smirnoff ice as a mixer for other drinks as well which can really make them fancier. One drink that I would never grab for in my life. One that just the smell of it turns me off. That would be beer.

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I can say the only time that I accidentally drank a swig of a beer was a few years back. I remember it quite clearly because I obviously cannot stand beer so this was a bit traumatizing. It was around the holidays and we were in our old house. Not even the house in Quebec but the house before in Nova Scotia. We had some folks over and were decorating ginger bread houses. I was high from smoking weed when my partner (Yes the same one I am with now) sat at the table. He does however drink beer. I had a major case of the pasteys.. You know when you have suddenly a dry mouth that feels sticky. I instinctively grabbed a can which I thought was my pop and I was sadly wrong. It was beer. The shock and disgust nearly made me throw up. I immediately felt disgusted and gross. What a terrible mistake I made. I can also say that there is nothing really before this moment that had tainted the taste of beer or my dislike for it either. I never drank it as a teenage rebel, I never got sick from beer, and I never really had any bad memories from it. I just have never ever been interested in drinking beer. I know weird right??

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Now you may be wondering, but why is it you do not like beer? Well there is a few reasons. First it reminds me of nothing more than bread and water. When I smell anything beer related it honestly smells so yeast like to me that I just cannot bare the thought of drinking it. It doesn’t even matter if if is the brand, flavor, craft or just regular old beer. I just cannot stomach anything about it. Just the smell alone is a huge turn off let alone the taste. Maybe I find the scent particularly strong because I sometimes make pizza dough from scratch with yeast so it reminds me about that smell from the time I activate the yeast to when I roll it out before the toppings. Heck even when I make toast it still smells yeasty and reminds me of beer literally anytime I ever get close enough to smell it. The worst part is when I lived in Quebec and the gas stations had their coolers that were a malt beverage I couldn’t even drink those because even with the flavors I still could taste and smell the yeast!! And I know what you are also thinking, Yes I found out the hard way that they were malted beverages. I thought they were regular old coolers with vodka or rum until I took a swig of it and found out the hard way they were not my beloved coolers. They were this tainted mess. And if you are wondering “Why did you not smell the yeast”. Well it is quite challenging when they are fruity beverages and you don’t really smell anything except for the smell of whatever they are designed for. Especially since I have been drinking them for a while i thought nothing of it. They still have a bubbly taste and sound when you open them, and the smell was not really that different, or at least not different enough to be alarming anyways. Needless to say I never really bought any coolers from the gas stations or grocery stores in Quebec after that happened.

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Then there is an obvious reason that may not be so obvious unless you live in Nova Scotia, that being, beer is expensive. Majorly expensive. In Quebec for example, a 12 back was maybe 20 bucks (I think, I only occasionally bought some for my spouse when I ran to the store) and here in Nova Scotia it is way more money. If I was to have a beer a day or something that would be a very pricey habit. Especially if both of us were to have a beer a day in the house! Why is beer so expensive here and not in other provinces? I have absolutely no idea. Even other types of alcohol is also more expensive slightly too.

What is a drink that you absolutely cannot drink anymore? Whether it has alcohol or not?

What is your go to drink whether buying for yourself or at the bar?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your drinks of choice in the comments below!

My Work From Home Schedule

If there is one thing that I would really like to do in 2022 it is to establish an actual work from home schedule so that I will be able to manage my time and have some what of a routine happening. Obviously with 2 small children it can be quite challenging to say the least to strictly follow a schedule but my goal is to divide my time up enough that I can accomplish my goals before the end of the year. Some of these goals include writing and publishing a book, establishing my crafting and artwork business, and to get back into regular streaming too!

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Goals for the end of the year can be hard for me to think about so early on. But I do have a few. I would like to get back into streaming consistently. With only streaming 2 days per week I think it will be doable for me to stream this much. The problem will be developing the habit and getting back to the swing of things. Another would be to schedule and stick to writing. I really want to pump as much blogs out as possible and for me to pre-write them when ideas pop into my head has been a huge help with me to stay posting regularly too. This includes a few months through the year I will be posting daily. I see a few different blogs doing things like Blog-Tober or Blog-mas and I want to be able to have enough content to do that. I also would like to complete one or two books minimum in the series of short stories I would like to write. I know that I can do this I simply have to try. I think once my BF goes back to work it will be a nice refreshing me time idea if I schedule in this and stick to it.

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The break down of my days will be tricky. I mainly will focus on hours probably because fays can be somewhat interchangeable. Mostly because with 2 boys it will be very very hard for me to seriously make sure each gets done per day. However there may be days I do a lot more work than others to compensate for a day where I may not have done anything. None the less this is my idea of days:
Sunday– Off
Monday– Stream approx 3 hours/art/creative streams
Tuesday– Writing/blog
Wednesday– Relaxed day
Thursday– Writing/blog
Friday– Stream approx 3 hours/art/creative streams
Saturday– Off

This does not even count when content will be released either. This is just the time spent trying to get content out. Content getting out will hopefully be a lot. From the crafting, writing, lives etc I feel like it should be a good amount as long as I stick to it. Writing is something that is hard for me to really judge hour wise however my goal would be at least 30 hours per month. Having two small children under 2 I will have to really plan in the non-conventional way to fit around when they sleep or are able to be watched with their dad. Maybe one morning I get up with my youngest and their dad get’s read for work, maybe another day they both sleep in the afternoon so I decide to write for an hour or two then. Writing will just need to be tracked well so I can see at the end of the month how much time I dedicate towards it and know if I need to pump up the numbers a bit too.

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End of the year goals are also hard to really judge. Especially with things I cannot control like selling x number of items, or gaining x number of followers on the blog. I do hope that my blog will double in followers. I also hope I can get my writing goals done too. Maybe even publish something, however writing them seems to be one of the hardest aspects! Maybe also having a goal to sell something could also be cool too. But I have no idea how or what to do for that. Maybe try to sell 100 items? I honestly have no idea!

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Ideally I would like to work anywhere from 20-35 hours per week. Which I know is also challenging due to the fact that I do have kids. The hardest part will be to utilize my time wisely when both of my boys are sleeping or even when one is in bed. I have even thought as far as depending when my youngest gets up for the day, starting my day that early to be able to write but I value sleep far too much and really don’t think that I will be able to get up at that time. Maybe if I could writing blogs on my cell phone because that is convenient but actually sitting on my laptop seems like a dream I just will not be motivated to do so early in the morning!

Overall I feel like this could be my year to finally take charge and finally hope to make some sort of an income while being a stay at home mom. Just like when I was in school doing an online course, one of the hardest things is actually having the drive to stay on track and not get behind. Even if I plan I would like to write so many words or parts to the books I would like to finish that would be a huge goal in itself.

Renewed Motivation – Self Care Thursday 7 – February 17th

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Thurs, Feb 10th
Pasta…ice cream.. Small bowl chips.. Ice coffee.. Water..
Smoked yes. Accomplished a lot. Finished a few blogs that were half completed. As of today I have about 19 completed. I also have not scheduled the blogs for March which I will need to do in the near future. I would love to have between 35 and 50 blogs written so I can just schedule and schedule. It would leave me with more time on the fly to write about issues that pop up and I can write about on the fly. As for writing, I am up to about 60 poems written. Which is huge. My goal is about 100 at least for each poetry book as part of the collection. So I am nearly done one book which is amazing to me! I feel like my munching is okay but I want to keep doing what I did when the power was out and that is not smoking every day. Taking breaks and days off. It will for sure help my tolerance that’s for sure.

Fri, Feb 11th
Today was pretty relaxed. I did over indulge food wise a little bit but I will not be letting it drag into Saturday. I also am not going to dwell on it either. It was a pretty decent day. Streamed for a bit which was the 1st time in a very long time due to having no heat or power and then frozen pipes after that. I am really going to try to not munch the next few days with maybe not smoking on Sunday and Monday because my spouse has to work Monday and Sunday can be a reset day also too. I have been doing so well with house work and dishes to keep up on it has been nice. I need to keep that momentum up because my goal is to completely finish Felix’s bedroom. He will for sure need to be moved into his crib soon as I fear he is getting too big for his bassinet and he may be waking himself up as he hits the sides with his arms.

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Sat, Feb 12th
Today was decent. I felt okay anyways. I ran a few errands I think for the 1st time in a while I even drove my car too. As far as our weekly date night we were so tired that we fell asleep on the couch. What are the chances.  What is even more nutty is that we didn’t even watch anything on TV LOL. We were that tired. No joke.

Sun, Feb 13th.
Again ran an errand or two. I wanted to get the last things to add to a parcel foe a friend of mine in England. I wanted everything ready so I can mail it to her soon. Since there is chocolate I don’t want to wait for the summer that would be silly. I also think I am going to take some time off of smoking through the week. I completed 68 poems and my goal for Feb is to have at least 100. However I am debating on pushing myself to get between 125 and 150 poems done. I really want to start editing and typing them up. I had got on kindle app on my tablet also a few how to market books, books. I want to be brain storming a plan to be able to have success.


Monday, Feb 14th
So today was alright. I did munch a bit but only smoked a roach though. By the time everyone was settled and in bed it was nearly 9pm or 930pm and obviously my partner and I went to bed. I swear we have been playing catch up ever since we had no power!

Tues,Feb 15th
Today I did some munching in the day time but at night we were okay. Especially because Felix seems to have a 9pm bedtime and that is when we finally smoked. My partner also having a few puffs too. We will soon be putting Felix in his own crib in the next few days once we have the baseboards done. We do not want to wait much longer as he already is too big for his bassinette. This may also help him sleep better.

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Wed, Feb 16th/22
The month is winding down. I an going to be doing a mini meal plan til the end of the month so I better keep track of what I am eating or snacks I am looking forward to also.I really need to motivate myself to use my whole agenda or else half of the pages are legit being wasted right now! I need to organize it tonight when I do a little bonus stream and get things going in terms of keeping better track of what I eat. I put out a question to a mom group that I was in if others are looking for motivation and started a group chat with about 20 of us. I feel like this is what I needed people to help lift others up and what not. That is my goal anyways, while also keeping myself motivated which I need for sure. I also did a 45 minute workout DvD too. I tried to start when my oldest was by me and my youngest as asleep but that turned into a “Chase Mommy around” so I waited till nap time and did it then!

Exercise is something that I really need to start doing. I have absolutely no excuse to not do it. Even if my oldest is in bed and my youngest is awake he is fully capable to sit in his chair if I workout. I need to stop making every excuse under the sun why I don’t workout. A YouTube video can be even 30 minutes to an hour if I want and that is still a great way for me to be active and burn calories and feeling great about myself in the process.

Overall the past week has been decent. I mainly feel like my partner and I were in bed super early like the two of us were catching up on sleep from the ice storm we had too. I think I will be able to do my mini week goals also which was to have march schedule blog wise (Except for these obviously since I write them every week!) and then to have some also written as well. My poetry writing is also going great, I am at about 76 and would like to have 85 written before Sunday (though I plan on writing more than that!). I feel like I could be really close to my 235lb weight goal before the end of the month, even if there is just under 2 weeks left and a lot of weight to lose to get to it! I am hopeful!

The First Month After Giving Birth

As I begin to write this, I am exactly 3 weeks from having had a C Section. I feel like it is incredibly hard to believe that we had a C Section for our second baby. Or the fact that it already has been 3 weeks since we met our second son! If you want the details about the birth, check it out in this blog post here. Having had 2 children with such drastically different births has been no easy feat. It has been an experience for sure. I hope having had one, that I never need to have another C Section again. The only thing really helping me through that if by some freak chance we do need to have yet another C Section for our 3rd and final baby, is that it will be the last C Section that I will ever be having!

Photo by Bu00fcu015franur Aydu0131n on

Physically, I am feeling on the mend. At my son’s two week appointment I had the doctor check out my incision (My family doctor took on both of my son’s when we moved back home to Nova Scotia!) and gave the go ahead on having a bath since the outside was healed. The main thing he said was lifting and to really not lift heavy things as that is where a lot of damage can be done. As for Driving I feel like maybe after Christmas I will be well enough and healed to be driving then. It isn’t even like I REALLY drove all that far honestly. I just miss the fact if I needed something I could go and get it if I did quickly. The lifting thing is getting to me though. I find myself lifting my son slowly and more often. My 1st son that is since I’m only really allowed to lift my newborn! I am trying to keep busy and do more around the house as well like baking things and also dishes are something I have been trying to do more too. Laundry I have been doing the folding and gathering but really trying not to carry the baskets over the stairs just in case one were to slip and I went to grab it and accidentally hurt myself trying to compensate for the slip.

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Now on to actually having a second kid! Call me crazy but maybe I find that having a second kid is not as challenging (yet!). It could be the fact that I have been primarily on baby duty while my spouse has been on our toddler duty due to having a C Section. I assume once he goes back to work in January it will be different and I will finds things far more hectic however at the moment I feel like it is not as hard as it was with our first. Maybe because we know what to expect with feeding every so many hours, changing, sleep schedule and what not also. I did however forget how much laundry can be done when you have a new baby though! Thankfully we are able to mix both boys clothes in to a load so it actually makes a complete one too! I swear I have gone through 3+ receiving blankets in the run of a day multiple days so far.

I will say in terms of recovery between having a completely natural birth, to having a C Section birth which is anything but natural. Not to say having a C Section is not totally natural, some people can only have them when having children. However my 1st I feel like we were incredibly lucky in terms of healing. It happened so fast that I had no chance to receive pain medications for one, and for two I never really tore or had any issues in that sense either. I had a very very small tear that did not require anything in terms of stitches or interventions. In terms of healing I would say without a doubt vaginal birth was far easier. Sure it did suck to have to walk up and down the stairs for the first little while, And it was hard to sit and stand for a little. The C-Section though I needed help to physically do things at all. From having my 1st shower afterwards and getting my boyfriend to help me bathe, to remembering medications for the first week and a half to avoid being in pain to the point it was not a good time.

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I think having had my son just before the holiday’s that has also helped as I have been busy doing things like wrapping presents and baking. If I was not having him during that time and say I had him in the summer and was unable to swim, I think that would be very hard for me to really not strain myself. Time passes so fast when you have children because you are always on the go, however when you are unable to do things for fear that you could re-injure yourself and in a big way, it makes things very gloomy. Ive said this in blogs before, I even think I mention it here where I write about the birth story of my 2nd son, I have absolutely no idea how someone with little to no help and multiple children does it. Especially when it comes to household things and just flat out moving around! One of the hardest things for me was just sleeping and getting out of the bed in the middle of the night for a bottle or just going to the washroom. The more I moved the more sore I became, and the less I moved it was the same situation, Balance was key in this.

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Do you know someone who had a C Section and needed some help too?
What do you think the hardest part of having a C Section was?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear what you think about it too!

Unspoken Rules of Streaming

Different from streaming don’ts here is a few of the unspoken rules of streaming. Each subject will be from a streamer perspective to a viewer perspective as well. Being a streaming and understanding a viewers standpoint is just as important as streaming itself. The better that you can understand your audience the easier you will understand streaming. These are the time of things that you normally will not know until you do it yourself or you see it done. I say this because a lot of people who want to start do not really research it before hand, they simply click their “Go Live” button and hope for the best. Which is totally fine, however you do not want to be caught in a place where it can be awkward or you find yourself doing one of these tacky unspoken rules.

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No Self Promo
Streamer: DO NOT DO THIS. SERIOUSLY. There are a few things that look worse then when you go to a stream, or are the streamer, And you have someone random come into your chat to comment about their personal streams. As a streamer DO NOT do this to other streams. This includes veiled Self Promo ie: “Yeah I’m about to start the stream, have a great day though” Blah blah blah. Change this to “Heading to do a few things” or “I have to run for a bit, I might be back later” but do not self promo. Its a quick way to be scolded if not timed out or banned in a channel. This includes channels you may frequent every day. Chances are if you are close to the streamer they will talk about your stream when they pop in on their own terms. Not on yours.

Viewer: Don’t go into another streamers streams and shout out your friends and their streams. It looks tacky and does not help your friends. Not to mention its a great way for the channel you promo yourself/friends in to troll the promoted channel. This also includes if you are commenting on other streams. Its one thing to be in a stream but it’s another to be like “Oh so and so went live, Imma dip”. These don’t always make the streamer feel great. Sometimes we have to remember that the golden rule is key here.

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Talking about others while live
Streamer: Talking about other streamers when you are live is a quick way to be clipped and called out. It starts unnecessary drama and shouldn’t happen. Do you ever see HUGE partnered streamers talking about each other? Not normally. There is a reason for this. As much as there is a large percent that does like drama, or to hear the latest juice, there is also a larger part that does not want to join a stream to hear the streamer

Viewer: Stop trying to bait streamers into talking about another person. A big reason for this is you look foolish and drama fueled. Whats worse is that people will go to streamers chats and do this in order to bait these clips above as well too. If you try to do this which I STRONGLY would suggest not to. Respect the streamer. If they ask to drop the subject or not to talk about that here. Do it. Or again you risk being banned or timed out. Streamers have enough drama on their plate they don’t need to be baited into creating more. Politics and Religion are other topics that are widely known to not be spoken in twitch chats. Mostly due to the fact that so many people have various views on this and chat can become very sour very quick. Another reason is when you talk about these particular topics (Though any topic can also generate this) it normally becomes personal. Something a streamer may just not have the time to deal with when the time comes so the best practice is to avoid it all together. (Unless specifically stating that your channel is about this subject)

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Back Seat Gaming:
This can be super tricky I would say a major rule of thumb would be to look at the tags at the bottom of the stream. If you do not see these tags it may just be safe to assume that the streamer DOES NOT want any spoilers or help. Twitch has tags where you can see if streamers are encouraging backseat gaming, or no spoilers or no back seating. Remember also that a lot of streamers do in fact talk out loud and they might appear to be asking for help but they aren’t really though. Before spilling the secrets of a boss fight or how to conquer the next aspect of a series of segments in a tough game, ASK. Or wait and see how the chat is. Normally a regular (If that’s not you) will help or will comment on ways to help.

Being Creepy/Asking way to personal questions OR  Hitting on streamer
Nobody likes this shit. Some times people forget that streamers DON’T want to talk about their life on stream. While others don’t mind it at all. Being creepy and trying to make something bigger with a streamer can make things super awkward. And what is awkward for one person is not for the next. For me I HATE when people call me baby or babe. My BF doesn’t even call me that and it makes me extremely uncomfortable. That being said I’m sure that there are streamers who actually enjoy this as well too. It really takes a lot of skill to read a streamer and what makes them feel icky. Not to mention if they have a web cam then you can NORMALLY see visibly if they are uncomfortable with the topic. This also means prying for personal information. If a question is asked once and the streamer declines replying, OR if they ignore the question, This is also a great indicator that they do not wish to respond. Some streamers just do not want their personal side to be showing to everyone and are hiding that. There is nothing wrong with that!

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Talking about viewer numbers
This can also be a tricky one. I know a lot of people do not like to hear their viewer counts in fact a lot of people turn them off. It is however a great indicator on how you are doing though in terms of growth. As a streamer a lot of times people don’t want to hear viewers it can make them focus too much on them and it can make them nervous and not relaxed. Sometimes people also get a host with a bunch of viewers as well too and you don’t want to make it awkward in that sense by mentioning it. Whether they have a whole lot of viewers or a smaller number then normal. I normally turn off the viewer counts because when it is a slower day I focus too much on it and become quiet. However depending on my mood I do leave it on from time to time as well too!

Nothing is a big damper when someone comes in chat and points out “Where are all your viewers gone” or “Whoa how did you get so many viewers”. Let people live in the moment. This falls under the same category when viewers come into chat and comment how quiet the chat is. Sometimes chat is just quiet. Maybe there is a lot of lurkers for the day? It honestly just depends. But going into someones chat to point these out can really put a damper on how the stream is going.

Regardless, These are all valuable tips from both streamer and viewer perspectives brought to you by folks in the community! Be mindful and remember, If you aren’t being constructive, And you think your comment might hurt someone, Is it worth even saying it!

5 thoughtful Valentines Gifts for Your Spouse

If you are familiar with any of my blogs you for sure have read the one where I talk about how commercialized Valentines day is, If you haven’t read if you are more than welcome to read it here. Though, if you feel the need to celebrate there are many of ways you can do it for very little or free if you like that best. Here are my top 5 thoughtful, and inexpensive ways to celebrate Valentines Day with a loved one!

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Photos are a great way to show you care and are relatively inexpensive and also accessible. You can normally find a spot to print them off (If you are unable to do so at home) at a local Wal-Mart, Drug Store, Staples or other places which have a photo kiosk that you are able to use. You can use different photos of you both together, maybe your kids, or pets. Another idea is maybe you want to take some risky photos and have them put together for a gift also too. There are really many ideas with photos you can use. I once printed a bunch of black and white photos and made them into frames when my partner and I because when I had moved into his home there was none to really personalize the place. I put some of his family, and friends and us together as well.

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Cards are another way to really show how much you care. I don’t mean just buying one in the store that you think your spouse may enjoy. I mean a real hand made and hand written card. You can also add in a letter of your feelings or some good memories of this also too. I have done this before in terms of a binder. My spouse has worked away for many months due to his job, what I had done was printed all of the emails that we had with a hand written card and gave it to him when he came back and was gone again. It showed all the ups and downs of our relationship and how important he is to me. People may think that a hand written card is for children or even not something a person would enjoy however I like to beg to differ. If you were to make a hand written card that takes a lot of time and thought, and the person you were giving it to did not appreciate it I would suggest maybe talking to them about how you feel.

Coupons were another thing that I had done many moons ago when I was not making a lot of money. They can be personalized in so many ways also. You can add some sexual favors or some house cleaning chores. Maybe you will make a coupon for a dinner on your, where you cook a meal of their choice. Maybe you are planning a date night and that is added as a coupon, or you will give them a night off from the kids, or a night where they can do whatever they want. There are so many ideas that you can make and cater for yourself and your relationship. There can even be fun ones like “Dad Dates or Mom Meetings” where you have your partner set up a night for their friends to come over and you take care of all the snacks and drinks that come along with it so they have their own little party session with a few friends. Obviously the prices of some of these things really depends and there is some coupons you may do that require more planning however the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination!

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Self care products are again, price dependent however in my honest opinion, you can really do no wrong when it comes to giving something to do with self care. I know it may be a bit cliche however it really is something that I think people disregard in terms of themselves. I know for me, if I was to receive a gift of bath bombs, or salts, maybe a mask or two or some new body cream, I would be over the moon! So often in our lives we put others first, or at least I do, so to have someone think of myself and some self care items that would be great!

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And finally, an experience together. This could be something as simple as finding a new walking trail to explore, or a new beach to walk across. It also could be something a bit more expensive and finding that super new restaurant that you both have talked about for the past month since you seen it. There is something to be said about experiencing things together with your spouse that you cannot describe. I know after being with mine for 11 years there are still things that we get to experience with each other. The major one in recent months being a C Section (Would not recommend planning this!). This could even be as simple as starting a new popular series on Netflix too. Whatever you are feel you should spend is the price of this. However it CAN be done for FREE if you wanted it to also! Even just driving to a new spot of the province or state you live in and driving back for a day trip. Which depending on where you live and the price of gas could be a cheap or expensive decision here.

There is no right or wrong way or right way to celebrate the holiday of Valentines day with the person that you love. The only thing is that there does not need to be a whole lot of money spent. Do what you are comfortable with but also remember, there is more things to life than buying things. Sometimes the time spent with people is the best thing you can possible give to someone, and that in itself is priceless.

A New Approach – Self Care Thursday 6 – February 10th

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I’m trying a different approach this week. I have been writing and reflecting a little by little as if I am writing in a journal or in a diary. Hopefully it helps to be more aware in the moment then just an overview at the end of the week.

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Thurs, Feb 3rd 2022
330am.. And Im feeling like a sad sack of garbage. I really ate 2 cans of Pillsbury croissant dough. One made into cheese croissants and another made with cinnamon and sugar like cinnamon buns. And now I am downing water after just feeding my son. Today there will be no weed smoking. I can do this. 10lbs to lose by the end of the month is totally achievable.

Iced coffee.. Kraft dinner 3/4 box.. Bowl chips.. Hershey’s eggs..

Friday, Feb 4th 2022
Soooo we lost power. There was a big ice storm thing and so there was no power. Good news is no motivation to munch especially if something was in the fridge due to the fact that we needed to conserve the cold in there. We went to my parents for supper since it was warm. Overall Id say not a horrible munching day but only due to the fact we were not home as much and also due to the fact that no power to see them!
Kraft dinner, iced coffee, chips, garlic fingers.

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Saturday, Feb 5th 2022
So last night was FREEZING. We wake up and the whole house is chilly. At about 7 or just after we bring the boys back to my parents house the temperature for the weekend is actually freezing. We end up staying there because our power is still not back. This is after 24h. It just is far far too cold to be able to spend the night in the house.

Sun, Feb 6th 2022
I love my parents dont get me wrong but I am itching to go back to my own home. I would like my own bed and my boys to have their own beds also. We FINALLY get power back nearly 48h after the outage. My spouse goes to the house to double check things. The power is on nut the heat does not work. We dont realize this til we are back with our boys. We call a furnace repair guy in case that is the issue and it wasn’t. After being only 4c I bitterly decide we need to fo back to my parents as it is far too cold for the boys.

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Mon, Feb 7th 2022
Im feeling like a bag of dirt. I had a shower last night at my parents but toally feel defeated. I just would like my own bed back honestly. As far as weight loss goes though I am feeling pretty good considering I havenr smoked weed since Friday and even then it was just a roach too. Which means no real munching.

Tues, Feb 8th 2022
So we slept in the house tonight! There was no heat and we had a pipe leak/burst in the basement for a rad we had 0 idea where it was at. Honestly I swear there are some things that happen with the house that we really have no idea about and it always surprises us. At this point we shouldn’t be surprised at anything honestly. We should just let things happen. We have a plumber coming do the repairs and then heat will finally be back. Mentally sleeping in my own bed last night majorly helped that is for sure. From sleeping on the couch for 2 days it was exhausting even if I didn’t sleep incredibly bad it still sucked. Also thankful for the weather being positive degrees all week so that is a major help also too.

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Wed, Feb 9th, 2022
So I for sure snacked out a bit and honestly I am totally okay with that. Aftwr the week and weekend past I feel like it was not totally obsessive however for sure needed. The past few days have been insane in terms of low key stress and adjusting that I am very happy all of our power is back and it was not major signifigant damage that had happened. I also feel like after today really taking genuine days off of smoking weed to help curb munchies till I have it completely under control. I also had a bath for the first time in a very long time. As much ad I love hot steamy showers I often forget how nice a bath really feels and how it effects my mood. I need to take this bit of self care more often.

One of my favorite items to use to workout and get the heart pumping is a skipping rope. Pair this with hand weights for a mini workout when you are a bit crunched for time!

Overall I think despite the circumstances of the storm and losing power that I did pretty good. Staying at my parents is never easy because as appreciative as we are it just isn’t our home. We had to adjust and sleep in different situations. Needless to say my sons were very thankful to be back home and in their own beds after this was all said and done.

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I am also so looking forward to warm weather to be able to go on walks daily with my boys also. It will be a lot of fun to be able to explore and get some exercise in as well. This was something that we did a lot when we were living in Quebec and I would really like to do the same once we are able to here.

As you can see too. Some days I did keep track of my food intake sometimes I did not. I am really liking this style to be able to give a snap shot of each day. I hope it is easy for you to read also. I find doing it this way makes me really aware of what or how I did that day because I have to reflect in the moment instead of once a week in case I forget something or miss an important event.

One shake that I found to actually fill me up is slim fast shakes, they are a great meal replacement with a sweet kick added too. When I am needed an added bonus for energy I tend to reach for these Nuun energy tablets.

And it doesnt not help that I am also lowest on the scale since starting so far!!
Start weight: 248.8lb (down 7lb since Jan 4th)
Current Weight: 241.8lb