Frowned Upon Parenting: Part 3

The following post has been made thanks to the app Peanut (Not sponsored) where you can ask and interact with communities and groups of fellow Mom’s. One day I had asked one of the groups that I was in something that they would be doing that they know as a fact other mom’s or parents would be frowning upon. These were some of the things they said. For me, I will be also giving my opinion on each of the situations and hopefully you get a chuckle out of them. Some of them I know that I do or will do in my parenting journey, others I completely disagree with.

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Cry it out is one of those things that either works or doesnt work for people. Some parents seem to think that it is considered abuse however those same parents it seems tend to complain when their children don’t sleep through the night. For me I see nothing wrong with crying it out as a method to teaching healthy sleep habits, that being said as long as the baby is of a correct age! When my oldest son was 6 months old we decided to do a modified cry it out method. This was because we had moved him to his own crib and wanted him to learn how to put himself to sleep. Was it hard? Incredibly. But in the long run I think it did more good than not doing anything at all. We also plan on doing this the same as we did with our second son once he turns 6 months old. However he has been in his crib for a lot longer due to the fact he is so much larger than my first was and out grew his bassinette in record time!

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Another some what controversial subject is consequences for when a child misbehaves. Some parents believe that there should be no consequences. That kids will be kids and let them live and learn. I would like to say that I kind of fall on the spectrum that there should be consequences to some extent. There is of course natural consequences that will happen when a child does something that you really don’t need to intervene about. There is also some after asking a few times to stop doing something that yes, they should have consequences. Life is about learning and if say my oldest hits my youngest there will be some sort of consequence.

Allowed sugar junk food moderation is one that can be seen as horrible. We are of the believe that kids will be kids and obviously I’m not pumping them with 4 chocolate bars in the morning for the entire day but sometimes a treat is needed. As an adult do you not get treats too? Believe it or not there is some families where they do not give any single treats what so ever and well, that is kind of mind blowing for me to think about but that is the case!

One parent had commented that they know they would be frowned upon for giving their kids chores. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, I think the society we live in now, half the problems is that parents do every single thing for their children and don’t instill a sense of responsibility in their children. Growing up when we were able to understand and have some responsibilities we did have chores too. We would get a dollar a day if we completed it and every two weeks my mom would pay us the money. Obviously if you have teens they are fully able to get jobs than allowance would not be given however this was a great way for us to learn how to take care of the house as well as being able to save out money for things that we did like to have. You can fully bet once my son’s are old enough that I will be trying to do the same things with them in hopes to instill the same values!

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Pats on the bum is and will forever be one of the most heated discussions when it comes to raising kids. Especially now a days where it is seen as abuse and chances are when we were growing up we in fact had pats on the bum. I know for myself, I certainly did. I however am hoping to never get to that point with my own kids because I know how it felt to have your bum tanned from doing something bad. Will I say something if another person chooses to do that? No. If someone wants to do old fashioned discipline to their children that is their choice. However there is a fine line between abuse and discipline when it comes to spanking a little ones behind. I just know for myself it is not something that I would want to add to how I teach my children what is write and what is wrong.

As you can see there really is a lot of things that parents frown upon others which is why I asked the question and figured that I would be make a mini series of what things parents know to be maybe not the normal lifestyle choices for raising kids! And why not put my own opinions within this too, because you never know how people may feel about these specific circumstances! Was there anything in the list above that you do or know you will have others frown upon your parenting style? Let me know in the comments below, maybe your point will be featured in the next set of Frowned Upon Parenting blogs!

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