Why Fashion is Unimportant to Me

Growing up I was in no means a fashion icon of my time. Heck I wasn’t even the popular kid in school. I wore very plain clothes and I was not even memorable. However even now in my 30’s fashion has no significance in my life. Here is why I dont think fashion has or ever will be an important part of me.

We as kids, were a home that believed in hand-me-downs. We would get stuff from my mom’s friends who had kids who were growing out of their clothes or maybe they were getting rid of stuff too. We also were very into second hand stores. Frenchy’s in particular my mom loved to shop at because more often than not she could find name brand clothes for a fraction of the price. Not to mention that she also would find things that still had the tags on from when they were first purchased by someone else too. I was what you would call a “Tom Boy”. I had a mushroom cup which morphed into a shorter style. Mostly because I hated brushing my hair or having my mom brush it and while playing sports like soccer it was a lot easier than growing it out and having to pin it up so that it wasn’t in my eyes. My glasses were the original Harry Potter ones to the point multiple people have said that when it comes to glancing at the pictures you would see at my parents house or on the rare occasion my own.

My style as a teenager has been pretty plain. I typically wore jeans and sweaters. I never wore super bright colors or I never really was interested in anything in terms of the latest trends. I wasn’t chasing anything. I had some nice tops that I wore for dances and special events but it was never an every day thing. I was pretty standard of what you would expect to see from a stoner. I didn’t want to stand out I wanted to blend in. I never wore shirts that pushed the school rules for the dress code either. I never showed a lot of skin or wore skirts or anything that you see now causing a controversy in schools. I legit wore jeans, maybe a short in the summer, and a sweater normally. I rocked a pretty plain back pack and a binder that I was too cool to not show off. But in terms of style I really wouldn’t say I had any. If it fit and had no rips I basically wore it. Sometimes I would have colors but nothing major.

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Style in my 20’s was absolutely WILD! I think i did everything I ever dreamed about. I was all for the Bluenotes graphic t-shirts. I also wore a lot of bright sweaters. Basically it was me trying to figure out how many colors I could fit into one outfit. I was even told that I was rainbow bright. I rocked jeans however they were colored. I had a green, yellow, purple and red pair that I wore with basically anything and everything. It was truly a delight to see. I dont even know why the sudden change however it happened and I love it though. I have so many photos (which I probably wont be able to find for this) to show just how bright I was. it was fun for me to save money and buy new clothes because for most of my life I never really would buy clothes. I was given them or they were hand me downs from second hand stores. Once I had a decent job and could afford it I wanted to buy the brightest things there could be!

Now I am in my 30’s I would say I still have a style that really is a mix of the two decades of my life. For example, as i write this I have a purple tank top on and red capris. However I would have socks on they would probably be mixed and not matched at all. That being said sometimes I wear all dark or all light or sometimes I just wear a black sweater. I would say that even if I wear colors they are pretty tame compared to the graphic tee sayings that I was wearing before. I do wear more plaid or some prints but in terms of wild i wouldn’t say that I am. I do however try to dress my son’s in cool clothes and outfits with lots of colors because honestly, they are adorable! Anything to really stand out for them more so than for myself.

As for what it will be in the future, I would say probably the same as it is now. I like the mix of colors that i have and I like how I do stand out a little bit. Sometimes Ill buy the sparkle shoes instead of plain ones. Or maybe they will have a brighter print on them instead too. There really is a lot you can think about in terms of trying to get some pops of color there. Growing up and maybe now though I kind of followed a beat to my own drum.

I never really followed trends or wanted to get the newest piece of clothing that was the must have thing. I did obviously get the Columbia coat and gap sweater when it was popular but I never went out of my way to shop at American Eagle like the popular clique did at school. Why bother looking the same when you can be your own person!

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