When Does Something Good Happen?- Self Care Thursday 8 – February 24th

I sucked this week. And guess what. We had a minor water in our basement. I know I know. Actually freaking crazy like what even is February right? Just filled with trouble after trouble. I swear I will get this right.

As for calories they have been all over the map. I have been unfocused and lazy. I had such high hopes for February and I keep sabotaging myself in the process. Since the month is also over I will be setting a new goal for March and that will be to be under 230lbs.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

To hold myself accountable I will be opening up my book of calories. I will be writing that all down because I think it is important for me to be as transparent as possible. Be prepared though what you will see is NOT what is a balanced diet. As I have mentioned before I struggle with healthy eating but I can do excellent when it comes to counting calories. If it comes to just doing that and also doing my walking workouts then that is also important and maybe will shed some light into how I struggle.

I need to stop smoking weed in the day time unless it is a weekend. I am sabotaging myself mid afternoon by having a puff. After supper is more than enough and in the day time I always go out with the best intentions and I dont actually follow through with any of it. Even missing my Monday and Friday evenings due to streaming is alright too which I really need to hammer by.

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I know that I literally talk about this every single week but I really need to convince myself that I am going to do it. I will say one thing though when I jumped on the scale this week I was still happy with the results. I never really gained a lot and I feel like I could let march take control and be below my pre-pre baby weight for both pregnancys!

Weigh in: 241.6lbs
Start in Jan 2022: 248.8lbs

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