Letter to Future Self

Hey Stacey!

This is a blog idea you obviously thought was fun and thought maybe people reading would get a kick out of it too who knows! But this is more about you and what you need to tell yourself!

First of all, You are incredible! You are writing this when you are 32 years old. You have 2 beautiful kids, you are even a published author now too! You are on your way to doing great things and nothing happens overnight. Please do not lose sight of that. Becoming a successful author is a long game strategy that you can totally do if you put your mind to it! After all you already have one book out and hopefully 3 in total by the end of the year! Sit down and plan out a few years in advance for writing so you are able to really able to see the marathon you are about to embark on for writing.

Even though the scale may not be going down as much as you like it is important to remember this, regardless of whatever number you see there you are beautiful, smart, and funny. You are incredible and amazing. You don’t need to let a weight number dictate how you feel about yourself. Being heavier for whatever time does not mean your self worth goes down. You are just as valuable as you ever were even if your weight is higher or lower than what it is now.

You are smart. So very smart. You are able to plan some of the most successful and challenging things there is. It is okay to lose track of time, or even lose track of things you are doing by relaxing and just doing nothing at all. That being said, you can do anything you want to. This includes de-cluttering the home and trying to make it such a nice space for the boys and yourself. You hang on to so many things when you are trying to hang on to memories however it is important to remember that you are such a divine person and a beautiful soul that you don’t need every trinket and item to remember things.

You are a great mom. Being a stay at home mom is hard but you are so very happy that you are able to be with your kids and be the one raising them. Are there times when you are at your wits end and both kids are fussy? yup. Are there moments when you wonder if maybe day care would be a better idea and going back to work? Rarely. But you are doing such a great job raising these two children that a 3rd in the family will be even more incredible too.

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Planning things out helps you stay on track. There is nothing wrong with that. Hopefully by the time you look back at this you will know too that your crafting is slowly taking off. You have plans to make some plastic canvas patterns to throw up on Etsy. That way you can build some sort of passive income! Plus you figured out you can too make the patterns on Etsy and that is even more incredible too. you have so many goals for the next few years that sitting down (Maybe after writing this even!) and planning out the next few years in terms of writing, crafting, and business is not a bad thing! You want to set yourself up so that when your children are in school you can work from home while making money!

Sometimes you lose sight of what is happening, you get overwhelmed, maybe the rewards aren’t as fast to see as you may have hoped, or whatever the reason sometimes none at all, you give up! Not anymore! you are so much more mature than you were and now that you have some game plans in place for promoting yourself you can totally get it out there! One of the hardest things with writing and promoting your own book and trying to make a living from working at home is dedication. As I said, these things don’t happen over night and I know we wish they did but they don’t. Even if things seem to be stuck where they are keep going. Eventually the reward will be so worth it and you will do fantastic things (Hint, you already are!).

You have a beautiful home, You have been married for just over two months. You also are someone who has more drive and ambition that a lot of people. You are also so very strong too. Keep going and achieving everything you ever imagined. You have a supportive husband where sometimes he supports your crazy ideas even if they are just that, Crazy! You deserve everything that is coming your way and than some. Even if you feel a bit of the imposter syndrome sneaking in, don’t get it get to you. You are so very talented in so many ways that it is no joke that you are doing things. Not to mention you already sold a few copies of your book! That in itself is a hard thing that many people can’t say they have done! But you can! Very rarely does anything happen in a24 hour period except for many winning the lottery, but that too is harder to do than what you are working towards!

Keep your head up, and keep patient! I know that is something we obviously have a lot of trouble with, and there is nothing wrong with being self aware and working on that too! If you ever need a little pick me up, just read this. Dated for November 15th, 2022. So you remember which point of your life you are at !


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